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  • What is an Intranet? The Internet is the world’s largest collection of computer networks—and this collective computing power offered by the Internet is indeed a powerful tool. Taking this concept on a smaller level, an intranet is an attempt to harness the resources of a smaller network, to share information, and to have an entry point for gathering and sharing information. Intranets are popular today in businesses and offices of various sizes as an extension from email as a communication tool.

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  • Table of contents: step 1: gather information; step 2: document definition; step 3: publishing paradigm; step 4: template creation; step 5: choosing your tools; step 6: training; step 7: deploying the solution; step 8: maintaining the site.

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  • AS MICROSOFT DEVELOPED Silverlight versions 3 and 4, it enabled developers to create compelling business applications that were distributed and run in the browser with a rich, refreshing, and engaging experience. This technology was a natural addition to the SharePoint developer’s toolbox, as so many companies store business data within intranets and extranets on the Share- Point platform. With the release of SharePoint 2010, Microsoft made it easier to consume and integrate data stored within SharePoint into Silverlight applications with the client object model and a new RESTful service....

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  • Practical SharePoint 2010 Information Architecture is a guide and tool set for planning and documenting the scope, navigational taxonomy, document taxonomy, metadata, page layouts and workflows for a successful SharePoint 2010 project. If you have been tasked with delivering an intranet for collaboration, document management or as a corporate portal, your only chance for success is to get all of these elements right, and then to make sure that you and your stakeholders are all on the same page

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  • About NetStrategy/JMC Intranet strategy consultant specialised in complex, large and/ or global intranets American, based in Europe for 25 years Annual Survey & Reports: Global Intranet Trends, Global Intranet Analysis (100 participants worldwide in 2006, 180 in 2007) Publications Co-author of "L’avantage internet pour l’entreprise", Dunod (1996) Co-author of "L'intranet dans tous ses états" IQ Editeur (2004) "International Intranets" columnist (Intranets: Enterprise Strategies & Solutions") KMWorld & Intranets, California - Online Information, London Rencontre internationale des re...

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  • "Network and system security" provides focused coverage of network and system security technologies. It explores practical solutions to a wide range of network and systems security issues. Chapters are authored by leading experts in the field and address the immediate and long-term challenges in the authors’ respective areas of expertise. Coverage includes building a secure organization, cryptography, system intrusion, UNIX and Linux security, Internet security, intranet security, LAN security; wireless network security, cellular network security, RFID security, and more.

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  • The goal of this course is to provide students with the architectural concepts and the skills necessary to deploy Microsoft® SharePoint™ Portal Server 2001 as a search, intranet dashboard site, and document management solution. This course will provide an overview of each of the major functions provided by SharePoint Portal Server. It will not discuss how to programmatically extend SharePoint Portal Server or how to use SharePoint Portal Server as a development platform.

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