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  • Đề tài nghiên cứu tổng hợp vật liệu geopolymer từ hỗn hợp bùn đỏ và tro bay. Thủy tinh lỏng được cho vào để tiến hành quá trình đa ngưng tụ. Vật liệu geopolymer chế tạo được đem đi xác định cường độ nén. Thêm nữa, thành phần, các đặc trưng liên kết và hình thái bề mặt cũng được nghiên cứu nhờ nhiễu xạ tia X (XRD), quang phổ kế hồng ngoại (FT-IR) và kính hiển vi điện tử quét (SEM).

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  • Bài báo này giới thiệu kết quả nghiên cứu về quy trình chế tạo của loại vật liệu tổng hợp từ bùn đỏ và tro bay đồng thời nghiên cứu các yếu tố ảnh hưởng đến tính chất của loại vật liệu này trên cơ sở quá trình geopolymer hóa tro bay và bùn đỏ. Kết quả cho thấy loại geopolymer này có các tính chất hoàn toàn phù hợp để làm gạch không nung dùng xây dựng nhà ở vùng Tây Nguyên Việt Nam.

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  • Luận án được nghiên cứu với mục tiêu nhằm xác định được thành phần của bê tông geopolymer có thể sử dụng được trong kết cấu cầu. Xác định được mô hình cơ học của vật liệu bê tông geopolymer dùng để tính toán chịu uốn kết cấu dầm cầu bê tông geopolymer cốt thép. Xác định sự phù hợp của mô hình tính toán với kết quả thí nghiệm ứng xử uốn của dầm bê tông geopolymer có cốt thép.

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  • Bài báo nghiên cứu ảnh hưởng của sợi poly-propylene đến các tính chất của bê tông geopolymer. Sợi poly-propylene với hàm lượng 0.5% - 1.5% theo thể tích và tỷ lệ chiều dài trên đường kính sợi từ 100 đến 500 được sử dụng trong nghiên cứu này. Bê tông geopolymer hoạt hóa từ tro bay đạt cấp độ bền B25.

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  • Luận án được nghiên cứu với mục tiêu nhằm xác định được thành phần của GPC có thể sử dụng được trong kết cấu cầu. Xác định được mô hình cơ học của vật liệu GPC dùng để tính toán chịu uốn kết cấu dầm cầu bê tông geopolymer cốt thép. Xác định sự phù hợp của mô hình tính toán với kết quả thí nghiệm ứng xử uốn của dầm bê tông geopolymer có cốt thép.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'geopolymer green chemistry and sustainable development solutions', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, kĩ thuật viễn thông phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Nghiên cứu ảnh hưởng của thành phần dung dịch hoạt hóa đến bê tông geopolymer bằng cách thay đổi tỷ lệ sodium silicate – sodium hydroxide. Tỷ lệ dung dịch hoạt hóa – tro bay được sử dụng là 0.4, 0.5 và 0.6 theo khối lượng.

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  • Thus, despite the value of these clinical methods, such techniques often result in inconsistent diagnoses, as well as an inability to reliably predict a patient´s response to treatment (Offenbacher et al. 2007). A reason for the limited success in predicting the future course of disease in some individuals is that the clinical phenotype does not reflect the underlying biologic processes that occur at the biofilm-gingival interface (Offenbacher et al. 2007).

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  • Renewable natural resources in the forefront to save the environment and we must do our best to find applications suitable for them. The production process is shown by the method of casting, rolling process including monitoring throughout the process. Innovative testing procedures described in electrochemistry, ultrasonic pulse velocity, fracture toughness in the macro-micro mechanical behavior and more. The coordination between the components, laminas and building parts are checked by different principles....

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  • With respect to the sampling of tomato it occurred at the beginning, on the highest peak and at the end of the production stage of tomato. For each sampling unit a zigzag path by the crop was followed, harvesting a tomato every three places along the zig-zag, and then based on a quartering system, obtaining a sample of 1 kg per plot.

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  • Considering the vital importance of writing skill in ESL studies, it is highly desirable that learners of English in our schools and colleges have the required level of proficiency in this field. However, the glaring truth is that majority of students at High School level in vernacular medium schools through out the country have a very poor proficiency level in writing. This has been studied and recorded by many research scholars from various parts of the country.

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  • The Apple Finder Window reveals content, while leaving a clear visual path, or “breadcrumbs,” back to the original starting point. The ability to clearly see a travelled path through an interface is a vital component for a successful user experience. Designed as a single interface, and not as multiple Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) pages as with a conventional website, the timeline makes it easy for the user to see the path travelled.

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  • Unlike in dry milling, where the entire mash is fermented, in wet milling only the starch is fermented. The starch is then cooked, or liquefied, and an enzyme added to hydrolyze, or segment, the long starch chains. In dry milling, the mash, which still contains all the feed coproducts, is cooked and an enzyme added. In both systems a second enzyme is added to turn the starch into a simple sugar, glucose, in a process called saccharification. Saccharification in a wet mill may take up to 48 hours, though it usually requires less time, depending on the amount of enzyme used.

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  • However, some scientists are working on earthquake precursors and forecasting research and this is a big challenge. Chapter in this book will be devoted to different aspects of the Earthquake Research and analysis, from theoretical advances for practical applications. The first two chapters for statistical analysis. About ten chapters in Part II focus on research precursors of earthquakes and forecasting. Some proposed new methods for early detection, as well as observations of earthquakes through the use of social sensors....

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  • A number of abiotic stresses impose damage to crop and provokes reduction of yield productivity. Amongst several abiotic stresses, water deficit and soil salinity are the most commonly investigated owing to the extent of cultivated area affected by them. Water scarcity and increase competition for water resources involving several sectors of the production segment (agriculture, industry, hydroelectric energy, etc.

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  • A sequential explanatory mixed methods approach was chosen for this study as the intention was to use the qualitative results to ‘assist in explaining and interpreting the findings of a primarily quantitative study’ (Cresswell, 2003, p 215). Scores from a current IELTS Test (Test 2) and an earlier one (Test 1) provided quantitative data for analysis. Interviews were conducted after Test 2 with almost all of the participants. A combination of both quantitative and qualitative approaches such as this is justified by many researchers in human research.

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  • The European Union has developed the draft of a “Working document on sludge” (EU 2000), to promote the use of sewage sludge in agriculture while improving the safety and harmonize quality standards. It proposes limit values for concentrations of heavy metals and organic compounds that should restrict the use of sewage sludge in agriculture if the limits are exceeded and provides suggestions for good practice in treatment and agricultural use.

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  • The second result underlines the interest of a two-factor model rather than a one factor model to represent the stochastic dynamics of interest rates. For example, Balduzzi, Das and Foresi (1998) show the presence of a stochastic central tendency in the dynamics of the short and long term interest rates which explains that the level of the short rate is not the only relevant variable to describe its conditional mean.

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  • The legislation already in place and now being considered adds up to a fundamental reshaping of the EU's financial system. Agreement on banking supervision will put the European financial system on far more secure foundations and act as a springboard for confidence. 2013 will see the implementation of many of the detailed rules of this package.

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  • Due to the growing importance of forest goods and services an increasing amount of information is being collected on the ecological and also on the socio-economic value of goods and services provided by forests. However, much of this information is collected and presented at incompatible scales or it has been classified differently. In order to make comparative ecological or economic analysis possible, standardized frameworks for assessing the importance of forest goods and services are needed.

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