Generating image descriptions

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  • This paper introduces a novel generation system that composes humanlike descriptions of images from computer vision detections. By leveraging syntactically informed word co-occurrence statistics, the generator filters and constrains the noisy detections output from a vision system to generate syntactic trees that detail what the computer vision system sees. Results show that the generation system outperforms state-of-the-art systems, automatically generating some of the most natural image descriptions to date. ...

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  • This paper presents a novel approach to automatic captioning of geo-tagged images by summarizing multiple webdocuments that contain information related to an image’s location. The summarizer is biased by dependency pattern models towards sentences which contain features typically provided for different scene types such as those of churches, bridges, etc. Our results show that summaries biased by dependency pattern models lead to significantly higher ROUGE scores than both n-gram language models reported in previous work and also Wikipedia baseline summaries. ...

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  • We present a holistic data-driven approach to image description generation, exploiting the vast amount of (noisy) parallel image data and associated natural language descriptions available on the web. More specifically, given a query image, we retrieve existing human-composed phrases used to describe visually similar images, then selectively combine those phrases to generate a novel description for the query image.

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  • In recent years, various multimedia services have become available and the demand for high- quality visual information is growing rapidly. Digital image and video data are considered as valuable assets in the modern era. Like many other recent developments, image and video coding techniques have been advanced significantly during the last decade. Several international activities have been carried out to develop image and video coding standards, such as MPEG and H.264/AVC, to provide high visual quality while reducing storage and transmission requirements....

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  • In this paper, we review the theoretical and experimental aspects of coherent diffractive imaging using a focused narrow-bandwidth table-top high harmonic source. The review begins with an outline of generation and characterization of the high harmonic source. Theoretical description of coherent diffractive imaging technique is then summarized. The review concludes with our recent results in imaging using a single harmonic beam selected by employing XUV focusing mirrors.

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