Infant feeding

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học quốc tế đề tài : Supervision of community peer counsellors for infant feeding in South Africa: an exploratory qualitative study

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành y học dành cho các bạn tham khảo đề tài: Translating global recommendations on HIV and infant feeding to the local context: the development of culturally sensitive counselling tools in the Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về sinh học được đăng trên tạp chí sinh học quốc tế đề tài : HIV and infant feeding counselling: challenges faced by nurse-counsellors in northern Tanzania

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  • Nutritional health section depicts the importance of nutrition beginning from newborn period to late childhood. In addition to breastfeeding of infant, growth and development of child is being mentioned. Also, the role of probiotics use in healthy nutrition is discussed under recent literature, in the context of prevention of autoimmune diseases. Probiotics use is a hot topic and draws lots of attention from different medical disciplines.

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  • Kim Bremer, giám đốc của Infant Feeding thuộc Earth’s Best cho rằng các ông bố, bà mẹ nên cảm ơn ảnh hưởng của những nhân vật như Elmo và hiệu ứng của Sesame Street lên lũ trẻ. “Lũ trẻ biết Elmo bởi vì chúng xem Sesame Street và nhận ra thương hiệu” – Bremer nói. “Chúng tôi có ảnh hưởng quan trọng lên những khán giả nhỏ.”

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  • Kim Bremer, giám đốc của Infant Feeding thuộc Earth’s Best cho rằng các ông bố, bà mẹ nên cảm ơn ảnh hưởng của những nhân vật như Elmo và hiệu ứng của Sesame Street lên lũ trẻ.

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  • At an implementation level there is a shocking lack of consistency and coordination among the donors, UN agencies and governments. Poor coordination has resulted most notably in a lack of clear and accurate guidance being provided on infant feeding options to HIV-positive mothers. In country after country, researchers were told of the widespread stigma and discrimination that HIV-positive pregnant women face, particularly in health care settings.

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  • Ruminant Animals is a first semester course. It is a year one credit unit diploma course available to all students offering Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Extension and Management. It may also be taken by students who wish to know more about Agricultural Extension and Management. The course will consist of sixteen units which consists of Course Guide.

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  • Some female respondents had accessed PMTCT services when pregnant. Among women not on ART, knowledge of PMTCT and where to obtain services was poorer. Women perceived PMTCT counselling on infant feeding, contraception, and dual protection to be inadequate. Many women not receiving ART knew that antiretroviral drugs were available at the clinics they were attending and knew that they did not yet qualify for the drugs. They knew little of the health effects of the therapy, however.

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  • Nutrition is one of those subjects which comes up every day in general practice—or should do—yet in most undergraduate medical schools it is crowded out by the big clinical specialities and high technology procedures. It is for subjects like nutrition that the British Medical Journal’s ABC series is extremely useful. This book was started when Dr Stephen Lock, previous editor of the BMJ asked me to write a series of weekly articles for an imagined general practitioner, in an unfashionable provincial town who had been taught almost no nutrition at medical school.

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  • By asking her RSS reader to subscribe to the URL of an RSS feed, a user instructs the application to begin fetch- ing that URL at regular intervals. When it is retrieved, its XML payload is interpreted as a list of RSS items by the application. Items may be composed of just a head- line, an article summary, or a complete story in HTML; each entry must have a unique ID, and is frequently ac- companied by a permanent URL (“permalink”) to a Web version of that entry.

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  • It should not be given sooner than one hour after feeding. The room should be warm; if possible there should be an open fire. The head and face should first be washed and dried; then the body should be soaped and the infant placed in the tub with its body well supported by the hand of the nurse. The bath should be given quickly, and the body dried rapidly with a soft towel, but with very little r

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  • The aim of the strategy is to improve through optimal feeding, the nutritional status, health, growth and development and thus the survival of infants and young children. The objectives of the strategy are:  To raise awareness of the main problems facing IYCF, identify approaches to their solution and provide a framework for essential interventions.

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  • Flare gas. This is an associated gas obtained during crude oil exploration, largely consisting of methane and higher hydrocarbons. The use of flare gas—which is generally available free of charge as a waste product—ensures a fuel source for on- site power generation and, if required, the engines can also provide a heat supply for surrounding facilities. Consequently this problem gas, instead of flaring it off while causing ecological exposure, can be used economically and practically. Biogas.

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  • The tobacco smoke a smoker inhales is different from the smoke inhaled by those nearby. The major source of passive smoke is from the burning of the cigarette rather than what is exhaled by smokers. Both types of smoke contain thousands of chemicals. The chemicals present in both these types of smoke are similar, but the concentrations of the chemicals are different. Many of the toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke are found in higher concentrations in the tobacco smoke as it leaves the cigarette compared to inhaled smoke; in some cases, the concentrations are far higher.

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  • For some doctors in affluent countries the first question about prevention of coronary heart disease (CHD) nowadays is whether to write a prescription for one of the statins (simvastatin, pravastatin, fluvastatin, atorvastatin, etc) which inhibit an early step of cholesterol biosynthesis in the body (see p 7). Tables are available to show whether the 5- or 10-year risk justifies the cost of long term statin medication, but the relation of diet and CHD is still of primary importance for the majority of people. What we eat is bound up with the aetiology of CHD.

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  • The National Food and Nutrition Commission (NFNC) provided overall direction to the study as well as technical assistance on nutrition issues in developing data collection tools. The following NFNC staff also directly participated in all aspects of the study: Mwate Chintu, national coordinator for the Infant Feeding Program (IFP); Priscilla Likwasi, acting executive director; Ward Siamusante, nutritionist; and Ruth Siyandi, nutritionist (seconded to the program).

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  • Nutrition is one of the most important factors that impact health in all areas of the lifecycle. Pregnant women need adequate food and health care to deliver a healthy baby who has a good birth weight and a fighting chance for survival. In many regions of the world, the infant mortality rate is very high, meaning that many infants will not live to see their first birthday. Breastfeeding is the ideal method of feeding and nurturing infants, because breast milk contains many immunologic agents that protect the infant against bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

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  • Dissociative amnesia could be differentiated according to the degree and timeframe of impairment (global versus selective, anterograde versus retrograde) of autobiographical- episodic memory and the co-existence of deficits in autobiographical-semantic memory and general semantic knowledge. The most frequent types of dissociative amnesias are retrograde, a fact that is in fact captured by the diagnostic criteria of DSM-IV-TR (2000). The latter distinguishes between localized amnesia, selective amnesia, generalized amnesia, continuous amnesia and systematized amnesia. ...

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  • Acupuncture is growing in popularity world-wide. Since it started to be scientifically studied in the 1970’s, acupuncture is conquering position as an efficient and safe therapeutic method. The amount of cumulated scientific evidence is already enough to guarantee a highly detached status for acupuncture among other complementary therapies. In many countries, acupuncture is well integrated into the conventional health system. This scenario would seem to be very favorable and the value of acupuncture would thus seem well consolidated.

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