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  • Since the publication of The Practice of English Language Teaching in 1983 much has happened in the world of language teaching: new concerns have occupied the minds of methodologists and applied linguists; new textbooks have been written; new techniques have become fashionable. We must be grateful for all this flux and change since without it teaching would be a grey and ultimately depressing experience. But of course it isn't (except sometimes!).

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  • One of the most important things to remember when teaching writing is that writing is a process Very few native speakers will ever start writing at the top of the first page and continue straight through until they finish at bottom of the last one. The entire process has five steps, but the first step in the writing process is coming up with your thoughts and ideas, also known as prewriting. Prewriting helps students gather ideas and give them a bank of possibilities for their writing.

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  • Many language learners regard speaking ability as the measure of knowing a language. These learners define fluency as the ability to converse with others, much more than the ability to read, write, or comprehend oral language. They regard speaking as the most important skill they can acquire, and they assess their progress in terms of their accomplishments in spoken communication.

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  • Listening to spoken language helps Ss… expose to varieties & accents acquire the language subconsciously improve listening as a skill. Listening to authentic materials  to help Ss “get a feel” about the language Listening to audio tapes/ CDs, videos  to help Ss learn the language

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  • Teaching your language to a group of foreigners may be a lot easier than you think. The human brain has the innate ability to process language and understand it. Your students will begin learning from the very first class. Still, it never hurts to know what you’re doing. Here are some useful tips for making the learning process easier.

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  • Modern teachers manage teaching and learning using a compilation of data. Teachers use this portfolio of students' standardized test scores, pre-test scores, writing samples, reading fluency recordings and behavioral referrals to select curriculum and to track students' progress.

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  • earning is skill acquisition and increased fluency. A teacher is anyone who affects the environment so that others learn. (By this definition you don't even have to be alive to be a teacher!) These notes describe some building blocks for effective teaching. They do not deliberately target teaching children with autism but you will certainly see that focus.

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  • Reflecting on the experience of teaching two fully online papers in Chinese at the Bachelor of Arts (Chinese) program at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) (delivered for a total of ten times since 2008), the object of this paper is to examine the problems along the way, and to address issues which arise. The problems are all pedagogical by nature, instead of being technical concerns upon which a large proportion of online language teaching research has been focused.

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  • Understand the linguistic systems Grasp basic principles of language learning & teaching Have fluent competence in speaking, writing, listening & reading Understand the close relationship b/w language & culture.apply well-informed approach to teaching use wide variety of techniques design & execute lesson plans use effective, clear presentation skills give optimal feedback to Ss …

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  • The results of the research will help improve listening skills for English Majors. More importantly, the study helps me find out the causes of those difficulties so that I can work out the right solutions to the problems. With the hope of improving students’ listening competence, I have tried my best to do this thesis by my own experiences and knowledge in English teaching methodology.

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  • This paper looks into the experiences and perspectives of teachers of English at lower secondary schools towards the practice of teaching culture in their classrooms. Data were collected quantitatively and qualitatively through semi-open questionnaires and group interviews with 45 teachers of lower secondary schools in a city in the north of Vietnam.

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  • There is something special about teaching children. Jayne Moon closely study and classroom experience inform every page of this book - but what shines through is a sense of privilege that is engaged learners at this age in life of them. This is a practical handbook with many teaching suggestions - but it is also a source of inspiration.

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  • This guide was developed to assist teachers in successfully implementing the Michigan Merit Curriculum. The identified content expectations and guidelines provide a useful framework for designing curriculum, assessments and relevant learning experiences for students. Through the collaborative efforts of Governor Jennifer M.

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  • As you visit classrooms, you probably notice that most, if not all, of those classrooms use a standard textbook series. The reasons for this are many, depending on the design and focus of the curriculum, the mandates of the administration, and/or the level of expertise on the part of classroom teachers.

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  • Tham khảo bài thuyết trình 'how to plan lessons', khoa học xã hội, giáo dục phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • This research investigates the perspectives of the novice lecturers in the Faculty of English Language Teacher Education (FELTE) regarding Teaching Practicum’s impacts on their classroom management skills. Using survey research, data was gathered through questionnaires distributed among the whole population of 29 participants, followed by semi-structured interviews to gain a deeper insight into participants’ experience.

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  • "Ebook Teaching materials from the literature department of the british council" presnet creative ways starting to teach creative writing in the English language classroom; weaving texts; stories and effects; experience and observation; a bibliography of source texts and resource books...

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  • This study examined the impact of the use of cartoons on the speaking and listening skills of students in a primary school in a rural area in Vietnam and their attitudes towards the use of cartoons as a learning tool in their English classes. The study employed an experimental research design to collect data. Participants included 70 fifth-graders divided into two groups, the control group and the experiment group.

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  • There is something special about teaching children. Jayne Moon's academic rigour and classroom experience inform every page of this book - but what shines through is a sense of the privilege it is to participate in someone's learning at this age in their lives. This is a practical handbook with lots of teaching suggestions - but it is also a source of inspiration.

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  • Studying grammar will only slow you down and confuse you. You will think about the rules when creating sentences instead of naturally saying a sentence like a native. Remember that only a small fraction of English speakers know more than 20% of all the grammar rules. Many ESL students know more grammar than native speakers. I can confidently say this with experience. I am a native English speaker, majored in English Literature, and have been teaching English for more than 10 years. However, many of my students know more details about English grammar than I do. I can easily...

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