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  • Pro SharePoint 2010 Search gives you expert advice on planning, deploying and customizing searches in SharePoint 2010. Drawing on the authors’ extensive experience of working with real-world SharePoint deployments, this book teaches everything you’ll need to know to create well-designed SharePoint solutions that always keep the end-user’s experience in mind. Increase your search efficiency with SharePoint 2010’s search functionality: extend the search user interface using third-party tools, and utilize analytics to improve relevancy....

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  • Over the years, CorelDRAW has developed into a full-featured, professional suite of graphics applications for users of all skill levels to create illustrations, design professional layouts, and work seamlessly between pixel-based and vector graphics, with powerful editing tools in a completely integrated, easy-to-use bundle. The team at Corel continues to strive to provide products that both delight and inspire users around the world with the release of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 and this new Official Guide....

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  • Develop SharePoint apps using collaborative social enterprise tools Use the new Minimal Download Strategy (MDS) smart technology to consume less bandwidth Version documents, list items, and entire parts of SharePoint with improved control Use colors and styles to get a themed version of your CSS with a simple line of code Extend the client object model with enhanced search capabilities Your guide to the most significant changes in SharePoint 2013.

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  • In this text, the basic mathematical properties of the golden ratio and its occurrence in the dimensions of two- and three-dimensional figures with fivefold symmetry are discussed. In addition, the generation of the Fibonacci series and generalized Finobacci series and their relationship to the golden ratio are presented. These concepts are applied to algorithms for searching and function minimization.

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  • In this paper we present several extensions of MARIE1 , a freely available N -gram-based statistical machine translation (SMT) decoder. The extensions mainly consist of the ability to accept and generate word graphs and the introduction of two new N -gram models in the loglinear combination of feature functions the decoder implements. Additionally, the decoder is enhanced with a caching strategy that reduces the number of N -gram calls improving the overall search efficiency. Experiments are carried out over the Eurpoean Parliament Spanish-English translation task. ...

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  • The goal of this course is to provide students with the architectural concepts and the skills necessary to deploy Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001 as a search, intranet dashboard site, and document management solution. This course will provide an overview of each of the major functions provided by SharePoint Portal Server. It will not discuss how to programmatically extend SharePoint Portal Server or how to use SharePoint Portal Server as a development platform.

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  • Extend and Customize JIRA--Work with custom fields, workflows, Reports & Gadgets, JQL functions, plugins, and more Customize the look and feel of your JIRA User Interface by adding new tabs, web items and sections, drop down menus, and more Master JQL - JIRA Query Language that enables advanced searching capabilities through which users can search for issues in their JIRA instance and then exploit all the capabilities of issue navigator

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  • The importance of these applications have motivated work to extend database query languageswith the ability of searching for andmanipulating se- quential patterns. Informix [Informix Software 1998] was the first among com- mercial DBMSs to provide special libraries for time-series, that they named datablades; these libraries consist of functions that can be called in SQL queries.While other database vendorswere quick to embrace it, this procedural- extension approach lacks expressive power and amenability to query optimiza- tion.

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