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  • The paper reports on the impact of building an intellectual capital statement for the Chamber of Agriculture in Styria, Austria (Landeskammer Steiermark, “LK Styria”), and with the subsequent issues of organizational development. LK Styria is a knowledge-based organization where intellectual capital accounts for a large share of the entity’s value. Building on the activities of LK Styria and their outcomes, a knowledge-based intellectual capital inventory was set up for the human, structural and relationship resources based on the method “Wissensbilanz made in Germany”.

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  • One highly conspicuous crop of examples of mental phenomena related to the non-existent is of course yielded by our experience of works of art. It is therefore somewhat surprising that Meinong himself does not apply his theory of non-existent objects to the working out of a detailed theory of the ontology and psychology of aesthetic phenomena. This task was however carried out by one of his most prominent disciples, Stephan Witasek, in his masterly Grundzüge der allgemeinen A " sthetik of 1904.

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  • The ‘electronic book’ is a feature of this early 21st Century. I have been in academic life for several decades, and have I hope responded with flexibility to changes over that time. I have been using a word processor on a daily basis for twenty years and am deeply conscious of the advantages over even the most advanced typewriters. The first time I gave a presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint was in India about six years ago. I have with enthusiasm used PowerPoint for every invited talk or conference contribution I have given since. Such talks and contributions have been in...

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  • Protein-lipid film is a very popular food material which can be prepared from various protein foods. A remarkable example of the protein-lipid film is a traditional soybean food which is a cream-yellow bland flavoured surface film of high nutritional value (soy protein-lipid film, designated as Yuba or soymilk skin), which is formed during the heating of soymilk. The protein digestion rate of the protein-lipid film is almost 100%.

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  • This paper aims to advance the understanding and practice of knowledge-based management in Vietnam by studying two Vietnamese agricultural companies. It provides illustrative examples of how knowledge-based management, pursuing a vision that fosters creativity and innovation by employees, could ultimately fulfil the profitability objective of the business and at the same time add value to the community’s quality of life.

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  • The article begins with a description of the basic functionality of government bonds. The most important attributes of bonds and their appraisal are described by means of present value. A number of simplifications will be carried out (e.g. assumptions of final date yields and a flat yield curve). In practice, however, flat yield curves are not typical.

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  • Krishi Vigyan Kendras or Farm Science Centres have been established by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in all districts of Tamil Nadu. The trust areas of KVKs are refinement and demonstration of technologies, and training of farmers, farm women, rural youth and extension functionaries. Imparting trainings in agriculture and allied fields for the rural youth is one of its mandates. Effective training is considered as an important factor in determining the efficiency of an organization which depends upon the capability of its trainees.

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  • To uplift the livelihood and financial conditions of the rural women value addition of minor millets can offer tremendous opportunity not only to income rather it increase national productivity and generates employment but also helps to develop economic independence and personal and social upliftment. Smt. Rathnamma is one such example who is from a small village named Gundamanatta in Srinivaspur Taluk of Kolar district. We have formed “Vaibhav Siridhanya Swasahaya Sanga” for processing of Minor Millets.

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  • Opportunistic infections are infections that occur due to a decrease in the immune system and can cause serious conditions in people with weak immune systems such as in people with HIV / AIDS. Cryptosporidium sp. and Giardia lamblia are examples of the opportunistic intestinal protozoa that can cause chronic diarrhea so that it becomes dehydrated and malnutrition which can increase mortality and morbidity in HIV sufferers. Observational study with cross-sectional design on 50 fecal samples of HIV / AIDS patients. Cryptosporidium sp.

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  • An initiative was taken by AEEC, Koppal to educate farmer on the importance of organic mango production and value addition with the help of a NGO. Farmer produced the organic mango and NGO procured and processed the produce and sold at premium price. The farmer received an additional income of Rs. 98926 and consumer satisfied with organic products.

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  • For example, what is the connection between the words fish and scales? Obviously, a fish is covered with scales; now think of two other words that share a similar relationship.A good example of this would be bird and feathers. The similarity between these two unrelated pairs of words is an analogy. The best way to approach an analogy question is to make up a sentence that describes the relationship between the first two words and find another pair in the choices that would fit into that same sentence. A fish is covered with scales, as a bird is covered with feathers....

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  • [ Team LiB ] F.1 Synthesizable FIFO Model This example describes a synthesizable implementation of a FIFO. The FIFO depth and FIFO width in bits can be modified by simply changing the value of two parameters,

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  • (bq) the third edition has numerous revisions that include more beautiful illustrations and photographs, additional sections, more solved problems, worked examples, and end-of-chapter problems with direct engineering applications. the revisions have improved the rigor without sacrificing the original semiquantitative approach that both the students and instructors liked and valued.

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  • Many students find that the obligatory Statistics course comes as a shock. The set textbook is difficult, the curriculum is vast, and secondary-school maths feels infinitely far away. “Statistics” offers friendly instruction on the core areas of these subjects. The focus is overview. And the numerous examples give the reader a “recipe” for solving all the common types of exercise. You can download this book free of charge.

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  • Ecosystems provide a wide variety of marketable goods, fish and lumber being two familiar examples. However, society is increasingly recognizing the myriad functions—the observable manifestations of ecosystem processes such as nutrient recycling, regulation of climate, and maintenance of biodiversity— that they provide, without which human civilizations could not thrive. Derived from the physical, biological, and chemical processes at work in natural ecosystems, these functions are seldom experienced directly by users of the resource.

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  • WAGE RETURNS FOR POST -SECONDARY EDUCATION: A COMPARISON FOR SELECTED PROGRAMS BY LEVELS OF EDUCATION AND INDUSTRY TYPE The potential effects of school choice programs depend critically on what characteristics parents value in schools. Hanushek, for example, notes that parents might not choose effective schools over others that are less effective but offer “pleasant surroundings, athletic facilities, [and] cultural advantages,” (1981, p. 34). To the extent that parents choose productive schools, market discipline can induce greater productivity from school administrators and teachers.

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  • While a filter ismatched against a single notification based on the notification’s attribute values, a pattern is matched against one or more notifications based on both their attribute values and on the combination they form. At its most generic, a patternmight correlate events according to any relation. For example, the programmer of a stockmarket analysis toolmight be interested in receiving price change notifications for the stock of one company only if the price of a related stock has changed by a certain amount.

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  • Taylor knew that if he developed a better way for employees to produce more for the company, he could pass some of the increased reward to the employees. He was successful, and his employees earned more pay that led to better living conditions for the workers’families. Taylor clearly desired to meet the physical needs of his employees. However, Taylor fell short in two areas as he ignored the emotional and spiritual needs of the employees.

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  • It is unclear whether MMMFs, as currently structured, are really pass-through entities. Fund investors see no fluctuations in their share values based on changing interest rates or credit spreads. When fund losses materialize, it is usually the sponsors rather than investors who absorb them. And in the only recent example of investors being required to absorb a loss, a run was triggered on other funds that may have significantly impacted the broader economy absent government intervention. ...

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  • This is a companion volume to Electromagnetism for Electronic Engineers(3 rd edn.) (Ventus, 2009). It contains the worked examples, together with worked solutions to the end of chapter examples, which featured in the previous edition of the book. I have discovered and corrected a number of mistakes in the previous edition. I hope that students will find these 88 worked examples helpful in illustrating how the fundamental laws of electromagnetism can be applied to a range of problems.

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