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  • This is a book about an extraordinary woman called AlminaCarnarvon, the family into which she married, the Castlethat became her home, the people who worked there, andthe transformation of the Castle when it became a hospitalfor wounded soldiers during the First World War

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  • Tips and Information boxes, clear explanations and a full answer Key make this new book m the series even more user-friendly.Here are the travel plans of some people who are travelling on Eurcexpress. Read the timetable carefully and tick travel plans that eare ok, Put a cross ( X ) if the travel plans are probably not Ok.

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  • If something close to the higher-end trajectory occurs, fuel economy improvement will be even more important to contain the rise in global CO2 emissions. And other complementary measures, such as careful land-use planning, travel demand management, development of high quality transit systems where these provide more efficient trans- port services than private cars, and strong shifts to low-carbon fuels, will be needed to help move toward outright reductions in CO2 and reach lev- els well below those of 2005.

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  • It can be shown in facts and figures that cycling is the cheapest, most convenient, and most environmentally desirable form of transport (1)______ towns, but such cold calculations do not mean much on a frosty winter morning. The real appeal of cycling is that it is so (2)______. It has none of the difficulties and tensions of other ways of travelling so you are more cheerful after a ride, even through the rush hour.

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  • The price of cinema was probably an important factor for the kind of audience it interested. Before the Nickelodeon prices varied, from a dollar or more for the first special Lumière events, to a few cents to fifty cents for a travelling showman (Musser 1990: 299). But in general, the market was in too turbulent a condition to put a reliable average price on motion picture watching. This even harder because they were often part of live entertainment. The prices the Nickelodeon charged were between five and ten cents, which often enabled the spectator to stay...

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  • Business trips are fairly inflexible and it is often difficult for travelers to select their destinations. Business travel, often referred to as MICE (Meetings-Incentives-Conferences-Exhibitions), is normally determined by business opportunities and involvement of the traveler with organisations at the destination. Perhaps more flexibility can be exercised by travelers attending optional meetings, which provide benefits but are not strictly essential to their business such as conferences, exhibitions, incentives, familiarization trips etc (Davidson 1994).

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  • We wrote this book for many types of youth volunteer coaches. For first-time coaches looking for some guidance before they step on the court to conduct practices and oversee games. For coaches who’ve been on the sidelines for a season or two and want to gain some more insight on specific areas of the game. For coaches looking to transition from working with younger kids to coaching older, more advanced kids. For veterans of the postseason pizza parties who have spent countless hours at the local basketball courts. And even for coaches who want to manage all star or travel teams....

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  • In the lifetime of all who arrive at mature age, there comes a period when a strong desire is felt to know more of the past, especially to know more of those from whom we claim descent. Many find even their chief pleasure in searching among parish records and local histories for some knowledge of ancestors, who for a hundred or five hundred years have been sleeping in the grave. Long pilgrimages are made to the Old World for this purpose, and when the traveler discovers in the crowded church-yard a moss-covered, crumbling stone, which bears the name he seeks, he takes infinite pains to...

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  • Discovering what lies behind a hill or beyond a neighborhood can be as simple as taking a short walk. But curiosity and the urge to make new dis- coveries usually require people to undertake journeys much more adven- turesome than a short walk, and scientists oft en study realms far removed from everyday observation—sometimes even beyond the present means of travel or vision.

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  • Likewise, a painstaking perusal of more than two hundred volumes yielded only meagre results, and in most of these illusory references I found not a single fact worth recording. This comparatively prodigious number included gazeteers, encyclopedias, geographies, military histories, general histories, State and National reports, journals of legislative proceedings, biographies, genealogies, reminiscences, travels, romances--in short, any and all books that I had thought calculated to shed even the faintest glimmer of light on the County's history, topographical features, etc.

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