Indigenous practices

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  • There is a change happening in the practice of applied anthropology. A new field of ‘indigenous knowledge’ is emerging which aims to make local voices heard and ensure that development initiatives meet the needs of ordinary people. Indigenous knowledge, an aspect of participatory approaches to devel- opment, offers an alternative to schemes and strategies that are imposed on lesser developed countries by international agencies and state organizations.

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  • Inam-ur-Rahim et al. Pastoralism: Research, Policy and Practice 2011, 1:2 RESEARCH Open Access Indigenous fodder trees can increase grazing accessibility for landless and mobile pastoralists in northern Pakistan Inam-ur-Rahim1*, Daniel Maselli1,2, Henri Rueff3 and Urs Wiesmann3 * Correspondence: inam. rahim@ucentralasia.

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  • There is a need to improve current practices in Asia with regard to selection of cattle for breeding purposes, for both dairy and beef production. For many years, most of the countries in the region have been importing cows, bulls, and semen, largely from the temperate regions of the world, and using them to ‘upgrade’ the genetics of their existing herds of indigenous cattle for producing ability. However, and based on current evaluation of production levels and the productivity of cattle and buffalo, some doubts exist regarding the need and wisdom to continue this practice.

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  • Literature reports comparing Ethiopian Boran with other indigenous Ethiopian cattle breeds indicate better growth performance for Ethiopian Boran (Table 2). Additionally, through improvement in management and selection, performance of Boran has been substantially improved. For example, the improved Boran is heavier at birth averaging 30 kg (DAGRIS 2006) and at Abernossa ranch in Ethiopia the weaning weight was estimated at 158 kg (Banjaw and Haile-Mariam 1994). This variation indicates the potential that can be exploited by within breed selection and improvement in management. ...

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  • Understanding uptake of continuous quality improvement in Indigenous primary health care: lessons from a multi-site case study of the Audit and Best Practice for Chronic Disease project

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Understanding uptake of continuous quality improvement in Indigenous primary health care: lessons from a multi-site case study of the Audit and Best Practice for Chronic Disease project

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  • Security is a broadly used term encompassing the characteristics of authentication, integrity, privacy, non- repudiation, and anti-playback. In the case of our sensor network the security requirements are comprised of authentication, integrity, privacy (or confidentiality) and anti-playback. The recipient of a message needs to be able to be unequivocally assured that the message came from its stated source.

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  • By encouraging these lending practices, usury ceilings may fail to give consumers the protection and benefits that they were intended to provide. That is, usury laws may actually reduce the amount of credit that is available to low income or inexperienced borrowers. Low-priced credit is not useful to those who cannot meet the requirements for obtaining it. Thus, when lenders ration credit by some means other than price, first-time borrowers, small borrowers, low-income and high-risk borrowers are likely to find it more difficult to obtain credit.

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  • Development initiatives in the past have emphasized genetic improvement, usually through the introduction of exotic genes, arguing that improved feed would have no effect on indigenous birds of low genetic potential. There is a growing awareness of the need to balance the rate of genetic improvement with improvement in feed availability, health care and management. There is also an increased recognition of the potential of indigenous breeds and their role in converting locally available feed resources into sustainable production.

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  • Indigenous literature on the topic of Indigenous medicine emphasizes the ties to land, language, and culture. The natural environment shapes the medical expertise and practices employed by each Indigenous group. For example, the Hopi knowledge of medicine for venomous snakebites would likely not be known or practised in the Northwest Territories; similarly, the Hopi might not have developed any medicines for frostbite. Battiste and Henderson articulate the cultural approach to knowledge applied by Indigenous people.

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  • A vast proliferation of information is currently being produced in attempts to improve patient education and access to care in underserved communities. Health educators, providers, and institutions produce materials in various print, audio and video formats, in common and lesser- known languages of immigrants, refugees and ethnic minority communities. Information tailored to African Americans, indigenous tribes, LGBT communities, people with limited literacy, and other distinctive populations is becoming easier to find.

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  • Being a collaborative effort, this dedicated satellite will be owned by all the member countries. The responsibility to launch and manage the satellite can be entrusted to a specific member country having required technical expertise for the cause. In present circumstances, India and China are front runners for this task.

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  • Ducks occupy an important position next to chicken farming in India. They form about 10% of the total poultry population and contribute about 6-7% of total eggs produced in the country. Ducks are mostly concentrated in the Eastern and Southern States of the country mainly coastal region with non-descriptive indigenous stocks, which however are poor layers. Central Duck Breeding Farm under Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India was established in the year 1981 during the 5th Five Year plan with technical collaboration of Government of United Kingdom...

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  • Chapter 11 - Sociology of tourism. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Appreciate inordinate social impact travel experiences make on the individual, family, or group, and society as a whole especially the host society; recognize that a country’s indigenous population may resent the presence of visitors, especially in large numbers; discover that travel patterns change with changing life characteristics and social class;...

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  • How is this similar to the cultural appropriation of Native images and practices by the New Age movement? I will use the example of one practice, “the vision quest,” a ritual found in Lakota culture.... When this ritual is brought into New Age context, its meaning and power are altered. The focus shifts to white people’s needs and vision, which in most New Age venues are about individual growth and prosperity. There is no accountability to a community, particularly any Native community.

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  • The Mother Goddess religion is regarded by many as an indigenous religion of the Việt that is composed of local beliefs as well as imported institutional religions including Indian Buddhism, Chinese Taoism, and Confucianism. It is a syncretic religion including about 70 spirits in its pantheon.

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  • Viewed from above, the city of Mataram appears as a patchwork of green fields, and red and brown rooftops, strategically clustered around gleaming white mosques. Plots of water spinach and wet rice are dotted throughout the city and still feed many of its people, despite the steady encroachment of housing and commercial developments. Horse-drawn carts carry people along dusty laneways, to and from school, work and the neighbourhood markets, and up to the main thoroughfares where mini buses run the length of the city. Mataram is hot and humid, or hot and wet.

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  • The initial reason for writing Complementary and Alternative Medicine: An Evidence- Based Approach was the need to examine research evidence and claims purported by advocates, clinicians, and researchers of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) regarding its effectiveness. Both of us had previous experience with certain of these therapies since we had worked with American Indians who used alternative spiritual- indigenous medical approaches to health-related problems. Joseph Jacobs, a Mohawk, grew up using many of these healing practices.

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  • Within the practice of traditional medicine and healers, Elders are practitioners, often serving as “psychologists, spiritual leaders or counsellors” who are parts of a living, evolving belief system. Amongst Indigenous societies, multiple components are not fixed or static. It would be safe to suggest the concepts are evolving, while the characteristics remain steeped in cultural principles, values and beliefs. The goal of medicine, and the role of the healers and Elders, are to care for the mind, body and spirit of the people. The needs of the people have changed over time.

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  • The objective of medicine is to address people’s unavoidable needs for emotional and physical healing. The discipline has evolved over millennia by drawing on the religious beliefs and social structures of numerous indigenous peoples, by exploit- ing natural products in their environments, and more recently by developing and validating therapeutic and preventive approaches using the scientific method.

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