Gas chromatographic

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  • Phospholipid and triacylglycerol fatty acid compositions from eggs; seventh, eighth and last nymphal stages; and 1, 20- and 40-day-old adult females of the black cricket, Melanogryllus desertus, grown in stock–culture medium under laboratory conditions were analyzed by gas chromatographic methods.

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  • This book is intended for graduate students, researchers, and reservoir engineers who want to understand the mathematical description of the chromatographic mechanisms that are the basis for gas injection processes for enhanced oil recovery. Readers familiar with the calculus of partial derivatives and properties of matrices (including eigenvalues and eigenvectors) should have no trouble following the mathematical development of the material presented.

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  • Gas chromatography has been and it still is, one of the key tools in analytical techniques in many of the advanced research carried out over the globe. This technique has contributed tremendously and was once the main technique in the analysis of specific compounds like volatile compounds, certain pesticides, pharmaceuticals and petroleum products. The advance of this technique has resulted in several tandem instruments with application of other techniques to enhance the results obtained by gas chromatography.

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  • This however brings about models and simulation, which is now applied generally to look into the inter-relationship between the parameters and its resultant effects on the environments (Abdulkareem et al., 2011). In this work, mathematical modelling that can be used to predict the quantity of heat radiation from gas flaring station will be developed. The developed model will be simulated and find interaction between various parameters such as distance, volume of gas flared, flared stack efficiency that influence the rate of heat radiation from gas flaring station.

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  • Acceleration is the piezoelectric device, but they operate at much lower frequency (typically tens or hundreds of Hz instead of hundreds of kHz). Both the AE acceleration sensor is used to sense movement. However, perceived motion accelerometer has a wavelength of the order of tens to hundreds of feet. Therefore, the measure the movement of the structure as a whole and not sensitive to small points disorders. The AE sensor test part of the local structure, and is very sensitive to the disorder....

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  • In relation to the mean increase in the Overall score, Business students had the highest increase (0.41 of a band) and Nursing students the lowest (just 0.23 of a band), but Nursing students had the highest increase in Speaking (0.32 of a band) while for Business students the mean score was actually lower in Test 2 (-0.14 of a band). The Business students had the highest increase in mean score in Listening (0.5 of a band) while the Engineering and IT students had the highest increase in Reading (0.93 of a band) and Writing (0.43 of a band). Given that...

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  • With respect to the sampling of tomato it occurred at the beginning, on the highest peak and at the end of the production stage of tomato. For each sampling unit a zigzag path by the crop was followed, harvesting a tomato every three places along the zig-zag, and then based on a quartering system, obtaining a sample of 1 kg per plot.

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  • Industrialization has become an important factor to the development of a country’s economy, through the establishment of plants and factories. However, the waste or by-products discharged from them are severely disastrous to the environment consists various kind of contaminant which contaminate the surface water, ground water and soil. There are a number of reasons the waste are not safely treated. One of the reasons is mainly due to the lacking of highly efficient and economic treatment technology.

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  • The nature of annuities and their potential to be considered both insurance and in- vestment products complicated attempts during this study to differentiate annuities sold by insurance companies as insurance products from those annuities that qualify solely as investment products that happened to be sold by insurance companies. The SAR narratives reference annuities in the manner portrayed in Table 7.

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  • The traditional way to build software, used by companies big and small, is commonly known as “The Waterfall”. There are many variants, but it typically begins with a detailed planning phase, where the end product is carefully thought through, designed, and documented in great detail. The tasks necessary to execute the design are determined, and the work is planned using tools like Gantt charts and programs like Microsoft Project. The team arrives at an estimate of how long the project will take by adding up detailed estimates of the individual steps involved.

