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  • Milk provides nutritional, immunological and developmental components for newborns. Whereas identification of such components has been per-formed by targeting proteins and free oligosaccharides, structural and func-tional analyses of the N-glycome of milk glycoproteins are scarce.

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  • Agglutination of red blood cells (RBCs), including chicken RBCs (cRBCs), has been used extensively to estimate viral titer, to screen glycan-receptor binding preference, and to assess the protective response of vaccines. Although this assay enjoys widespread use, some virus strains do not agglutinate RBCs.

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  • In response to a request from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), and the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Research Council convened a committee to assess the importance and impact of glycoscience, explore the landscape of current research, and identify the challenges that will need to be addressed to enable the field to move forward.

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  • Expression of the tumor suppressor p16 INK4a after stable transfection can restore the susceptibility of epithelial tumor cells to anoikis. This property is linked to increases in the expression and cell-surface presence of the fibronectin receptor. Considering its glycan chains as pivotal signals, we assumed an effect of p16 INK4a on glycosylation.

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  • This book is simple in its design. Glyconutrition is, I believe, one of the health technologies which is already impacting the health world. It has earned four Nobel Prizes in the last eight offered in the field of medicine, which is a powerful testimony in and of itself. However, glyconutrition is already referred to as one of the top ten technologies which will change our world. That is the position of the prestigious M.I.T.

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