External interface requirements

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  • Identify the product whose software requirements are specified in this document, including the revision or release number. Describe the scope of the product that is covered by this SRS, particularly if this SRS describes only part of the system or a single subsystem.

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  • Purpose of this document is to provide an architectural overview of CRM system. Through this document, project team and IT Department can have an overview and understand the whole system. They can know how CRM system will be developed and which systems CRM will have to integrate with. This document also describes all constraints that the design of the system must follow to meet the business and maintenance requirements.

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  • The following will be discussed in this chapter: Datapaths must deal with input and output data values, necessary to control external interfaces, some datapaths require decision making, moving towards software, understanding the data and control path.

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  • Step 1. Step 2. Obtain the connection information required by your ISP. Plug the router into the service provider device or network jack using the external/WAN interface of the router

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  • Static Network Address Translation (NAT) creates a permanent, one-to-one mapping between an address on an internal network (a higher security level interface) and a perimeter or external network (lower security level interface). For example, to share a web server on a perimeter interface with users on the public Internet, use static address translation to map the server’s actual address to a registered IP address. Static address translation hides the actual address of the server from users on the less secure interface, making casual access by unauthorized users less likely.

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