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  • TIÊU CHUẨN VIỆT NAM TCVN 8676 : 2011 THỨC ĂN CHĂN NUÔI – XÁC ĐỊNH DƯ LƯỢNG THUỐC BẢO VỆ THỰC VẬT NHÓM PHOSPHO HỮU CƠ – PHƯƠNG PHÁP SẮC KÍ KHÍ Animal feeding stuffs – Determination of residues of organophosphorus pesticides – Gas chromatographic method TCVN 8676:2011 hoàn toàn tương đương với ISO 14182:1999; TCVN 8676:2011 do Cục Chăn nuôi biên soạn, Bộ Nông nghiệp và Phát triển nông thôn đề nghị, Tổng cục Tiêu chuẩn Đo lường Chất lượng thẩm định, Bộ Khoa học và Công nghệ công bố.

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  • Food purchasing is an important expression of food habits. This paper therefore examines the factors associated with a household’s decision to purchase organic food products because such information is not yet available for the study area despite anecdotal evidence of the growing importance of organic products in the country. A randomly chosen sample of 200 consumers in rural and urban areas of the province’s two major regions, the former Ciskei and Transkei homeland areas, were enumerated.

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  • This paper will review the rise of digital cinema, the impact of 4K on the cinema experience, the similarities between digital cinema and home theater design, and the prospects for 4K entertainment in the home based on Sony’s revolutionary VPL-VW1000ES projector. To appreciate the importance of 4K, it helps to understand the venue where 4K first emerged: the cinema. 4K is playing a prominent role in the digital cinema revolution and has helped usher in an impressive range of benefits.

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  • It’s also important for managers of start-up funds to understand the numerous expenses associated with operating a hedge fund. As an example, many funds – like the $20 million fund described above – cannot afford a non-bundled third-party vendor’s order management system (OMS), risk management product, aggregation service, trade allocation module and attribution tools. Once a fund understands its expenses, it can determine exactly the asset level and performance combination necessary to cover those expenses and have an adequate profit.

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  • Ionic methods of separation have been used since the industrial revolution in Europe to reduce hardness of water. In the mid-nineteenth century, British researchers treated various clays with ammonium sulfate or carbonate in solution to release calcium. In the early twentieth century, zeolite columns were used to remove interfering calcium and magnesium ions from solutions to permit determination of sulfate. Ionic separation procedures were used in the Manhattan project to purify and concentrate radioactive materials needed to make atom bombs.

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  • Coast this complex with numerous sheltered embayments, islands and estuaries have increased the formation the extensive wetlands especially in Saginaw Bay, St Marys River, and east of Georgian Bay. This complexity, coupled with diverse geological clock, making the most of wetlands diversity on the Great Lakes (Smith et al. 1991). The coastal wetlands are used as spawning, nursery areas and nurtured by a series of arbitrary force and wetland dependent.

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  •  Matched against a wide range of spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques, the techniques of electroanalytical chemistry find an important role for several reasons: – Electroanalytical methods are often specific for a particular oxidation state of an element – Electrochemical instrumentation is relatively inexpensive and can be miniaturized – Electroanalytical methods provide information about activities (rather than concentration)

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  • Like other parts of the economy, the challenge for the public service is to find new ways of working smarter. The business of modern government is increasingly complex and continually challenging. In such a dynamic environment the public sector needs high quality performance information so that it can be responsive to citizens in a rapidly changing world. This framework is a commitment to that end. Our organisations are committed to high quality performance information and to supporting the public sector in improving performance information and performance management. ...

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  • It’s not about keeping our kids safe at school. That wasn’t even mentioned in the president’s speech. They only care about their decades-old gun control agenda — ban every gun they can, tax every gun sold and register every gun owner. This president has taken the art of public deception and manipulation to a whole new level. Consider his proposal for so-called “universal background checks.” At first glance, it sounds like a reasonable, good idea. But there’s nothing “universal” about it. Think about it.

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  • However, it is far from clear that this satisfies Dewey’s further requirement that doing and undergoing be joined in perception: very often, the action of scratching my scalp or toying with my ring is one of which I am hardly conscious. In addition, as we have already noted, it seems that a certain quality of attention is required in order to give experience a sense of consummation or closure, and that this may be absent in some or most of my examples even when I am aware of what is happening: I do not have an expectation about the...

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