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  • The term "Web Services Anywhere" means that web services can not only be used in any application, but any application can offer web services. ASP.NET web services require the IIS to run; web services that make use of .NET Remoting can run in any application type: console applications, Windows Forms applications, Windows services, and so on. These web services can use any transport with any payload encoding.

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  • This chapter will demonstrate how to install Alfresco, introduce Alfresco Explorer – the web client interface for managing the repository, and the applications that are bundled with Alfresco standard distribution. Towards the end, you will understand how Alfresco stores and organizes the uploaded contents. We will also be acquainted with the default spaces that come with the Alfresco repository. Today, Alfresco is the leading Open Source alternative to Enterprise Content Management – alternative to Microsoft SharePoint®, Documentum®, Open Text®, and so on.

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  • Giải pháp mà Deep Freeze đưa ra là "đóng băng" tất cả các ứng dụng cũng như hệ điều hành, thiết lập chế độ bảo quản toàn bộ cấu hình, tập tin hệ thống. Nó được đánh giá như một phương án bảo vệ máy tính tức thời, đơn giản mà hiệu quả.

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  • ADMT cung cấp một số tính năng cho sự hỗ trợ của các phương pháp tiếp cận di cư mạng song song. Nó là khá đơn giản để sử dụng. Cài đặt của nó là dựa trên một tập tin cài đặt Windows (như là công cụ hỗ trợ, Kit tài nguyên, Group Policy Management Console, và WS03 khác tiện ích và các thành phần cài đặt)

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  • To perform remote administration of ISA Server 2004 firewalls using the management console, the management workstation must be added to the Enterprise Remote Management Computers (to manage all firewalls in the enterprise)

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  • Oracle Database Advanced Replication describes the features and functionality of Advanced Replication. Specifically, Oracle Database Advanced Replication contains conceptual information about Advanced Replication, as well as information about planning your replication environment and troubleshooting replication problems. Oracle Database Advanced Replication also contains an introduction to the Replication Management tool in the Oracle Enterprise Manager Console.

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  • The Oracle Enterprise Manager Metric Reference Manual (hereafter referred to as the Metric Reference Manual) lists all the target metrics that Enterprise Manager monitors. This manual compiles in one place all the target metric help available online, eliminating the need to have the Grid Control Console up and running.

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  • In Windows 2000, auditing provides a means of tracking events and is an important facet of security for individual computers as well as the enterprise. As described in other chapters (notably Chapter 6, which covers the Event Viewer), Microsoft defines an event as any significant occurrence in the operating system or an application that requires users (particularly administrators) to be notified. Events are recorded in event logs that you can manage with the Event Viewer console snap-in.

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  • Using Oracle Enterprise Manager You can use the Recovery Wizard to restore and recover your database. On the Range Selection page you must enter a date and time to restore to a previous point. You use Instance Management or the Console to open the database after the job has completed. You can view the status of the job by selecting the Active and History page tabs in the Console’s Job window.

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  • The first security incident of this week began on Tuesday evening when the network ad- ministrator received an alert from the central virus console reporting that approximately five percent or about 100 machines had been infected with the latest virus. The virus con- sole listed the IP addresses of the infected machines. The Challenge The network administrator was faced with the challenge of quickly identifying, locating, and disabling the switch ports of the 100 infected users so that appropriate measures could be taken before the virus spread throughout the enterprise....

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