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  • Điều này bảo đảm không một ai khác ngoài bạn vô tình hay cố ý tắt đi tính năng giúp Windows 8 khởi động nhanh hơn. Về cơ bản, tính năng khởi động nhanh (Fast Startup) giúp lưu lại toàn bộ phiên làm việc của nhân hệ điều hành (Kernel) cùng các trình điều khiển thiết bị hiện hành vào tập tin có tên gọi “hyberfil.sis” mỗi khi người dùng tắt máy. N

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  • Our Survival Kits are designed to be quick, concise, and much easier to read than most reference books. As in true wilderness survival kits, the key to success is limiting your materials to the least amount necessary. This provides users with fast, light, yet complete packs, and ensures easy travel without excess baggage.

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  • High integration and low power consumption 15 radio carriers at the Abis sharing an E1 for transmission (15:1) Support various transmission modes and complex topologies, e.g. SDH, E1, microwave, satellite etc. 1-minute fast startup Support GSM900,DCS1800,EGSM and RGSM Support GSM PHASE 1、PHASE 2 and PHASE 2+ Support GPRS and EDGE Support baseband hopping and RF hopping Support FR, HR, EFR and AMR Support A5/1 and A5/2 encryption/decryption

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  • While most of the topics covered here apply to almost any outsourcing situation, this book is written primarily for technology professionals; it specifically caters to those working in small- to medium-size companies or in the technology trenches of large organizations. If startups or small- to medium-size companies are your world, you most likely need outside help either to grow your firm quickly or to get a product off the ground fast, or just to add the short-term or specialist expertise you need at a critical juncture.

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