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  • We prove that any genus-2 Lefschetz fibration without reducible fibers and with “transitive monodromy” is holomorphic. The latter condition comprises all cases where the number of singular fibers µ ∈ 10N is not congruent to 0 modulo 40. This proves a conjecture of the authors in [SiTi1]. An auxiliary statement of independent interest is the holomorphicity of symplectic surfaces in S 2 -bundles over S 2 , of relative degree ≤ 7 over the base, and of symplectic surfaces in CP2 of degree ≤ 17. ...

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  • Annals of Mathematics By Curtis T. McMullen* .Annals of Mathematics, 165 (2007), 397–456 Dynamics of SL2(R) over moduli space in genus two By Curtis T. McMullen* Abstract This paper classifies orbit closures and invariant measures for the natural action of SL2 (R) on ΩM2 , the bundle of holomorphic 1-forms over the moduli space of Riemann surfaces of genus two. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Dynamics and Lie groups 3. Riemann surfaces and holomorphic 1-forms 4. Abelian varieties with real multiplication 5. Recognizing eigenforms 6. Algebraic sums of 1-forms 7.

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  • Five species of the genus Iotonchus (Cobb, 1916) Altherr, 1950, viz. Iotonchus arcuatus, I. candelabri, I. paracutus, I. pusillus and I. singaporensis, were recorded for the first time in Vietnam. All newly recorded species were also redescribed and illustrated, these species are recorded from Cat Ba and Bidoup-Nui Ba National Parks. In addition, the current status of two species, I. helicus and I. thui, which were originally discovered in Vietnam was discussed. An updated key to all extant species from Vietnam is also provided.

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  • The taxonomic status of the cicada genus Macrosemia from Vietnam was reviewed. One new species of cicada Macrosemia lamdongensis sp. n. from Lam Dong province in Tay Nguyen area, Vietnam, is described. Two Macrosemia species, M. assamensis (Distant, 1905) and M. divergens (Distant, 1917), are removed from the Vietnam cicada fauna. Information on the distribution of all known species is given.

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  • A new cyclopoid species, Halicyclops songsonensis Tran, Le & Ho, sp. n., from the Son River, Quang Binh Province, Central Vietnam is described. The new species is distinguished from its other congeners by having the spine formula of 3:4:4:3 on P1-P4, lateral angular protuberances on the genital double-somite, a serrate hyaline frill of pre-anal somite slightly larger on dorsal part than that on lateral and ventral parts, relatively long caudal rami, spiniform seta of proximalmost seta on P2-P3 Enp3 and showing the round/oval integumental windows on cephalothorax and two next prosomites.

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  • Two new marine nematode species of the family Chromadoridae collected from coastal zone of North Vietnam sea were described and illustrated are Ptycholaimellus brevisetosus sp. n. and Ptycholaimellus areniculus sp. n.. The new species P. brevisetosus sp. n. resembles to P. pandispiculatus (Hopper, 1961) but differs from it by the longer body, absence of somatic and cervical setae, more wide labial region, longer cephalic setae and longer spicules, and P. areniculus sp. n. resembles to P.

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  • This paper is the first in a series where we describe the space of all embedded minimal surfaces of fixed genus in a fixed (but arbitrary) closed Riemannian 3-manifold. The key for understanding such surfaces is to understand the local structure in a ball and in particular the structure of an embedded minimal disk in a ball in R3 (with the flat metric). This study is undertaken here and completed in [CM6]. These local results are then applied in [CM7] where we describe the general structure of fixed genus surfaces in 3-manifolds. There are two local models for...

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học Journal of Biology đề tài: Selection of allozyme genotypes of two species of marine gastropods (genus Littorina) in experiments of environmental stress by nonionic detergent and crude oil-surfactant mixtures

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  • Worldwide, one in five women has a child by the age of 18. In the poorest regions of the world, this rises to over one in three women. Adolescent pregnancies are more likely to occur among poor, less educated and rural populations. WHO’s recommendations for reducing early pregnancy are informed by two graded systematic reviews, three ungraded studies, as well as the conclusions of an expert panel.

