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  • In this paper, we present a method to apply the exact linearization technique to the q-UAV without augmenting its dynamic model. For this purpose, using the vertical dynamic equation, the vertical position control input is designed separately so that the vertical acceleration is piecewise constant.

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  • This paper presents a simple method for modeling stator current and estimating rotor flux of an induction motor. A new current controller named “direct-decoupling”, based on exact linearization algorithm of the motor current model has been proposed.

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  • We present a novel transition system for dependency parsing, which constructs arcs only between adjacent words but can parse arbitrary non-projective trees by swapping the order of words in the input. Adding the swapping operation changes the time complexity for deterministic parsing from linear to quadratic in the worst case, but empirical estimates based on treebank data show that the expected running time is in fact linear for the range of data attested in the corpora.

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  • There are two decoding algorithms essential to the area of natural language processing. One is the Viterbi algorithm for linear-chain models, such as HMMs or CRFs. The other is the CKY algorithm for probabilistic context free grammars. However, tasks such as noun phrase chunking and relation extraction seem to fall between the two, neither of them being the best fit. Ideally we would like to model entities and relations, with two layers of labels.

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  • We present a new approach to stochastic modeling of constraintbased grammars that is based on loglinear models and uses EM for estimation from unannotated data. The techniques are applied to an LFG grammar for German. Evaluation on an exact match task yields 86% precision for an ambiguity rate of 5.4, and 90% precision on a subcat frame match for an ambiguity rate of 25. Experimental comparison to training from a parsebank shows a 10% gain from EM training.

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  • Recent results have established that there is a family of languages that is exactly the class of languages generated by three independently developed grammar formalisms: Tree Adjoining Grammm~, Head Grammars, and Linear Indexed Grammars. In this paper we show that Combinatory Categorial Grammars also generates the same class of languages. We discuss the slruclm'al descriptions produced by Combinawry Categorial Grammars and compare them to those of grammar formalisms in the class of Linear Context-Free Rewriting Systems. ...

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  • The present paper deals with a class of non-linear ordinary second-order differential equations with exact solutions. A procedure for finding the general exact solution based on a known particular one is derived. For illustration solutions of some non-linear equations occured in many problems of solid mechanics are considered.

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  • In this paper responses of beams subjected to random loading are analyzed by the dual approach of the equivalent linearization method. The external random loading is assumed to be a space-wise and time-wise white noise in which the exact solutions of the modal equations can be found.

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  • Continuing our study in [3], in the present paper we examine the system without damping h = 0. In this particular case, the original equations and the associated ones are very simple and can easily be solved. The "exact" original resonance curve C0 and the "exact" associated one C will be given. Thus, we a:re able to compare two resonance curves and to "estimate" the indirect method proposed.

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  • The goal of this book is to develop robust, accurate and efficient numerical methods to price a number of derivative products in quantitative finance.We focus on one-factor and multi-factor models for a wide range of derivative products such as options, fixed income products, interest rate products and ‘real’ options. Due to the complexity of these products it is very difficult to find exact or closed solutions for the pricing functions. Even if a closed solution can be found it may be very difficult to compute. For this and other reasons we need to resort to approximate methods.

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  • Giả định CLRM (Classical Linear Regression Model mô hình hồi qui tuyến tính cổ điển): Các biến độc lập không có mối quan hệ tuyến tính chính xác (Independent Variables do not exist exact linear relationship) Nếu điều này xảy ra thì sẽ có hiện tượng đa cộng tuyến, đó là hiện tượng các biến độc lập trong mô hình phụ thuộc lẫn nhau và thể hiện được dưới dạng hàm số.

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  • There is no fundamental reason that a transaction must abort as aresultofanynondeterministicevent;whensystemsdochoose to abort transactions due to outside events, it is due to practical consideration. After all, forcing all other nodes in a system to wait for the node that experienced a nondeterministic event (such as a hardware failure) to recover could bring a system to a painfully long stand-still.

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  • Original article Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học Journal of Biology đề tài: variance components in a mixed linear model using Gibbs sampling CS Marginal inferences about Wang* JJ Rutledge D Gianola University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Meat and Animal Science, Madison, WI 53706-1284, USA (Received 9 March 1992; accepted 7 October 1992) Summary - Arguing from a Bayesian viewpoint, Gianola and Foulley (1990) derived a new method for estimation of variance components in a mixed linear model: variance estimation from integrated...

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  • Wind power plants can be realized with different generator types using different control principles. The choice of the generator regardless of control method, potentially destabilizes the grid, and can even lead to grid collapse. For independent grid (e.g. on islands) this risk is especially great. The report aimed at giving the reader a general overview of the control methods, and the developers a better understanding of each generator type to get the right choice for their wind power project.

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  • In this article the homological theory is specially worked out, adapted for definition of the degree of mapping from one of the classes of infinite-dimensional mappings, exactly FQL-mappings, introduced.

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  • Avid Media Composer has quickly become the tool of choice for Editing professionals, when it comes to Non-Linear Editing. Whether your project involves editing heavy television programming, independent films, or even corporate industrials, this cookbook shows you exactly how to successfully do that, in a step-by-step and practical manner, to get the most out of the latest Avid Media Composer 6.

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  • The emergence of a new paradigm in science offers vast perspectives for future investigations, as well as providing fresh insight into existing areas of knowledge, discovering hitherto unknown relations between them. We can observe this kind of process in connection with the appearance of the concept of solitons [465].

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  • MONOTONE FINITE DIFFERENCE DOMAIN DECOMPOSITION ALGORITHMS AND APPLICATIONS TO NONLINEAR SINGULARLY PERTURBED REACTION-DIFFUSION PROBLEMS IGOR BOGLAEV AND MATTHEW HARDY Received 16 September 2004; Revised 21 December 2004; Accepted 11 January 2005 This paper deals with monotone finite difference iterative algorithms for solving nonlinear singularly perturbed reaction-diffusion problems of elliptic and parabolic types. Monotone domain decomposition algorithms based on a Schwarz alternating method and on box-domain decomposition are constructed.

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  • We investigate the empirical behavior of ngram discounts within and across domains. When a language model is trained and evaluated on two corpora from exactly the same domain, discounts are roughly constant, matching the assumptions of modified Kneser-Ney LMs. However, when training and test corpora diverge, the empirical discount grows essentially as a linear function of the n-gram count. We adapt a Kneser-Ney language model to incorporate such growing discounts, resulting in perplexity improvements over modified Kneser-Ney and Jelinek-Mercer baselines. ...

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  • (bq) part 1 book "a first course in differential equations" has contents: introduction to differential equations, first order differential equations, modeling with first order differential equations, higher order differential equations.

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