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Knowledge and natural

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  • Part 1 book "A handbook of human resource management practice" includes content: Human resource management, human capital management, role of the HR function, the role of the HR practitioner, role of the front-line manager, international HRM, strategic HRM, competency-based HRM, developing and implementing HR strategies, knowledge management, the nature of work, the psychological contract, the employment relationship, characteristics of people, organizational commitment and engagement.

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  • Part of the fascinating Big Ideas series, this book tackles tricky topics and themes in a simple and easy to follow format. Learn about Ecology in this overview guide to the subject, great for novices looking to find out more and experts wishing to refresh their knowledge alike! The Ecology Book brings a fresh and vibrant take on the topic through eye-catching graphics and diagrams to immerse yourself in. Please refer to Ebook The Ecology Book: Big ideas simply explained - Part 1 for more details.

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  • Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs) were successfully synthesized by a green and ecofriendly synthetic method using abundant and naturally available raw materials from rice flour. To the best of our knowledge, there have been no published reports concerning the comparison of the ability to synthesize GQDs and the properties of GQDs produced by these two methods.

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  • Ebook Research Methods: The basics is an accessible, user-friendly introduction to the different aspects of research theory, methods and practice.

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  • The research shows that cyberrisks, by its nature, are insurable as long as insurers garner sufficient knowledge and experience of underwriting. Also, from the analysis of global cyber-insurance market, it is expected a rapid growth of this type of insurance in domestic market for it is proved to be an effective measure in response to the prevalence of cyber-incidents in Vietnam.

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  • Each time GDP growth slows, governments immediately think of ways to push it higher. GDP growth has long been used as the single most important economic indicator of a country’s overall development performance. However, its limitations are rarely addressed in detail. This article re-discusses the economic nature of the GDP indicator and the implications of pursuing GDP-based growth policies look from the side of less-developed countries.

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Geological and geotechnical engineering in the New Millennium: Opportunities for research and technological innovation" provide readers with content including: Chapter 1 - Introduction; Chapter 2 - Updating the 1989 geotechnology report - where do we stand; Chapter 3 - meeting the challenges with new technologies and tools;...

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  • Cohort definition is a bottleneck for conducting clinical research and depends on subjective decisions by domain experts. Data-driven cohort definition is appealing but requires substantial knowledge of terminologies and clinical data models. Criteria2Query is a natural language interface that facilitates human-computer collaboration for cohort definition and execution using clinical databases.

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  • Existing general clinical natural language processing (NLP) systems such as MetaMap and Clinical Text Analysis and Knowledge Extraction System have been successfully applied to information extraction from clinical text. However, end users often have to customize existing systems for their individual tasks, which can require substantial NLP skills.

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  • Ebook Artificial intelligence: Part 2 presents the following content: Symbolic reasoning under uncertainty; statistical reasoning; weak slot and filler structures; strong slot and filler structures; natural language processing;...Please refer to the documentation for more details.

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  • Natural language processing (NLP) plays a vital role in modern medical informatics. It converts narrative text or unstructured data into knowledge by analyzing and extracting concepts. A comprehensive lexical system is the foundation to the success of NLP applications and an essential component at the beginning of the NLP pipeline.

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  • Developing algorithms to extract phenotypes from electronic health records (EHRs) can be challenging and time-consuming. We developed PheMap, a high-throughput phenotyping approach that leverages multiple independent, online resources to streamline the phenotyping process within EHRs.

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  • Ebook Knowledge management: Historical and cross-disciplinary themes – Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 the nature of knowledge, chapter 2 communities of practice, chapter 3 organizational learning and learning organizations, chapter 4 intellectual capital and the knowledge economy, chapter 5 knowledge sharing. Please refer to the documentation for more details.

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  • The rationale for this study is that the social enterprise sector provides an important locale in which to situate research that aims to identify the impact of ICTs on development. Recognising the complex dynamics and range of actors involved in this diverse and emerging area of development practice, this study chooses to focus on the social enterprise sector. It is specifically concerned with mapping the external influences, use and impact of ICT on social enterprises in Cambodia.

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  • The selection of a wound dressing is crucial for successful wound management. Conventional dressings are preferable for the treatment of simple wounds. However, a bioactive wound dressing that supports wound management and accelerates the healing process is required when it comes to treating non-self-healing wounds. 2-deoxy-D-ribose (2dDR) is a small deoxy sugar that naturally occurs in human body.

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  • The flavonoid pigments provide cotton cultivars with various shades of the naturally colored fiber. Despite of the deep knowledge about the flavonoids biosynthesis pathway in cotton, the genetic features underlying its control are not fully understood. Particularly, data on regulatory genes for the proanthocyanidins (PAs) branch are incomplete for the genus Gossypium L.

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  • Principles of marketing: Lecture 16 provide students with knowledge about: business markets and buying behavior; characteristics of business markets; market structure and demand; nature of the buying unit; types of decisions and the decision process;... Please refer to this lesson for details!

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  • Environmental Education (EE) provides students with knowledge of the suitable uses of natural resources, and an awareness of environmental protection; it has, therefore, been integrated into many countries’ action plans. Early childhood education is the first and most important link in national education systems; therefore, integrating EE into early childhood classes is necessary. This article "Play activities ― A necessary element of environmental education for kindergarteners" focuses on using play activities within environmental education for kindergarteners.

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  • Part 1 of book "Speech and Language Processing: An introduction to natural language processing" provide with knowledge about: regular expressions and automata; words and transducers; N-grams; word classes and part-of-speech tagging; hidden markov and maximum entropy models; phonetics; speech synthesis; automatic speech recognition; speech recognition: advanced topics;...

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  • Part 2 of book "Speech and Language Processing: An introduction to natural language processing" provide with knowledge about: statistical parsing; language and complexity; features and unification; representing meaning; computational semantics; lexical semantics; computational lexical semantics; computational discourse; information extraction; question answering and summarization; dialogue and conversational agents;...

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