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  • Lung isolation skills, such as correct insertion of double lumen endobronchial tube and bronchial blocker, are essential in anesthesia training; however, how to teach novices these skills is underexplored.

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  • (BQ) This book teaches you vocabulary that wwill help you take the TOEIC (Tesst of english for international communication). The TOEIC measures the english proficiency of proficiency of people working in international business or plan-ning to use english to communicate wwith others.

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  • Speaking skills are very important and necessary for students. The ability to communicate in English clearly and fluently contributes to the success of students in school and success later in their future life. Therefore, it is essential that teachers pay more attention to teaching speaking.

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  • Research papers by national and international experts on chess shows that the development of opening skills can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Selection of the right methods and means is essential for developing the chess player’s opening thinking abilities.

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  • The triangulated data results are surprisingly revealing in many essential aspects of vocabulary instruction, ranging from selecting vocabulary, teaching vocabulary directly and indirectly, explaining vocabulary meanings, teaching vocabulary through skills in various teaching phases in class. Hopefully, the findings of the study have provided an insightful understanding of vocabulary teaching practices in the primary school settings in Vietnam. From these empirical findings, relevant implications are suggested for better vocabulary instruction to young learners in Vietnam.

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  • In recent years, a raising problem encountered by high school students in general and rural ones in particular is extremely bad speaking skill. This leads to a serious subsequence is that quality of students is low as well as learning and teaching have to face to many difficulties due to the reason that speaking skill is an essential instrument when learning communication in any another language. The problems were related to speaking materials, students’ physical limits, and supporting equipment.

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  • In recent years, a raising problem encountered by students in general and first year ones in particular in the foreign languages department at Hai Phong Private University is extremely bad listening comprehension. This leads to a serious subsequence is that student’s language proficiency is low as well as learning and teaching have to face many difficulties due to the reason that listening skill is an essential instrument when learning communication in any another languages.

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  • The paper starts by looking at the reality of designing and teaching ESP at some universities of education in Vietnam, and thus points out the necessity of providing ESP course designers with essential knowledge and skills so that they can develop an effective course and compile a suitable course book.

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  • This article analyses the crucial roles of critical thinking skills in teaching English as a foreign language (EFL) and developing practical professionals for English pedagogical major students. For practical purposes, examples of activities and steps of implementation are given to enhance critical thinking skills for students at HCM City University of Education, Vietnam.

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  • Warmth and affection are aspect of positive relationship that is essential for children wellbeing in early care and education settings. The study was conducted in Hisar district of Haryana state. Two areas were selected purposively i.e., rural and urban, from urban area Hisar city and from rural area two villages namely Balsmand and Kharia were taken for collection of data. A total of 200 children in three age groups, namely, 3, 4 and 5 years were selected for the study.

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  • Critical cultural awareness – the key component in the framework of intercultural communicative competence of Byram (1997) – highlights the importance of training critical thinking skills for foreign language learners. Much research has been conducted on how critical cultural awareness can be developed in language classrooms, yet very few takes classroom of native culture as a fertile context for raising such awareness. This paper is to highlight the necessity of fostering that awareness in native culture classroom.

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  • The coordination of teaching staff is one of the main lines of work in the Bologna Process, which is also essential to develop the right skills and maximise the role of students as an active learning component. The use of active, interdisciplinary methodologies has opened up a new dimension in universities, requiring the elimination of the once componential, individual structure, making us look for new areas of exchange that make it possible for students' training to be developed jointly.

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  • Grammar cop helps kids learn essential rules of grammar. Stories teach parts of speech. Anagrams, Riddle, and Hink Pinks fortify students vocabularies, rebuses tickle the funny bone as they build spelling skills, reading Comprehension reproducibles provide a leg up when it comes to test-taking, graphic Organizers offer kids ready-to-go tools to organize their thoughts and respond in meaningful ways to the books they read.

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  • AutoCAD Civil 3D 2014 Essentials offers expert instruction and real-world, hands-on exercises to teach you how to use AutoCAD Civil 3D. As you design a residential subdivision from start to finish, you'll learn core tools and workflows to build a solid foundation in the software, allowing you to quickly use Civil 3D productively. The book features new, multi-viewport example drawings to promote 3D design as well as an entire new chapter dedicated to pressure pipe design.

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  • The essay portion of the test requires students to read a brief passage in which an argument is made or a position is taken. Students are asked to analyze and explain the ideas presented in the passage, and then take a position that they support by providing reasons and examples from their own experience, observations, or reading. Because the writing assignment requires students to analyze the passage’s ideas in developing their own position on the subject, it integrates the critical reading and expository writing skills that are essential to college-level work.

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  • Writing has always been and will continue to be one of the essential skills for college readiness and success. Since its inception, the ACT® program has included a multiple- choice format English Test to measure students’ understanding of the skills necessary for effective writing. Beginning in February 2005, students taking the ACT also had the option of adding a 30-minute direct writing test to their examination.

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  • A pre-course questionnaire shows that many of the students who enrolled in this elective class are eager to improve their overall English ability, especially listening and speaking, and some of them are planning to study abroad in the near future. Furthermore, according to the questionnaire, many of the students expressed their preference of learning listening to reading and writing, though they acknowledged listening is the skill most difficult to master.

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  • The objective of this book is to teach the skills necessary to program in Objective-C using a style that is easy to follow, rich in examples and accessible to those who have never used Objective-C before. Topics covered include the fundamentals of Objective-C such as variables, looping and flow control. Also included are details of object oriented programming, working with files and memory and the Objective-C Foundation framework.

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  • To create a great video game, you must start with a solid game design: A well-designed game is easier to build, more entertaining, and has a better chance of succeeding in the marketplace. Here to teach you the essential skills of player-centric game design is one of the industry’s leading authorities, who offers a first-hand look into the process, from initial concept to final tuning.

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  • In undergraduate medical education there is a trend towards the development of ‘core’ curricula. The aim is to facilitate the teaching of essential and relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes. This contrasts with traditional medical school courses, where the emphasis was on detailed factual knowledge, often with little obvious clinical relevance. In addition, students’ learning is now commonly examined using objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs), which again assess the practical use of knowledge, rather than the regurgitation of ‘small print’....

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