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  • There;ire two versions (A and B) of each File test and the End-of-course test, except the Speaking tests, which are designed foi students to do in paiis. The A and B tests cover exactly the same material, but the questions have been changed and leorganized to allow easy and effective administration of the tests in the cfassroom - it becomes almost impossible tor students to copyansweis.

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  • Perl is a versatile, powerful programming language used in a variety of disciplines, ranging from system administration to web programming to database manipulation. One slogan of Perl is that it makes easy things easy and hard things possible. Intermediate Perl is about making the leap from the easy things to the hard ones.

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  • Primarily Written for those who want to earn the Sun Certified System Administrator (SCSA) certification for Solaris 10, this guide presents full coverage of the official objectives for both the required exams: CX-310-200 and CX-310-202. In spite of the laser sharp focus on the exam objectives, this is not a cram style book. Written in a classroom-based teaching style, this book presents material in a sequential fashion:

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  • (NB) The Linux Kernel, Hardware Management, Linux System Startup, Linux Filesystem, RAID and LVM, File Sharing and Services - NFS, File Sharing and Services - Samba, Recovering a Linux System,... As the main contents of the document "LPI-201: Intermediate Level Administration". Invite you to refer to the lecture content more learning materials and research.

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  • The overall goal of this thesis is to define, measure, estimate and decompose the technical efficiency at bank level (for the main study) and the allocative efficiency at branch level (for the pilot study) of Vietnamese banks during the financial liberalisation period by applying both parametric methods and non-parametric methods (data envelopment analysis, or DEA). The two-stage model DEA method is applied in the thesis for two specific stages of banking business (the production stage and the intermediation stage).

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  • The objective of the thesis is to quantify the influence of factors on the components of management capacity of middle managers in tobacco businesses in Vietnam, based on which Recommendations to further improve the management capacity of middle managers in tobacco businesses in Vietnam in the near future.

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  • Business Vocabulary in Use Elementary is in the same series as Business Vocabulary in Use Intermediate and Advanced. It is designed to help you to learn basis business vocabulary. It also helps you to learn the language of business communication situations, telephone calls, business writing, presentations, and meetings...

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  • • Permanent Assets (those held 1 year) – should be financed with permanent and spontaneous sources of financing. • Temporary Assets (those held • Permanent Financing – intermediate-term loans, long-term debt, preferred stock, common stock • Spontaneous Financing – accounts payable that arise spontaneously in day-to-day operations (trade credit, wages payable, accrued interest and taxes) • Short-term financing – unsecured bank loans, commercial paper, loans secured by A/R or inventory...

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  • Green Infrastructure Neighbourhood Ecosystem Services (GINES) is derived from Tables [D] and [E]. It is an over-arching indicator which assumes a direct relationship between ecosystem health and the availability of regulating and cultural ecosystem services. Its calculation takes into account the fact that landscape artificial intensity reduces the supply of green infrastructure services and, at the same time, increases the number of potential beneficiaries (because of neighbourhood or easier access by transport infrastructures).

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  • The papers in this collection were presented at a conference held in Saskatoon, Canada, on 17-19 October 1996 under the auspices of the College of Law, University of Saskatchewan. There are many people and several institutions to thank for making that conference, and this collection of essays, possible. The organisation of the conference was one of the pleasurable duties I undertook in 1996 as the Law Foundation of Saskatchewan Visiting Professor at the College of Law, University of Saskatchewan.

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  • This book is written for system administrators at all levels. It gives junior SAs insight into the bigger picture of how sites work, their roles in the organizations, and how their careers can progress. Intermediate SAs will learn how to approach more complex problems and how to improve their sites and make their jobs easier and their customers happier.

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  • How do you use Windows PowerShell to navigate the filesystem, manage files and folders, or retrieve a web page? This introduction to the PowerShell language and scripting environment provides more than 400 task-oriented recipes to help you solve all kinds of problems. Intermediate to advanced system administrators will find more than 100 tried-and-tested scripts they can copy and use immediately.

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  • This book is aimed at intermediate to advanced database administrators using or planning to use PostgreSQL. Portions will also interest systems administrators looking to build or monitor a PostgreSQL installation, as well as developers interested in advanced database internals that impact application design.

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  • Mức độ chạy là một hệ thống nhà nước, đại diện bởi chữ số hoặc một lá thư, xác định các dịch vụ và tài nguyên hiện đang có sẵn cho người dùng. Bảng 9-1 cho thấy mức độ chạy tám tìm thấy trong hệ điều hành Solaris. Bảng 9-1 cấp độ hệ điều hành Solaris Run Run Cấp 0 hoặc S 1 2

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  • Trước tiên gỡ bỏ các hai ốc vít Phillips ở mặt sau của đơn vị và chân duy nhất trong các nắp nhựa nhỏ bên ngoài của Keytop bên trái của tấm tẩy trống khe cắm PCI. Lật PHOENIX Commodore và loại bỏ các Phillips vít từ cơ sở. Đơn vị xương trần tàu tháo rời, do đó, bước này là không cần thiết nếu đơn vị chưa được dân cư

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  • Khi bạn tạo một tập tin, bằng cách sử dụng các lệnh cảm ứng, ví dụ, một mục nhập thư mục mới được tạo ra liên kết các tên tập tin bạn đã chỉ định với một inode cụ thể.ằng cách này, tạo ra một tập tin mới tạo ra một liên kết cứng. Trong Hình 2-8, các tập tin được gọi là file1 được liệt kê trong thư mục dir1. Trong dir1, file1 tên là liên kết với inode số 1282.

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  • Xác định gắn các vấn đề cơ bản Thực hiện gắn kết Thực hiện unmounts Truy cập gắn kết, một đĩa CD-ROM, DVD Hạn chế truy cập một đĩa mềm đã gắn, CD-ROM, hoặc truy cập DVD một đĩa mềm, CD-ROM hoặc DVD mà không cần quản lý khối (vold)

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  • Bản đồ quá trình trong Hình 5-1 cho thấy cách mô-đun này ï ¬ ts vào mục tiêu giảng dạy hiện nay. Trong hệ điều hành Solaris, bạn sử dụng quá trình gắn đính kèm cá nhân ï ¬ le hệ thống điểm lắp trên hệ thống phân cấp thư mục. Hành động này làm cho một ï ¬ le hệ thống truy cập vào hệ thống và người sử dụng. bạn sử dụng

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  • Sử dụng lệnh ufsdump để làm một sao lưu gia tăng của hệ thống tập tin / xuất khẩu / home. (Bước 7-9 trong phòng thí nghiệm Level 2) Sử dụng các lệnh tấn để loại bỏ các băng từ ổ đĩa băng. Xem lại tập tin / etc / dumpdates. (Các bước 10-12 trong phòng thí nghiệm Level 2)

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  • An ad hoc wireless network is a special type of wireless network in which a collection of mobile hosts with appropriate interfaces may form a temporary network, without the aid of any established infrastructure or centralized administration. Communication in an ad hoc wireless network is based on multiple hops. Packets are relayed by intermediate hosts between the source and the destination; that is, routes between two hosts may consist of hops through other hosts in the network. Mobility of hosts can cause unpredictable topology changes....

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