Investment Development Path

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  • This article briefly collects and introduces some theoretical aspects of Dunning’s IDP model aiming at providing a theoretical framework for further research on FDI.

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  • A number of barriers stand in the way of mainstream adoption of personal manufacturing technologies that discourage widespread home, school and business use. A chief barrier is the “chicken and egg” paradox, where today’s current consumer and education markets for personal fabrication technologies is too small to attract the attention of companies, discouraging company investment in creating products and services, hence failing to attract more consumers.

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  • Future historians may well look upon the years 1978–80 as a revolutionary turning-point in the world’s social and economic history. In 1978, Deng Xiaoping took the first momentous steps towards the liberalization of a communist-ruled economy in a country that accounted for a fifth of the world’s population. The path that Deng defined was to transform China in two decades from a closed backwater to an open centre of capitalist dynamism with sustained growth rates unparalleled in human history....

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  • The White Paper also explains how, as we work to rebuild our own economy, we must redouble our efforts to enable developing countries to build their own paths to growth through trade and investment, and to help them develop the capacity to do so, especially in Africa. This is the right thing to do both on moral grounds and for Britain’s national interest. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and commitment of Lord Brittan, Trade Adviser to the Prime Minister, who has guided the strategy set out in this White Paper.

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  • Looking ahead, meeting the President’s target will position the United States as a global leader in developing and manufacturing cutting-edge clean energy technologies. It will ensure continued growth in the renewable energy sector, building on the progress made in recent years. And it will spur innovation and investment in our nation’s energy infrastructure, creating American jobs. Creating a market for new technologies will be central to charting a path to a clean energy future – but there is more we need to do.

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  • There are also institutional issues to resolve. A path-dependent technology pattern has developed in the energy field that encourages the current centralized generation model of energy supply. When shifting away the capital investments in technology from centrally planned facilities toward distributed generation, renewable energy technologies and their prospective customers must fight against a tide of perceptions, practices, and market structures designed to facilitate the old central-station ways.

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