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  • The paper "Improving planning reliability and project performance using the rational commitment model" proposes the Rational Commitment Model (RCM), a new decision decision-making tool based on lean principles, which uses statistical models to obtain more reliable commitment planning at operational level. RCM allows forecasting commitment planning for short term-periods using information about workers, buffers, and planned progress.

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  • Lecture Introduction to Business: Lesson 35. The main topics covered in this lesson include: production, utility and forms of utility, operational planning, factors for location of industry, facilities to be organized for production process, layout plan, layout designing options,...

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  • Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province is an agricultural district, which workers in the agricultural sector accounted for more than 60%. The total emissions from open rice straw burning in Quang Ninh district by using research results of Gadde B et al 2009 have similar values by using the ABC EIM guidelines on case of average emissions. Utilizations of rice straw to produce microbiological organic compost is suitable practices that need to study to reduce rice straw open burning activity in the next time.

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  • Vietnam's labor productivity has improved significantly over the past few years; however the productivity gap between Vietnam and other countries continues to increase. The article generalizes labor productivity in the classical works of Marxism - Leninism; presents the current situation labor productivity in Vietnam, explains the causes of low labor productivity; and proposes solutions to improve labor productivity for the State, enterprises and workers.

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  • This paper discuss the impact of watershed interventions on bio-physical, hydrological, agricultural and socio-economic indicators. Changes were detected in land use for agriculture crops, water body coverage and area under very good soil moisture. Ground water table and crop productivity were improved. Migration of workers from rural to urban areas was declined.The mean gross income of households was increased. Overall, the watershed interventions provided resilience by ensuring sustainable multiple outputs, besides soil and water conservation.

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  • The main objective of the study was to reduce the drudgery of the female farm workers and to recommend the proper method for doing shelling operations of maize cobs. Use of proper method not only reduces the drudgery but also improves the operating efficiency along with the comfort, besides improving the productivity of the women farm workers in doing the operation. In view of this, an effort has been made to assess the physical and physiological parameters of women farm workers who are following traditional method along with the improved method for doing shelling operation of maize cobs.

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  • The world production of vegetables, India is the second largest producer next to china. In India, there is no mechanization available for onion transplanting. The transplanting of onion seedlings mainly depends on farm workers. So, manually operated two row paper pot onion transplanter was developed. In agricultural mechanization, the major role of ergonomics is to increase the efficiency of the operation. The study was conducted to evaluate the manually operated two row paper pot onion transplanter and compared with conventional method of transplanting.

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  • Argan is now used worldwide in numerous cosmetic products. Nine workers from a cosmetic factory were examined in our occupational medicine department, following the diagnosis of a case of hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) related to handling of argan cakes.

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  • Within work sociology, several studies have addressed construction workers’ practices of masculinity, class, economy, safety risks and production. However, few studies have investigated room for agency in relation to bodily pain or musculoskeletal disorders and even fewer have made a quantitative approach.

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  • For the purpose of ensuring sustainable development, one of the important factors is to increase labor productivity and minimize the number of workers directly working in the mine. In the context of increasing requirements for underground coal mining, the number of workers tends to decline due to shifting to other types of economy. Therefore, the mechanization investment in coal mining is the inevitable destination, which guarantees the long - term strategic development of the coal mining industry.

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  • Low cost technologies developed for turmeric production system were tested in ginger production system. Physiological workload of the selected women workers while performing selected activities in ginger production system was assessed by heart rate method. Total 46 healthy farm workers working in the field for 6-7 hrs/ day were selected for the study. Study was conducted in Pokharni, Katneshwar, Nandgaon, Bharati Camp Dist. Parbhani & Hatta, Adgaon, Satephal villages of Dist. Hingoli. For collection of data 46 female workers, three replications, 5 activities viz.

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  • Today agriculture labour has become the most important component in Indian agriculture. The proportion of agricultural workers to the total workers has been declining over the years, while the corresponding ratio in the secondary and tertiary sectors is on the rise. Pursuant to this, following impacts have been predominantly noticed in agriculture in recent years: reduction in crop yield, reduction in cropping intensity and changes in traditional cropping pattern. Scarcity of farm labourers is a grave concern for the farmers, who may not even hesitate to abandon farming.

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  • India is the largest producer of raw cashew nut contributing 20% of total global production. The production and productivity of cashew is highest in the state of Maharashtra. A sample of 120 women working in cashew processing units were selected for the present study from Raigad and Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra state belonging to age group 25 to 45 years having 5 years work experience.

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  • Banana (Musa acuminate, Musa balbisiana) is one of the important fruits grown in India. India leads the world in banana production with an annual output of about 14.2 MT. Maharashtra ranks seconds in annual production after Tamil Nadu. Cutting of bunches often become problem for farmers or workers of banana plantations. During the process of cutting down combs of banana from the bunch using sickle and thread, that take a lot of time to cut combs off from the bunch, bananas also still had a few cuts, scratches and bruises.

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  • Handicraft production has complexity in its product, as well as manufacturing processes. Especially in case of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the production characteristics are chaotic and hard to control. Several problems can be pointed out, e.g. line unbalance, excessive stock, improper work assignment, ambiguous workflow,… Such a production system with these flaws incorporated cannot be reliable and effective. However; in Vietnam, this situation is common due to the small size of business operation, large number of workers, and cheap price for labour hour.

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  • Alternate methods are required to fulfil the demand of the ever-growing population as the natural resources such as land and water available for agriculture are limited. Rapid urbanization has resulted in a huge number of people leaving behind agricultural and thus shortage of workers is encountered during peak seasons. The alternate methods are expected to give higher productivity compared to the traditional cultural practices while retaining the advantages of these traditional practices. A lot of research work has been done on the automation of these cultural operations.

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  • Mechanized agriculture is the process of using agriculture machinery to mechanize the work of agriculture, greatly increasing farm worker’s productivity. The use of mechanized power for agriculture purpose reduces not just the hardship faced by the farmers under traditional manual practices but also speeds up agricultural processes, saves cost and enhances agricultural productivity. The present study was undertaken to evaluate the performance of different types of reaper binder operational for harvesting of wheat in Satna district of Madhya Pradesh.

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  • Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India and every fourth farmer in the country comes from here. Hence, one cannot expect the farmers‟ welfare in India without considering the farmers of Uttar Pradesh. About 17 per cent of total food grain production of the country comes from Uttar Pradesh. Agriculture in Uttar Pradesh is less lucrative as it is characterized by low crop yield, mainly fine cereals (rice and wheat) and high interregional variation. The state is also divided into 9 agro-climatic zones. The eastern region of Uttar Pradesh consists of three agro-climatic zones.

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  • A healthy, productive and well-motivated workforce is the key agent for overall socioeconomic development. To assess the health of leather industry workers, selection of nine leather industries from Kanpur was done purposively by taking a sample of three units each from leather processing, leather production and combined leather units having both leather processing and production. Similarly, 90 workers were selected randomly, taking 30 each from selected three leather units to assess their health hazards. Structured interview schedule was used for data collection.

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  • The use of personal protective equipment is essential for preventing and controlling diseases experienced by poultry farm workers as respiratory ill health among poultry farm workers has been strongly associated with working in poultry farms. The current study was carried out to determine the respiratory health problems prevalent and the level of utilization of personal protective equipment among the poultry farm workers. The study was carried out between April and May 2018.

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