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  • Therapists (allied health professionals and psychotherapists alike) are increasingly called upon to do research. Many are drawn to phenomenology; its holistic appreciation of everyday human experience resonates for them. Yet, as novice researcher-practitioners engage the field they are frequently brought up short, baffled by the language and sheer depth of ideas in this strange new world. Soon the novice is faced with bewildering choices.

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  • This book presents an empirical inquiry, rooted in van Manen’s hermeneutic phenomenology, describing the work experiences of Indian call centre agents employed in international facing call centres located in Bangalore and Mumbai. Through a holistic thematic analysis, the study identifi es being professional as the core theme that captures the essence of agents’ lived experience. The notion of professionalism embraced agents’ identity, altering their self-concept and enhancing their self-esteem....

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  • C H A P T E R T H I R T Y - O N E Exegesis, Hermeneutics, and Interpretation Before you on the desk sits an economics text. It may be the most recent article in a journal or a classic book in the discipline. If you are like most readers, your concern as you read is to make sense of what the text says.

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  • Enthusiasm for the ways and ideas of ancient China and India, especially for Buddhism, Taoism, and Yoga, has flourished in the West since Carl Gustav Jung was first drawn to the East in the early decades of the century. Western fascination with the ways of the East has indeed been growing ever since Jesuit missionaries first went to Asia in the sixteenth century, and the love affair with the East, which has been such a remarkable feature of the cultural life of our century, would certainly have occurred without Jung’s help.

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  • When King Richard of England, whom men call the Lion-hearted, was wasting his time at Messina, after his boisterous fashion, in the winter of 1190, he heard of the fame of Abbot Joachim, and sent for that renowned personage, that he might hear from his own lips the words of prophecy and their interpretation. Around the personality of Joachim there has gathered no small amount of _mythus.

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