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  • Providing high quality services to our customers continues to be one of the top priorities of the Patent and Trademark Office. Having myself been a customer of the Patent and Trademark Office for over 20 years, I am firmly committed to issuing quality patents, registering quality trademarks and providing high quality customer service. Each of our major business areas, which include Patents, Trademarks, and Information Dissemination, has established customer service standards based on input from our customers.

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  • SiteScape Forum is a collaboration tool that allows you to work with others, either through networked computers inside of your company or across the Internet. It is accessed using a web-browser (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator).

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  • HTML is a key part of the Internet. It has a short but extremely vibrant history. In order to understand what HTML5 is about, it’s useful to look at where it came from. The Internet (and the Web in particular) has been changing at a dizzying pace. HTML has been trying to keep up. When HTML was first devised, it comprised a handful of tags, and HTML did little more than determine how a page was laid out. As the Web matured, many features were added. Today’s Internet is still about documents, but it’s also about applications.

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  • All other aspects of Marketing and Innovation remain fairly steady, but businesses continue to have difficulty promoting their businesses effectively to increase sales. Success in the Workforce area slipped this wave, as small businesses feel less successful in training and developing employees (only 58 percent are highly successful compared to 65 percent a year ago). They do moderately well in maximizing employee productivity and rewarding employees. Customer Service is an area where small businesses continue to shine.

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  • Welcome to BlackBerry Development Fundamentals. I hope you enjoy reading this book and keep it on your bookshelf for a long time. After working for Research In Motion (RIM) and helping its customers understand their options for building custom applications for the BlackBerry platform, I knew the time was right for a book like this. Although the world is full of developers who know how to build applications for desktop, server, and even mobile platforms, many people building their first applications for BlackBerry just don’t know where to start.

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  • Therefore, customers play a major part in a bank’ s success or failure. As simple as the logic ‘Keep them happy and survive. Make them unhappy and perish’, may seem, in practical terms this is not as easily achieved. How do banks anticipate customer needs and respond to them? How do they retain old customers while seeking new ones? And that too at a time when their margins are stretched and the very foundations of trust have been shattered? However , very few banks are in a position to keep their customers satisfied on all count. For other struggling banks it...

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  • Chapter 12 - Accounting for foreign currency transactions and hedging foreign exchange risk. In this chapter we’ll look at the actual accounting transactions we record if we do business with companies from other countries. We have to deal with the currency of our foreign customer or supplier, and how that affects our record keeping. We will also learn about hedging our activity in foreign currency transactions. There are many new terms in this chapter that you will need to learn.

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