Epoxy nanocomposites based

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  • The novel properties of multifunctional polymer nanocomposites make them useful for a broad range of applications in fields as diverse as space exploration, bioengineering, car manufacturing, and organic solar cell development, just to name a few. Presenting an overview of polymer nanocomposites, how they compare with traditional composites, and their increasing commercial importance, Multifunctional Polymer Nanocomposites conveys the significance and various uses of this new technology for a wide audience with different needs and levels of understanding. ...

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  • Polymer nanocomposites are commonly defined as the combination of a polymer matrix and additives that have at least one dimension in the nanometer range. The additives can be one-dimensional (examples include nanotubes and fibres), two-dimensional (which include layered minerals like clay), or three- dimensional (including spherical particles). Over the past decade, polymer nanocomposites have attracted considerable interests in both academia and industry, owing to their outstanding mechanical properties like elastic stiffness and strength with only a small amount of the nanoadditives.

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  • In this paper, an epoxy-based composite coating containing various combinations of zinc oxide submicrometer particles and organobentonite nanoparticles were prepared. Dispersion of zinc oxide particles with organobentonite nanoparticles within the composites were evaluated using XRD analyses. Hardness, adhesion, physical properties and corrosion resistance of composites were studied. The results showed that simultaneous use of low-loading fillers have a positive effect on the clay exfoliation behavior in resulting nanocomposites.

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