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  • Fluent English is a high intermediate-/advanced-level course in English as a second or foreign language. It is designed to meet the needs of the intermediate-level student in vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, idiomatic usage, and pronunciation. It offers a great deal of practice in each of these areas, through both written exercises and recorded materials. The language used in this course is realistic and practical, and the situations in each of its twenty lessons offer a cultural context that will be recognizable and relevant to most intermediate-level students of English....

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  • Telecommunications (in European languages ​​derived from the Greek tele means far communicare of Latin and means notice) described in a general way all forms of information exchange through a certain distance without having to carry this information to a specific way (eg mail). The visible signal was used in the 18th century as the expression system of the letters by hand or two flags placed in a certain position (semaphore) or optical machine press (heliograph) is an instrument communication by reflecting sunlight.

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  • The purpose of this book is to help students develop agriculture four languages skills and ability to use knowledge of the language in their communication topics of their expertise as well. The book consists of 15 units, each of which is divided into two parts: one part is presented in the classroom, part B is a self-study at home. The activities in each unit is designed for students to practice in the context of real life, can make the target language more authentic.

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  • Auxiliaries here are used both alone and as part of various tenses of ordinary verbs. Read the following (a) in the negative (b) in the interrogative. These sentences, except for nos. I and 13, could also be used for question tag exercises (see Exercise 13). PEG 106-7, 123, 126 (see also Exercise 17) Some auxiliaries when used in certain ways make their negative and interrogative according to the rule for ordinary verbs, i.e. with do. Sometimes either form is possible.

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  • I sent the columnist/tutor an e-mail, starting off softly: “Enjoyed your column, blah blah, impressed you also know so much about math, blah blah. And by the way, you might want to check your source on the split infinitives stuff. The Associated Press Stylebook, The Chicago Manual of Style, Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style, Garner’s Modern American Usage and others all say there’s no such rule.” The columnist wrote me back. Her response: “I could not disagree more.”

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  • Exercise 1. Read the following passage then answer the questions. ANALOGUE AND DIGITAL NETWORKS Digital technology in the telephone network is nothing new. Take all the relays in older exchanges as an example. Relays are either "off" or "on", and there is no state in between these. Suitable combinations of relays could build up and "remember" numbers - perhaps a far-fetched example, but in was digital, so it will serve! What is new is the transfer of speech digitally. In other words, the sound we make when we speak is converted to digits and sent out on to the network....

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  • From corporate boxes to sprinklers, food outlets to toilets, first aid to media, facility and event managers are accountable for the success of sporting ventures and events. Managing Sport Facilities and Major Events explains how to get the job done. With detailed international case studies in each chapter, the book offers a systematic guide to the management issues and practical problems that sports managers must address to ensure financial, sporting and ethical success.

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  • Everything about my host tells me that he is, by nature, a democratic and diplomatic kind of guy. But between the lines I think I catch the scent of something else—the passion of the people who see my grammar column in their local newspapers and send me e-mails saying, “As a fellow grammar and usage Nazi …” or, “Keep fighting against abuse of the language!”

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  • A complete guide to English Grammar, which covers every part of speech, and is presented with people who are planning to take the iBT TOEFL exam in mind. Over 50 key grammar points which feature: clear, detailed explanations, over 115 exercises, and thousands of questions.

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  • Most important, this edition adds more than 500 new words and terms that have come into common use since the previous edition was published. The addi- tions are by no means comprehensive, but they include some of the most promi- nent new locutions in a language that has grown increasingly rich. The Queen’s English, often regarded as a paradigm of correct and "proper" usage, has been busy absorbing words and phrases from diverse sources—some reflecting new political alignments, some from overseas, many from the argot of the street. ...

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  • English for the Oil industry Vocational English Course Book S \ \I // 1/2 1/1 ' Et f \ BIB »»» Evan Frendo with David Bonamy Series editor David Bonamy .Contents Function Introductions p.4 Language Vocabulary Introducing yourself Describing people Getting oil to the customer p.5 . W Unit 1 The oil ind 3 Spelling p.6 Jobs p.7 Exchanging information Describing people's jobs Introducing yourself and others p.

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  • When you are doing the tasks in this book, look at the instructions carefully to make sure you understand what to do, then read through the text / questions first before attempting the exercises. This is a useful 'skimming' technique that you should also use when you are doing the TOEIC® itself.

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  • The authoritative compendium of facts, statistics, photographs, and analysis that defines baseball in its formative first decades. This comprehensive reference work covers the early years of major league baseball from the first game—May 4, 1871, a 2-0 victory for the Fort Wayne Kekiongas over the visiting Cleveland Forest City team—through the 1900 season. Baseball historian David Nemec presents complete team rosters and detailed player, manager, and umpire information, with a wealth of statistics to warm a fan’s heart.

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  • Answer the questions Which tower carries a relatively heavy load? Which building carries a relatively light load? Which part of the block of flats supports its weight? Which part of the tower supports its weight? Exercise Adding the missing words

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  • West-facing (adj) Example: The front of the building faces west. It is a west-facing wall. Exercise 1: Complete the sentences :(Group 1) The back of the building.......... The long axis of the building is orientated east-west. The orientation of the long axis is east-west. Exercise 2: Complete the sentences:

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  • To conclude my doctoral studies as a graduate student in economics at Georgia State University in 1977, I completed a dissertation titled “An Economic Analysis of Franchise Relocation and League Expansion in Professional Team Sports, 1950–1975.” Then 22 years later, I co-authored with John J. Guthrie, Jr., a book named Relocating Teams and Expanding Leagues in Professional Sports: How the Major Leagues Respond to Market Conditions. That volume, in turn, analyzed the expansions of various leagues and movements of their teams from 1950 to 1995.

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  • The cornerstone of Major League Baseball has been the leagues and their teams. The majors are comprised of the National League, which dates back to 1876, and the American League, which became a major operation in 1901. The NL was itself predated by the National Association of Professional Base Ball Players (1871–75), which was arguably the fi rst major league. The NL itself operated in conjunction with the American Association, a major league from 1882 to 1891, and was rivaled by the short-lived Union Association in 1884 and the Players’ League in 1890.

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  • Climate and weather: 1. Vocabulary: Weather: Noun sun fog cloud wind storm Climate: hot, warm Adjective sunny foggy cloudy windy stormy warm , humid, hot, dry, monsoon, composite Superlatives the most modern Exercise 1: Complete the passage with the following words: hottest, coolest, cool enough, warm enough, excessively, much lighter, inadequately, adequate. (Ss work in pairs)

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  • The Integration of Major League Baseball is not another nostalgic trip through Negro League history or a re-telling of the Jackie Robinson–Branch Rickey saga. This book focuses on the teams themselves, and the owners, front-office executives, and managers who were the heroes, villains, or fainthearted spectators of integration. In these pages some of the most respected and revered names in baseball will be disparaged by the record of what was actually accomplished under their watch. By the same token, unsung heroes of the day will be identified.

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  • Throughout the ages people have sought to understand the world around them and to explain it in a systematic way. A system is simply a group of elements which work together to achieve a purpose. Systems can be very large, such as the system of courts and laws we call our 'legal system', or very small, such as the system involved in cleaning your teeth. Systems can occur in nature or be designed by people. The water cycle (described below) is an example of a natural system. Banking systems and computer systems are examples of systems designed by people....

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