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  • As you work through the examples in this book, you may choose either to type in all the code manually or to use the source code files that accompany the book. All of the source code used in this book is available for download at Once at the site, simply locate the book’s title (either by using the Search box or by using one of the title lists) and click the Download Code link on the book’s detail page to obtain all the source code for the book. Because many books have similar titles, you may find it easiest to search by ISBN; this...

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  • CL Research began experimenting with massive XML tagging of texts to answer questions in TREC 2002. In DUC 2003, the experiments were extended into text summarization. Based on these experiments, The Knowledge Management System (KMS) was developed to combine these two capabilities and to serve as a unified basis for other types of document exploration. KMS has been extended to include web question answering, both general and topic-based summarization, information extraction, and document exploration. ...

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  • Puppet’s true power exists in the simple resource model it uses to manage the state of complex operating systems. This concise guide shows you how to extend that model and implement custom functionality on top of Puppet by working with the type and provider APIs. Two experts from Puppet Labs explain the concepts behind these APIs, and provide instructions and examples to help you write your own fully functional types and providers.

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  • Extended learning module M - Programming in Excel with VBA. Learning objectives of this chapter include: Explain the value of using VBA with Excel; define a macro; build a simple macro using a Sub procedure and a function procedure; describe an object; explain the difference between a comment, a variable, and a constant; list the various Visual Basic Application data types and operators.

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  • We present REGULUS, an Open Source environment which compiles typed unification grammars into context free grammar language models compatible with the Nuance Toolkit. The environment includes a large general unification grammar of English and corpus-based tools for creating efficient domainspecific recognisers from it. We will demo applications built using the system, including a speech translator and a command and control system for a simulated robotic domain, and show how the development environment can be used to edit and extend them. ...

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  • Chapter 22 - Object-based databases. This chapter covers objectbased databases. The chapter describes the object-relational data model, which extends the relational data model to support complex data types, type inheritance, and object identity. The chapter also describes database access from object-oriented programming languages.

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  • Acceptable fertilization of cucurbits has several advantages in terms of uniform growth, and seedling vigor, in literature there is lot of evidence that these plants have proficient processes to repair various kinds of nutritional stresses. Yet it is most significant and foremost decisions that which source (fertilizer) is to be used, when to apply fertilizer and what should the quantity of the fertilizer. Requirement of fertilizer is variable according to type of cultivation i.e. field and protected cultivation.

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  • After completing this chapter, students will be able to: The object-relational data model, which extends the relational data model to support complex data types, type inheritance, and object identity. The chapter also describes database access from object-oriented programming languages.

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  • Operating Systems interpret user commands and instructions (like typing on the keyboard or clicking with the mouse) and send requests to the proper application or device. An OS not only provides a user interface (text or graphic) to access/organize/manipulate/store data, but can also provide security and multitasking capabilities. Generally the OS is made up of a few core files with additional files for extended functionality and backward capability.

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  • Some protective headgear allows for the use of various accessories to help employees deal with changing environmental conditions, such as slots for earmuffs, safety glasses, face shields and mounted lights. Optional brims may provide additional protection from the sun and some hats have channels that guide rainwater away from the face. Protective headgear accessories must not compromise the safety elements of the equipment. Periodic cleaning and inspection will extend the useful life of protective headgear.

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  • I would like to extend my thanks to all those who contributed to this study. In addition to the research team, I would like to thank the PSE, the Capital Market Authority, the brokerage firms and the other experts we interviewed whose comments and ideas we benefited from. For the same reason, I am grateful to all the participants at the workshop during which the study was presented and discussed. Thanks also go to Dr. Basem Makhool, Dr. Atef Alawneh, and Dr. Sulaiman Abbadi for reviewing and refereeing the study. Last but not least, I want to extend my thanks...

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  • Hu-K4 is a human protein homologous to the K4L protein of vaccinia virus. Due to the presence of two HKD motifs, Hu-K4 was assigned to the family of Phospholipase D proteins although so far no catalytic activity has been shown. The Hu-K4 mRNA is found in many human organs with highest expression levels in the central nervous system. We extended the ORF of Hu-K4 to the 5¢ direction. As a consequence the protein is 53 amino acids larger than originally predicted, now harbouring a putative transmembrane domain....

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  • Recently we introduced the concept of Poincar´e chaos. In the present paper, by means of the Bebutov dynamical system, an unpredictable solution is considered as a generator of the chaos in a quasilinear system. The results can be easily extended to different types of differential equations.

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  • This chapter covers objectbased databases. The chapter describes the object-relational data model, which extends the relational data model to support complex data types, type inheritance, and object identity. The chapter also describes database access from object-oriented programming languages.

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  • The respiration rates of fresh Bengal gram kernels as a function of O2 and CO2 concentration at 300 C in closed system is studied on the basis of enzyme kinetics. Parameters of three types of Michaelis-Menten equation based on type of inhibition were considered. GraphPad PRISM software was used to find parameters of respiration rate of fresh Bengal gram kernels inform of Michaelis-Menten. The competitive type of inhibition was found as the best type for respiration rate of fresh Bengal gram kernels.

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  • The research is aimed to reveal the situation of ELV management in Viet Nam, as well as conduct assessment of the material flows of ELV, for the construction of compatible management system for this type of waste.

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  • LTS Express is a two-level preparation course for candidates studying for the International English Language Testing System examination (IELTS). The intermediate level is aimed at an IELTS score of 4 - 5.5. IELTS-type tasks and practice activities provide students with the essential skills they need for exam success. Each IELTS Express Courstài liệu is an ideal choice for short preparation courses of 30-40 hours, and can easily fe extended for longer courses by selecting from supplementary materials....

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  • The field of industrial electronics covers a plethora of problems that must be solved in industrial practice. Electronic systems control many processes that begin with the control of relatively simple devices like electric motors, through more complicated devices such as robots, to the control of entire fabrication processes. An industrial electronics engineer deals with many physical phenomena as well as the sensors that are used to measure them.

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  • The Altivar 71 range of variable speed drives is able to respond to the most exacting requirements thanks to its different types of motor control and numerous onboard functions.

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  • The sense of feeling can effectively be used to enforce virtual artistic activities like virtual sculpting or modeling. In this paper, we describe how a virtual sculpture system has been extended with haptical feedback. In practice, we use the scalar field defining the implicit surface being modeled to efficiently compute several type of force feedback. We present a method for combining these forces differently depending whether the user is just touching his artwork or editing it by adding virtual matter.

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