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  • Bài giảng Lập trình mạng nâng cao cung cấp cho người học những kiến thức về lập trình. Trong bài giảng này người học có thể tìm hiểu các nội dung chính như: Deployment tool, RMI, J2EE Architecture, Web Application, UDDI,...và nhiều nội dung liên quan khác. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo để nắm bắt các nội dung chi tiết.

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  • The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Understanding the messaging paradigm, concepts and architecture of JMS, JMS messaging models, anatomy of a JMS message, JMS features, JMS providers.

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  • Objectives: understanding the messaging paradigm, concepts and architecture of JMS, messaging models, anatomy of a JMS message, JMS features, JMS providers.

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  • Enterprise Java Bean là các thành phần công nghệ phía máy chủ dùng để đóng gói lớp logic nghiệp vụ (business logic) và hổ trợ mạnh việc thực hiện các giao tác và bảo mật. Enterprise Java Bean cũng có một tích hợp một ngăn xếp cho messaging, scheduling, remote access, web service endpoints (SOAP and REST), dependency injection, component life cycle,..vv. Ngoài ra, Enterprise Java Beans còn kết hợp với các công nghệ khác của Java SE và Java EE như JDBC, JavaMail, JPA, Java Transaction API (JTA), Java Messaging Service (JMS), Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS), Java...

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  • We have built a “production” system and an advanced research prototype. The production system uses the commercial Java Message Service (SonicMQ) and has been used very successfully to build a synchronous collaboration environment applied to distance education. The publish/subscribe mechanism is powerful but this comes at some performance cost and so it is important that it satisfies the reasonably stringent constraints of synchronous collaboration.

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  • Get a concise introduction to Spring, the increasingly popular open source framework for building lightweight enterprise applications on the Java platform. This example-driven book for Java developers delves into the framework's basic features, as well as advanced concepts such as containers. You'll learn how Spring makes Java Messaging Service easier to work with, and how its support for Hibernate helps you work with data persistence and retrieval.

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  • Java and XML Learning Java Java Generics and Collections Head First Java Java in a Nutshell Java Power Tools Java Pocket Guide Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 Java Message Service is more than a complete catalog of O’Reilly books. You’ll also find links to news, events, articles, weblogs, sample chapters, and code examples. is the essential portal for developers interested in open and emerging technologies, including new platforms, programming languages, and operating systems. ...

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  • Avoid being stung by JBoss HornetQ messaging service whether you're an existing user or a newcomer with this agile, fast-paced, example-rich guide Rethink the way you process messages in a stable, powerful and adaptive way, using the JBoss HornetQ messaging system. Learn how to set up and code real-world, high performance message applications.

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  • Integration is currently a hot topic. We live in an increasingly asynchronous world in which we need to interact with a bewildering range of systems, so our software applications need to support a variety of conversation patterns with disparate collaborators. Software that helps developers tackle this complexity is crucial. In the 2000s, Struts, Spring, and Hibernate replaced in-house web MVC, configuration, and persistence code with superior, battle-tested, and well-documented open source code.

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  • Thiết kế kiểu dáng đẹp và mỏng đang thịnh hành, đặc biệt là bởi vì một chiếc điện thoại di động cũng là một tuyên bố phong cách. Có mô hình mới nhất là một biểu tượng trạng thái ở nhiều thị trường! Gọi như tin nhắn SMS (Short Message Service, tin nhắn, hoặc Văn bản phụ thuộc vào một phần của thế giới bạn đến từ),

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  • James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross Preface Link to the Addison-Wesley WWW site for this book Link to overheads for this book Online Forum Discussion About This Book - with Voice! 1. Computer Networks and the Internet 1. What is the Internet? 2. What is a Protocol? 3. The Network Edge 4. The Network Core s Interactive Programs for Tracing Routes in the Internet s Java Applet: Message Switching and Packet Switching 5. Access Networks and Physical Media 6. Delay and Loss in Packet-Switched Networks 7. Protocol Layers and Their Service Models 8. Internet Backbones, NAPs and ISPs 9....

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  • New chapters on Advanced SAX, Advanced DOM, SOAP and data binding, as well as new examples throughout, bring the second edition of Java & XML thoroughly up to date. Except for a concise introduction to XML basics, the book focuses entirely on using XML from Java applications. It's a worthy companion for Java developers working with XML or involved in messaging, web services, or the new peer-to-peer movement

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  • Java Web Services shows you how to use SOAP to perform remote method calls and message passing; how to use WSDL to describe the interface to a web service or understand the interface of someone else's service; and how to use UDDI to advertise (publish) and look up services in each local or global registry. Java Web Services also discusses security issues, interoperability issues, integration with other Java enterprise technologies like EJB; the work being done on the JAXM and JAX-RPC packages, and integration with Microsoft's .NET services....

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  • Computers and people can communicate by using messaging systems to exchange messages over electronic networks. The most ubiquitous messaging system today is email, which facilitates communication among people. While email is an important human-tohuman messaging system, this book is not about email. Instead, this book is concerned with messaging systems that allow different software applications to communicate with each other. These application-to-application messaging systems, when used in business systems, are generically...

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