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  • Nowadays, Information and Communication Systems Technologies are rapidly expanding in order to fulfill the increased needs of our demanding modern Information Society. More and more fundings are invested every year for the development of new, innovative and technologically advanced Information Systems that will be efficient enough to satisfy users’ requirements and be adaptive enough so as to cooperate with the cutting‐edge aspects of IT and mobile technologies.

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  • Alibaba is Laboratory Information System (LIS) designed to help clinics/hospitals easily and effectively manage all laboratory operations. It also provides other added values such as: remote monitoring lab, return test result to patient remotely via LAN, internet, web, SMS …

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  • Alibobo is hospital information system designed to help hospital easily manage all their operation, and have advance function such as: remote manage hospital, online medical record (allow patient access their EMR anywhere, anytime), tracking patient health via SMS, tele-codiagnosis… This is low-cost solution with high quality and easily customized with special requirement from each hospital. This also is total solution, include ability to connect bi/unidirectional with lab instruments (LIS – Laboratory Information System), with imaging instruments......

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  • The first part of this paper will be dedicated to the current developments in the organisation of patient care in hospitals, linked to the importance of a process oriented hospital information system. In the second part the consequences of an implementation process on the hospital structure will be analysed. Finally the basic functionalities necessary for an optimal process oriented hospital information system will be described.

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  • After a successful MEDINFO in 1992, the Swiss Society for Medical Informatics hosts again a major event in medical informatics – the 19 th Medical Informatics Europe Conference, under the generic name of MIE2005. The host city, Geneva, is well known for its commitment in international healthcare, being the residence of several international organisations, including WHO. Geneva is also synonym with other major medical informatics achievements: the DIOGENE hospital information system and Natural Language Processing, both strongly connected to Geneva and its University Hospital...

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  • Infections. During infancy, a number of viruses have been associated with the inception of the asthmatic phenotype. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and parainfluenza virus produce a pattern of symptoms including bronchiolitis that parallel many features of childhood asthma53,54. A number of long-term prospective studies of children admitted to the hospital with documented RSV have shown that approximately 40% will continue to wheeze or have asthma into later childhood53.

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  • Healthcare and healthcare delivery are currently undergoing major changes worldwide as they are increasingly being transformed through the application of technology. Over the past several decades a wide variety of information technologies have been deployed within an ever increasing variety of healthcare settings (ranging from clinical to hospital, community and home settings) in an effort to streamline and modernize healthcare delivery.

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  • Other peculiarities of the sites are that the systems are updated frequently, that advertising is not a source for funding and that the webmasters’ work is unsalaried. Privacy policy is implemented through different guarantees. Publication of personal information is dependent from a personal written agreement, for example, for the member list of AIG. The principles of the Health-On-the-Net-Foundation (HON) are implemented by both websites.

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  • Electrical Design manual for hospitals includes general requirement; raceways, wiring and equipment; receptacle and power requirements; essential and standby electrical power systems; electrical power distribution; lighting; telecommunications systems; information technology rooms requirements; specal medical and alarm systems.



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  • Chapter 8 - The purchase specification: An overall view. After completing this chapter, students will be able to: Give examples of information that should be included on purchase specifications, create a purchase specification, identify factors that influence the information included on purchase specifications,...

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  • In this paper, we outline prototype systems spanning application domains from physiological and activity monitoring the urban and rural hospitals and behavioral works and emphasize ongoing treatment challenges to the patient day to day and that information will be available in centrally. Then any moments the higher authorities can able to verify.

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  • In 2009, local governments owned 78% of all hospital beds, almost 20% of which were in Budapest. Hungary has followed the general European trend of reducing the number of acute hospital beds, both through real reductions and through bed reallocations to different types of services. The capacity for long-term nursing care in both the inpatient and outpatient setting is still considered insufficient and thus unable to meet the needs of the ageing population. In general, the average length of stay and hospital admission rates have decreased since 1990, as have bed occupancy rates. ...

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  • In almost all Western countries, health care is in a state of radical transformation. How can we meet the needs and demands of increasingly empowered ‘consumers’, contain costs, incorporate ‘evidence based’ modes of working, and re-motivate health care professionals—and all at the same time? The health care systems in Western countries are usually compared and contrasted along their axes of difference: nationalized versus fully market-driven; tax-based versus insurance-based financing; ‘gatekeeping’ general practitioners versus self-referral to hospital care....

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  • The purpose of current study is presenting a framework for implementation of wireless networks in hospitals to use in nursing care. In the proposed framework, implementation key aspects that include the purpose, application domains, and the functions of wireless terminals, network technology, mobile devices, user interface and the information structure of the system have described in the logical framework. Because, the framework has presented based on scientific principles and the experiences of other countries, it can be an appropriate framework for future efforts in this field.

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  • Report Basics N OT E You might be asking yourself, “What is an enterprise software system, anyway?” Some popular enterprise software systems include SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and Baan. These systems are used in all types of organizations to run the business more efficiently and effectively. Hospitals use medical information systems to track a patient’s vital data and health care history.

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  • Digital convergence between audiovisual media, high-speed networks and smart devices is a reality. Multimedia informatics is a key enabling technology in this process. It helps make media content more directly manageable by computers, in an age where new information stored on paper, film, magnetic and optical media is reckoned to double every three years. What will be the benefits? Digital convergence presents new opportunities for businesses to unlock new markets, and for public bodies to improve the way they work.

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  • What would you do if a dermatopathology laboratory offered to pay 85% of the cost of an expensive electronic health record system for your practice? What if a patient asked you to accept an invitation to become a Facebook friend? What would you do if you saw a lesion you suspected might be melanoma on the back of a stranger getting dressed two lockers over at the gym? And, what would you do if one of your associates began to exhibit early signs of dementia?

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  • Tuberculosis remains one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in low-resource countries. One contagious patient can infect 10 to 20 contacts in these settings. Delays in diagnosing TB therefore contribute to the spread of the disease and sustain the epidemic. Objectives: The aim of this study was to assess delays in diagnosing tuberculosis and the factors associated with these delays in the public hospitals in Moundou and Ndjamena, Chad.

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  • The presentation of essential data concerning vitamines to succeeding groups of students has become increasingly difficult with the development of research in this field. The literature itself has assumed a bulk that precludes sending the student to original sources except in those instances when they are themselves to become investigators. The demand on the part of the layman for concise information about the new food factors is increasing and worthy of attention.

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  • We register all deaths in Coos County, using the automated OVERS system, and forward the information to the state, as required by administrative rules. Births are now registered by the hospitals directly with the state through the automated system. Three deputy registrars are available to provide birth and death certificates within 24 hours of request, and often can respond immediately to walk-in requests for certificates.

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