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  • Commerce develops the vocabulary, language, and skills that students need to communicate effectively in both formal and informal scenarios in the workplace. These include taking part in meetings, giving presentations, and socializing with colleagues.

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  • The present study aimed at investigating the learning strategies used by students in learning English specialized vocabulary. The participants were 100 students studying English for economics. Data was collected by means of questionnaire, interview and diary. The findings reveal that for the category of discovery strategy, a majority of students reported that they asked classmates for meanings of new words and used English - Vietnamese dictionaries.

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  • We propose a method of organizing reading materials for vocabulary learning. It enables us to select a concise set of reading texts (from a target corpus) that contains all the target vocabulary to be learned. We used a specialized vocabulary for an English certification test as the target vocabulary and used English Wikipedia, a free-content encyclopedia, as the target corpus. The organized reading materials would enable learners not only to study the target vocabulary efficiently but also to gain a variety of knowledge through reading. The reading materials are available on our web site.

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  • As an English major student, the main purpose of this study is to provide some suggested techniques in learning specialized English vocabulary for the third year Logistics major students to make them more interested in learning specialized English vocabulary as well as mastering specialized English vocabulary in the most effective way.

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  • The field of special needs education in case of speech and language deficiencies has seen great success, utilizing a number of paper-based systems, to help young children experiencing difficulty in language acquisition and the understanding of languages. These systems employ card and paper-based illustrations, which are combined to create scenarios for children in order to expose them to new vocabulary in context. While this success has encouraged the use of such systems for a long time, problems have been identified that need addressing.

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  • Tài liệu thành ngữ tiếng anh được biên soạn côn gphu và chi tiết, phù hợp với nhu cầu của tất cả các đối tượng học viên, tài liệu bao gồm cấu trúc câu , từ vựng, cấu trúc ngữ pháp căn bản nhất, giúp các học viên sử dụng dễ dàng.

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  • Continuing the successful Scholastic "100 Words"line of exciting new language arts workbooks, this product focuses on 100 essential words kids need to know by 4th grade. Colorful art and photographs illustrate the 256 pages of lively activities, including reading and writing practice, comprehension, critical thinking exercises and word puzzles. Includes special dictionary pages and dictionary skill tips and colorful bookmarks with vocabulary-building tips.

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  • information technology industry is the application of technology management and information processing IT industry to use computers and computer software to convert, store, protect, process, transmit, and gather information. This book is for those materials and specialized information technology and computers, including the words, English grammar information technology industry.

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  • ANALOGUE AND DIGITAL NETWORKS Digital technology in the telephone network is nothing new. Take all the relays in older exchanges as an example. Relays are either "off" or "on", and there is no state in between these. Suitable combinations of relays could build up and "remember" numbers - perhaps a far-fetched example, but in was digital, so it will serve!

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  • READING The term environment broadly indicates the surroundings of an individual organism or a community of organisms, ranging on up to the entire biosphere, the zone of Earth that is able to sustain life. By surroundings is meant all the nonliving and living materials that play any role in an organism's existence, from soil and air to what the organism feeds on and the organisms that may feed on it.

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  • This new edition has been fully revised and offers up-to-date coverage of all the essential vocabulary of everyday life. The dictionary contains over 100,000 words, phrases, and translations. There is special treatment of key words: frequently-used words, which are the building blocks to learning the language, are given a special layout and usage notes to help users deal with them correctly. An A-Z of cultural information is included, to help students further their understanding of the German-speaking world.

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  • Colloquial English is an easy-to-use course, specially written by an experienced teacher for self-study or class use. It teaches current spoken and written English, as used in the UK, through the medium of English itself. This course assumes a basic knowledge of English and is suitable for post-beginners, whether studying on their own or as part of a class. Features include: full explanations and illustrations of grammatical terms pronunciation guide to help with areas of particular difficulty a variety of exercises to help learners to grow in confidence ...

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  • This book will help you to learn new English words while having fun at the same time. Many of the tests use pictures - such as the tests on the weather, food and drink, jobs, clothes and parts of a house. Others are based on word types - for example, verbs, adjectives and prepositions.

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  • The courses are student said. Key Features: 100% new material, clear grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation purpose of each lesson, revised Grammar Bank, with additional rules and exercises. Modify & Check section for each file. Photocopiable materials for teachers, including vocabulary, grammar, communication, and pronunciation activities.

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  • Building Vocabulary Skills & Strategies series. Heres a great vocabulary program that is equally appropriate for younger students working at grade level and older students who have forgotten or never mastered the basics. The friendly look and tone of this series belies the comprehensive sweep of the instructional sequence. Every topicfrom primary level phonics to the specialized terminology of essay testsis developed from the ground up. Includes answer key

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  • You need to know some special vocabulary for graphs. In the IELTS exam, you have to write only 150 words, so show how much vocabulary you know. You don't need to repeat the same word!

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  • Tài liệu vocabulary building workbook 2 is specially designed to improve the vocabulary and writing skills of students. This book will sharpen students summary-writing skills with reading passages featuring the relevant language points in context detailed study of vocabulary, with example sentences.

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  • What's special about Total English? * Students can measure their progress using the logically structured lessons with 'can do' objectives * Students will get lots of grammar and vocabulary practice which is all thoroughly reinforced in the 'Reference' and 'Review' sections at the end of each unit

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  • The study was conducted at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS). In 2009, 46% of the students were born outside of Australia, approximately 30% were from a non-English speaking background, and 21% were enrolled as international students. In 2009, the faculties with the largest concentrations of international students were Business (34%) and Engineering and Information Technology (29%).

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  • Tài liệu Vocabulary and grammar practice Welcome plus 2 is specially designed to help pupils consolidate and reinforce the vocabulary and structures presented in the main coursTài liệu. Key features Lexical and grammar exercises for each unit Clear and brief explanation of the structures Handwriting Practice.

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