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  • This chapter presents image acquisition, types, and file I/O. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Image acquisition, image types & file I/O, basics of color images. Inviting you refer.

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  • This worksheet is an introduction on how to handle images in Matlab. When working with images in Matlab, there are many things to keep in mind such as loading an image, using the right format, saving the data as different data types, how to display an image, conversion between different image formats, etc. This worksheet presents some of the commands designed for these operations. Most of these commands require you to have the Image processing tool box installed with Matlab.

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  • The Handbook of Image and Video Processing contains a comprehensive and highly accessible presentation of all essential mathematics, techniques, and algorithms for every type of image and video processing used by scientists and engineers. The timely volume will provide both the novice and the seasoned practitioner with the necessary information and skills to be able to develop algorithms and applications for multimedia, digital imaging, digital video, telecommunications, and World Wide Web industries.

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  • This book provides a practical approach for MR imaging of the focal and diffuse liver lesions based on the state-of-the-art MR imaging sequences, computer-generated drawings, concise figure captions, relevant and systematic (differential) diagnostic information, recent literature references, and patient management possibilities. MR imaging findings are correlated to ultrasound, computed tomography, and pathology when appropriate.

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  • In developed countries, cancer is the second leading cause of death exceeded only by cardiovascular diseases. There are more than 100 types of cancers that can inflict any part of the body. In 2005, 7.6 million people died of cancer, which constitutes 13% of the 58 million deaths worldwide. Approximately, 1.3 million people are diagnosed each year with cancer in the United States, and ~ 1500 of them die every day.

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  • Image registration is an emerging topic in image processing with many applications in medical imaging, picture and movie processing. The classical problem of image registration is concerned with finding an appropriate transformation between two data sets. This fuzzy definition of registration requires a mathematical modeling and in particular a mathematical specification of the terms appropriate transformations and correlation between data sets. Depending on the type of application, typically Euler, rigid, plastic, elastic deformations are considered.

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  • In spite of the massive efforts being made worldwide to understand molecular genetics and epigenetic factors responsible for the initiation and progression of cancer, the statistics on this malignancy have remained enormously negative; the following data testify to this unfortunate human condition. There are more than 100 types of cancers that can inflict any part of the body. In 2005, 7.6 million people died of cancer, which makes up 13% of the 58 million deaths worldwide. Approximately 1.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Recipe 2.19 Replacing Null Values in a Strongly Typed DataSet Problem When a column in a database has a null value, you want the value in the DataSet to be a string indicating that no value is available. Solution Use annotations in the XML schema to control the handling of null values.

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  • This paper presents a novel approach to automatic captioning of geo-tagged images by summarizing multiple webdocuments that contain information related to an image’s location. The summarizer is biased by dependency pattern models towards sentences which contain features typically provided for different scene types such as those of churches, bridges, etc. Our results show that summaries biased by dependency pattern models lead to significantly higher ROUGE scores than both n-gram language models reported in previous work and also Wikipedia baseline summaries. ...

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  • Lecture Digital image processing include the content: Introduction to Image processing and matlab; image acquisition, types, and file I/O; image arithmetic; spatial and frequency domain filter design; mage restoration and blind deconvolution;...

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  • Review PCI Express, SATA II and Silicon image 3132 (SI3132) Introduction PCI Express (Bus Type, Clock Frequency, Peak Bandwidth, Slots per Bus) and SATA II; Silicon image 3132, PCI Express Aggregate Throughpu, Some system PCI express in PC.

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  • The S component is enhanced by histogram equalization while the H component does not change to avoid degradation color balance between the HSI components. Finally the enhanced S and I together with H are converted back to its original color system. The new approach gives Brightness enhancement more than 20% when was applied on different type of images and tested the performance.

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  • In shape feature extraction, the extracted feature vector is magnitude of five types edges (horizontal, vertical, 45, 135 degree and isotropic). Also Hough Transform is used to extract the edge features. Using different types of masks, the feature vector is obtained from the original image. Similarity measurement is performed by Euclidean Distance measure.

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  • In this paper, a method is proposed for recognizing defects in fabric image textures based on two dimensional discrete wavelet transformation techniques. The proposed approach applied to real fabric textures. The proposed algorithm shows good result to detect all types of defects occurred in fabric images. High detection rate and low computational complexity are advantages of this proposed approach.

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  • A high resolution remote imaging system using a vertical take-off and landing helicopter-type unmanned air vehicle has been built and successfully tested. The aircraft is navigated using differential GPS and autonomously tracked a set of waypoints defined on Google map. The vertical take-off and landing-type aircraft is chosen due to its high maneuverability and its capability to flight in condensed area with physical obstacles.

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  • The present panorama of communication features the co-employment of language and other semiotic resources. This paper addresses this fledging field, multimodal discourse analysis, by investigating a genre targeted at children. Specifically, it studies how meanings in comics for children are constructed both verbally and visually. The data for the study is one comic - Little Red Riding Hood, which is presented via colored images and verbal texts in English.

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  • The speed and precision with which objects are moved by hand or hand-tool interaction under image guidance depend on a specific type of visual and spatial sensorimotor learning. Novices have to learn to optimally control what their hands are doing in a real-world environment while looking at an image representation of the scene on a video monitor.

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  • Double gallbladder is a rare biliary anomaly. Perinatal diagnosis of the disorder has been reported in only 6 cases, and in 5 of them the diagnosis was based on ultrasound imaging only.

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  • In Neurofibromatosis type 1, cerebral Unidentified Bright Objects are a well-known benign entity that has been extensively reported in the literature. In our case series, we wish to focus on a further possible location of such lesions, the spinal cord, which we have defined as medullary Unidentified Bright Objects.

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  • Fluorescence microscopy allows an extensive variety of analyzes in structural biology. Until the beginning of the seventeenth century living beings were limited to macroscopic organisms only, and there was no knowledge of the microscopic universe. Epi-fluorescence and Confocal microscopy appears in 1995 by Marvin Minsky with the aim of increasing the contrast and constructing three-dimensional images by the use of an aperture, allowing a great definition.

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