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  • This article proposes a valid route testing mechanism (VRTM) and integration of VRTM into AODV protocol to make DWAODV which is able to detect and prevent the wormhole attacks. Using Network Simulator (NS2), we evaluate the security effectiveness of DWAODV protocol on random movement network topology at high speed.

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  • Recently, picture fuzzy clustering (FC-PFS) has been introduced as a new computational intelligence tool for various problems in knowledge discovery and pattern recognition. However, an important question that was lacked in the related researches is examination of mathematical properties behind the picture fuzzy clustering algorithm such as the convergence, the boundary or the convergence rate, etc. In this paper, we will prove that FC-PFS converges to at least one local minimum. Analysis on the loss function is also considered.

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  • In 2014, the notion of intuitionistic linguistic labels was first introduced. In this paper, we develop two symbolic computational models for intuitionistic linguistic labels. Various operators are proposed, and their properties are also examined. Then, an application to group decision making using intuitionistic linguistic preference relations is discussed.

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  • This paper focuses on boundary control of distributed parameter systems (also called infinite dimensional systems). More precisely, a passivity based approach for the stabilization of temperature profile inside a well-insulated bar with heat conduction in a one-dimensional system described by parabolic partial differential equations (PDEs) is developed.

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  • In this paper, the authors propose a table plane detection method using information coming from a Microsoft Kinect sensor. The contribution of the paper is three-fold. First, for plane detection step, the dedicated down-sampling algorithms to original point cloud thereby representing it as the organized point cloud structure in are applied to get real-time computation. Second, the acceleration information provided by the Kinect sensor is employed to detect the table plane among all detected planes. Finally, three different measures for the evaluation of the table plane detector are defined.

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  • This paper introduces a complete extended relational database model based on probability theory and fuzzy theory, called FPRDB, for representing and handling vague and uncertain information of objects in real world applications. FPRDB is built by first extending probabilistic triples with fuzzy sets, associating the probability of such fuzzy sets for expressing and computing uncertain degree of imprecise information.

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  • The experiment result for the dialect corpus of Vietnamese shows that the performance of dialectal identification with baseline increases from 58.6% for the case using only MFCC coefficients to 70.8% for the case using MFCC coefficients and the information of fundamental frequency. By combining the formants and their bandwidths with the normalized F0 according to average and standard deviation F0, the best recognition rate is 72.2%.

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  • In this paper, we propose a method based on genetic algorithms for university course timetabling problems with some modifications and apply it to real-world datasets in Hanoi Open University.

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  • This paper focused on investigating the routing techniques in ad hoc networks taking into account the quality of transmission. Thence, we proposed an improved routing algorithm of DSR based on the cross-layer model in combination with the static agent. The objective of the proposed algorithm is to improve the quality of the transmission signal, reduce the blocking probability of the data packets due to the unguaranteed quality of transmission.

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  • In this paper, the author proposed a new method to construct the membership functions (MFs) based on database. The theory of hedge algrebra was used to build the membership functions and GA is applied to optimize them. The experimental results demonstrate the benefits of this method.

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  • Alternative codes, an extension of the notion of ordinary codes, have been first introduced and considered by P. T. Huy et al. in 2004. In this paper, we consider some new subclasses of alternative codes. In particular, characteristic properties and a hierarchy of such codes are established. Also, algorithms to test for these classes of codes are proposed.

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  • The field of packet classification speed enhancement has attracted a significant number of researchers. In this paper, we propose a packet classification algorithm based on the idea of priority trie and multi-way trie. The accuracy and efficiency of the proposed algorithm are both theoretically and experimentally proved.

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  • This algorithm involves some modifications of genetic operators and the employment of memory mechanism to enhance its effectiveness. The proposed approach is implemented to generate test data for Simulink models. The obtained results indicated that IGA outperformed the conventional genetic algorithm in terms of the quality of test sets, and the execution time.

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  • This article describes a process to model the differential motion of a mobile manipulator which is a two-degree-of-freedom robotic arm (pan-tilt) mounted on a wheeled mobile robot (WMR). Next, a new visual servoing is designed for this pan-tilt arm with the purpose of making the image feature of a target converge to the center of the image plane of a camera attached to the arm’s end-effector.

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  • In this paper, we propose the use of the interpolation to ensure the correctness mentioned above. It is interpolation based on the semantic distance weighting of the input semantic values versus the semantic value of the elements appearing in the rule. In the input semantic value vector, for each component we define its distance weight to the semantic value of the corresponding language class that appears in the rule. This distance-weighted value is used to join the output value.

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  • The study will further discuss the novel real-world-semantics-based approach (RWSapproach) to the interpretability of fuzzy systems proposed in [8] to show that the RWS-interpretability of fuzzy systems in this approach is very essential and practical. It is also analyzed that the usual theories as in mathematics and physics are all RWS-interpretable or, roughly speaking, they are able to model their real-world parts, properly.

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  • The simulation results in NS2 show that TAM can successfully detect and prevent to 100% malicious nodes using fake keys and above 99% (the mistaken rate below 1.0%) wormhole nodes under hide mode for all mobility scenarios where there are nodes move with 30m/s maximum speeds and variable tunnel lengths.

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  • This paper presents methods of dividing quantitative attributes into fuzzy domains with multi-granularity representation of data based on hedge algebra approach. According to this approach, more information is expressed from general to specific knowledge by explored association rules. As a result, this method brings a better response than the one using usual single-granularity representation of data. Furthermore, it meets the demand of the authors as the number of exploring rules is higher.

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  • This paper presents an online bearing damage identifying method named ASBDIM based on ANFIS (Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System), Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA) and sparse filtering. This is an online estimating process operated via two phases, offline and online one. In the offline period, by using SSA and sparse filtering, a database signed Off DaB is built whose inputs are features extracted from the measured data stream typed big data, while its outputs are values encoding the surveyed bearing damage statuses.

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  • Codes of bounded words (b-codes, ♦-codes), an extension of the notion of ordinary codes, have been first introduced and considered by P. T. Huy et al. in 2009. In this note, we consider some new subclasses of b-codes. In particular, characteristic properties of such codes are established. Also, relationships between b-codes, alternative codes and their subclasses are considered.

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