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  • Document presentation of content: Introduction & key points, disease burden & endemicity, risk groups, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, management of strongyloidiasis, literature references, useful websites, queries and feedback from you.

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  • Document introduction of content: Definition, introduction and key points, disease burden and epidemiology, causes of dysphagia, clinical diagnosis, treatment options, references, useful web sites and guidelines.

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  • Housing of course means homes. To most people this is their most treasured possession. It is not just bricks and mortar or a financial investment; it is a vital part of their life. ‘You mould the building and the building moulds you’ as Winston Churchill is said to have put it. Home is crucial to everybody’s daily well-being. As such it is normally treated with pride, and its character and contents are an extension of their per- sonality. The creation of a home is not therefore just an intellectual design exercise detached from the occupant. It should be their design. It is their castle.

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  • The first edition of this text was written in the early 1990s. Since then, the field of clinical research methods has continued to develop rapidly, and this second edition has been extensively updated to reflect these developments. We have also tried to make the whole book more user friendly, both in layout and in content. All chapters now have summaries and boxes highlighting the key points, and we have provided many more illustrative examples. The biggest area of change is in our treatment of qualitative methods.

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  • Virtual Private Networking technology leverages existing infrastructure (the Internet) as a way of building and enhancing existing connectivity in a secure manner. Based on standard Internet secure protocols, VPN implementation enables secure links between special types of network nodes: Check Point Security Gateways. Site to Site VPN ensures secure links between Security Gateways. Remote Access VPN ensures secure links between Security Gateways and remote access clients.

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  • There are several key aspects of GUI design that you need to consider when designing and implementing the GUI for your project. At a high level, they can be broken down into two main areas of focus: 1. Designing the GUI to be usable and friendly from the end user’s perspective. 2. Designing and implementing the GUI to be reliable, and maintainable from the programmer’s perspective. This chapter will focus almost entirely on the first point—ease of use for the end user. We start with a very brief overview of the technical issues you probably want to address in implementing your...

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  • Corporate Finance Demystified offers a comprehensive introduction to corporate finance principles, the time value of money, including present value, amortization schedules, and more. This self-teaching guide comes complete with key points, background information, quizzes at the end of each chapter, and even a final exam.

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  • Document introduction of content: Definition Introduction and key points ,acute hepatitis A, acute hepatitis B, acute hepatitis C, acute hepatitis B, acute hepatitis E, references, useful websites, queries and feedback.

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  • The paper gives an introduction to elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) and how it is used in the implementation of digital signature (ECDSA) and key agreement (ECDH) Algorithms. The paper discusses the implementation of ECC on two finite fields, prime field and binary field.

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  • The order of writing presented here highlights the importance of your results for defining the focus of your article. You should define the focus of your article based on the evidence you have. This way you can set the focus of your article relatively early and avoid unnecessary re-working when writing up the theory and other elements of the text. It is sensible to start writing an article by outlining the subject matter and content by a few bullet points or key words. This phase will act later as an aid in writing the introduction. After outlining the...

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  • Chapter 14 Analysing Point Motion with Geographic Knowledge Discovery Techniques Patrick Laube 1, Ross S. Purves 2, Stephan Imfeld 2 and Robert Weibel 2 1 School of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Auckland, New Zealand 2 Department of Geography, University of Zurich, Switzerland 14.1 Introduction Mobility is key to contemporary life. In a globalised world, people, goods, data and ideas move in increasing volumes at increasing speeds over increasing distances, and more and more leave a digital trail behind them.

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  • Widely recognised as the best starting point for pharmacology study, the internationally best-selling Medical Pharmacology at a Glance is an ideal companion for all students of the health sciences. Key principles are supported by coloured schematic diagrams - invaluable as both an introduction to medical pharmacology, and revision in the run-up to pharmacology exams.

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