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  • The Upper Jurassic deposits of Milne Land lie in a key area for Jurassic Boreal ammonite stratigraphy. Early collections brought back to Copenhagen by Rosenkrantz (1929) and Aldinger (1935) were described in two classical monographs by Spath (1935, 1936), and all these works continue to form the basis for subsequent stratigraphical and palaeontological revisions. Since then extensive field work and collecting have yielded important new material and much more detailed stratigraphical information (Callomon, 1961; Hikansson et al., 1971; Birkelund et al.

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  • The structure of the O-polysaccharide of the lipopolysaccharide from a diarrheal strain isolated in Bangladesh was studied with sugar, and methylation analysis, NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and partial acid hydrolysis. The strain was first designated as Hafnia alvei, but later found to be a possible new species in the genus Escherichia. Two different polysaccharides were detected, a major and a minor one. The structure of the major polysaccharide is given below, while the structure of the minor one was not investigated. ...

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  • Arisaema omkoiense Gusman and A. ramulosum Anderw. have been described as new record for Flora of Vietnam. Among them, Arisaema omkoiense was found in Chieng Mai (Thailand) recently by Gusman, now recorded in Centre Vietnam (Quang Tri and Kontum prov.). The other one, A. ramulosum Anderw. an endemic of Indonesia for longtime, has been found in Northern Vietnam (Cao Bang and Bac Can prov.).

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  • Two new species of the genus Thismia (Thismiaceae) – T. annamensis (Sect. Euthismia Schltr., Subsect. Odoardoa Schltr.) and T. tentaculata (Sect. Euthismia Schltr., Subsect. Brunonithismia Jonker) are described and illustrated as new species for science. Both plants were discovered recently in lowland areas of central Vietnam and represents important addition to the flora of this country.

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  • Swans are among the most beautiful of North American waterfowl and have always enjoyed the admiration and even the protection of bird lovers. Of the six species in the swan genus, only two are native to North America. The trumpeter swan, the largest

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  • Macadamia trees (often called the tree people Mac-ca) is one of the crops of high economic value. Macadamia is the common name for nine species of the genus Macadamia, open cross Affairs (Proteaceae) in which two species have commercial value as M. integrifolia Maiden & Betche and M.tetraphylla. L. Johnson. Both species were grown in the eastern coastal regions - South and South East Queensland - Northern New Wales of Australia.

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  • The diversity of bird species is of special importance as it can create responsive and adaptive behaviours among the whole animal population in wild environment. For this reason, the frequent making of inventory lists of bird species helps assess and evaluate the current status of forest resources in natural conservation areas which are inherently under human pressures in our country. During the two years (2009 - 2010) of the study conducted in Huu Lien Nature Reserve in Lang Son province, records have been made of 168 bird species belonging to 117 genus, 54 families, 17 orders.

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  • We study the integral points on surfaces by means of a new method, relying on the Schmidt Subspace Theorem. This method was recently introduced in [CZ] for the case of curves, leading to a new proof of Siegel’s celebrated theorem that any affine algebraic curve defined over a number field has only finitely many S-integral points, unless it has genus zero and not more than two points at infinity. Here, under certain conditions involving the intersection matrix of the divisors at infinity, we shall conclude that the integral points on a surface all lie on a curve. We shall...

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  • The word genre comes from the French meaning type or category. Its roots are in the Latin word genus, a word which is now used to describe classification in biology. Using the concept of genre in relation to the moving image serves much the same purpose. Approaching films in relation to genre inevitably means treating individual films not as unique works of art but as members of different categories or groupings. There are two major approaches to film genre: The Descriptive Approach and The Functional Approach. ...

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  • Members of the genus Vibrio cause a number of important infectious syndromes. Classic among them is cholera, a devastating diarrheal disease caused by V. cholerae that has been responsible for seven global pandemics and much suffering over the past two centuries. Epidemic cholera remains a significant public health concern in the developing world today. Other vibrioses caused by other Vibrio species include syndromes of diarrhea, soft tissue infection, or primary sepsis. All Vibrio species are highly motile, facultatively anaerobic, curved gram-negative rods with one or more flagella.

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  • Legionellosis refers to the two clinical syndromes caused by bacteria of the genus Legionella. Pontiac fever is an acute, febrile, self-limited illness that has been serologically linked to Legionella species, whereas Legionnaires' disease is the designation for pneumonia caused by these species. Legionnaires' disease was first recognized in 1976, when an outbreak of pneumonia took place at a hotel in Philadelphia during the American Legion Convention.

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