Intellectual history

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  • The Italian Renaissance introduced Europe to a secular viewpoint and led to artistic and intellectual accomplishments. Intellectual change led to Christian humanism and, finally, the Reformation-a break with the Catholic Church. As the Reformation spread across Europe, different forms of Protestantism emerged.

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  • The best things in my Ufe have come to me by accident and this book results from one such accident: my having the opportunity, out of the blue, to go to work as H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr.'s, research assistant at the Institute for the Medical Humanities in the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Texas, in 1974, on the recommendation of our teacher at the University of Texas at Austin, Irwin C. Lieb. During that summer Tris "lent" me to Chester Bums, who has done important scholarly work over the years on the history of medical ethics....

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  • The Scientific Revolution expanded knowledge of the universe and the human body. It also gave rise to an intellectual movement-the enlightenment. The topics discussed in this chapter are: The scientific revolution, the enlightenment, the impact of enlightenment, the american revolution.

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  • The peace settlements at the end of World War I combined with severe economic problems to produce widespread discontent across Europe. Democratic rule in many states gave way to fascism, authoritarianism, and totalitarianism. The following will be discussed in this chapter: The futile search for stability, the rise of dictatorial regimes, Hitler and Nazi Germany, cultural and intellectual trends.

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  • Patent Medicine Business and Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills, by Robert B. Shaw This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at Title: History of the Comstock Patent Medicine Business and Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills Author: Robert B. Shaw Release Date: September 8, 2004

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  • Tham khảo sách 'history of the comstock patent medicine business and dr. morse's', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • "After us, the deluge!" said Louis XV of France. He died in 1774, and the remaining quarter of the eighteenth century witnessed social changes the most radical, the most widespread which had convulsed civilization since the fall of Rome. "As soon as our peasants seek education," said Catharine II of Russia to one of her ministers, "neither you nor I will retain our places." Catharine, one of the shrewdest women of her day, judged her own people by the more advanced civilization of Western Europe.

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  • “Cohen has produced a broad, engaging, and admirably clear discussion of intangible assets and their valuation. There is useful background here for thinking about diverse areas of the law—in addition to obvious applications in intellectual property, corporate, and securities law, one thinks of, for example, administrative law, where debates about cost-benefit analysis ranging over intangible (and often ephemeral) assets are both ubiquitous and contentious.

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  • C H A P T E R T H R E E Contributions of Medieval Muslim Scholars to the History of Economics and their Impact: A Refutation of the Schumpeterian 1 Great Gap No historical student of the culture of Western Europe can ever reconstruct for himself the intellectual values of the later Middle Ages unless he possesses a vivid awareness of Islam

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  • C H A P T E R T W E N T Y - F I V E The Formalist Revolution of the 1950s Something happened to economics in the decade of the 1950s that is little appreciated by most economists and even by professional historians of economic thought: the subject went through an intellectual revolution as profound in its impact

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  • C H A P T E R T W O Ancient and Medieval Economics When dealing with the economic thought of antiquity, we must give primary attention to the ancient Greeks, whose writings have been preserved and form an integral part of our European intellectual heritage.

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  • An attempt has been made in these pages to trace the evolution of intellectual thought in the progress of astronomical discovery, and, by recognising the different points of view of the different ages, to give due credit even to the ancients. No one can expect, in a history of astronomy of limited size, to find a treatise on “practical” or on “theoretical astronomy,” nor a complete “descriptive astronomy,” and still less a book on “speculative astronomy.

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  • This is an unusual book, combining as it does papers on astrobiology, history of astronomy and sundials, but—after all—Woody Sullivan is an unusual man. In late 2003 I spent two fruitful and enjoyable months in the Astronomy Department at the University of Washington (UW) working on archival material accumulated over the decades by Woody, for a book we will co-author with Jessica Chapman on the early development of Australian astronomy.

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  • Our modern civilization is built up on three great corner-stones, three inestimably valuable heritages from the past. The Græco-Roman civilization gave us our arts and our philosophies, the bases of intellectual power. The Hebrews bequeathed to us the religious idea, which has saved man from despair, has been the potent stimulus to two thousand years of endurance and hope. The Teutons gave us a healthy, sturdy, uncontaminated physique, honest bodies and clean minds, the lack of which had made further progress impossible to the ancient world.

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  • Course objectives theory and practice; should be applicable to all situation from small entrepreneur to large companies, apply following process: prepare – get information – analyse – decide – implement – control - adapt 2. History and background why should a company sell outside its territory? 3. Company stages domestic – export – international – global 1 1 2 3 II- Select a country and a region 1. Trade Agreements Depth of the agreements - key existing agreements and discussion 2.

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  • Discovery, learning, and societal engagement are mutually supportive core missions of the research university. Transfer of knowledge to those in society who can make use of it for the general good contributes to each of these missions. These transfers occur through publications, training and education of students, employment of graduates, conferences, consultations, and collaboration as well as by obtaining rights to inventions and discoveries that qualify for patent protection (intellectual property, or IP) and licensing them to private enterprises.

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  • The excuse for writing another history of the Reformation is the need for putting that movement in its proper relations to the economic and intellectual revolutions of the sixteenth century. The labor of love necessary for the accomplishment of this task has employed most of my leisure for the last six years and has been my companion through vicissitudes of sorrow and of joy. A large part of the pleasure derived from the task has come from association with friends who have generously put their time and thought at my disposal....

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  • C H A P T E R T H I R T Y - E I G H T The History of Ideas and Economics Ideas are intellectualized concepts. Some seem so attractive that they are benchmarks, or “authority-statements.” Different authority-statements develop, intermingle, and mature into comprehensive “authority-systems".

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  • 10 Neoclassical Economics from Triumph to Crisis 10.1. The Neo-Walrasian Approach to General Economic Equilibrium 10.1.1. The conquest of the existence theorem The rise of Nazism led to a diaspora of intellectuals. All the fervour of study and debate which had enlivened Berlin and Vienna in the 1920s ended in the following decade

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  • The Project Gutenberg EBook of Domestic Animals, by Richard L. Allen This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at Title: Domestic Animals history and description of the horse, mule, cattle, sheep, swine, poultry and farm dogs; with directions for their management, breeding, crossing, rearing, feeding, and preparation for a profitable market; also their diseases and remedies.

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