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  • Environmental Education (EE) provides students with knowledge of the suitable uses of natural resources, and an awareness of environmental protection; it has, therefore, been integrated into many countries’ action plans. Early childhood education is the first and most important link in national education systems; therefore, integrating EE into early childhood classes is necessary. This article "Play activities ― A necessary element of environmental education for kindergarteners" focuses on using play activities within environmental education for kindergarteners.

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  • Part 1 of book "Speech and Language Processing: An introduction to natural language processing" provide with knowledge about: regular expressions and automata; words and transducers; N-grams; word classes and part-of-speech tagging; hidden markov and maximum entropy models; phonetics; speech synthesis; automatic speech recognition; speech recognition: advanced topics;...

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  • Part 2 of book "Speech and Language Processing: An introduction to natural language processing" provide with knowledge about: statistical parsing; language and complexity; features and unification; representing meaning; computational semantics; lexical semantics; computational lexical semantics; computational discourse; information extraction; question answering and summarization; dialogue and conversational agents;...

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  • Part 1 of the document "Speech and language processing: An introduction to natural language processing, computational linguistics, and speech recognition" provide with knowledge about: regular expressions, text normalization, edit distance; N-gram language models; naive bayes and sentiment classification; logistic regression; vector semantics and embeddings; neural networks and neural language models;...

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  • Part 2 of the document "Speech and language processing: An introduction to natural language processing, computational linguistics, and speech recognition" provide with knowledge about: dependency parsing; logical representations of sentence meaning; computational semantics and semantic parsing; information extraction; word senses and WordNet; semantic role labeling; lexicons for sentiment, affect, and connotation;...

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  • Lecture Tourism theory, concepts and models - Chapter 2: What is tourism? By the end of this lecture you should be able to: identify and analyse the force field of tourism knowledge; understand the development of myths about tourism and assess their validity; identify the components of tourism; distinguish between and critique heuristic and technical definitions of tourism;...

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  • Due to the rising trend of healthy living style, organic products, ranging from food, means of transport, and house decoration to cosmetics are now gaining popularity. Vietnam is facing huge opportunities for organics cosmetics due to the country’s richness in herb and natural ingredients.

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  • In this article, the author focuses on the idea of teaching multilevel students how to learn, providing games and activities which she found extremely useful both for the teacher and the students. Using many types of activities makes it possible for the teacher to address not only the multilevel nature of a class but the learning styles of the individual class members.

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  • This paper, combining natural language processing with knowledge representation and reasoning, aimed to implement such a question answering chatbot in pure Vietnamese to help students with their programming related questions.

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  • Lecture Accounting for leases provide students with knowledge about understand the rationale for leasing and the distinction between operating and capital leases. Understand the Income Statement and Balance Sheet differences between operating and capital leases from the lessee’s perspective.

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  • A large number of animal species are susceptible to Leishmania infantum (Kinetoplastida, Trypanosomatidae) in endemic areas, including domestic and wild felids such as tigers (Panthera tigris). Knowledge on the infection of this endangered species is still at its infancy, and therefore this study aims to identify clinical presentation and clinicopathological findings of tigers naturally infected by L. infantum.

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  • Lecture Biomedical Signal Processing and Modeling: Introduction - Nguyen Cong Phuong provide students with knowledge about the nature of biomedical signals; examples of biomedical signals; objectives of biomedical signal analysis; difficulties in biomedical signal analysis;...

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  • This finding suggests that over-promotion of export-oriented agriculture could leave smallholder farmers and disadvantaged populations in a vulnerable situation. Their food security could be enhanced by the conservation of community-based natural resources with respect given to the role of TEK.

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  • The generic nature of OntoDT enables it to support a wide range of other applications, especially in combination with other domain specific ontologies: the construction of data mining workflows, annotation of software and algorithms.

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  • Lecture Discrete Mathematics I - Chapter 1: Logics (Tran Vinh Tan) provide students with knowledge about propositional logic, construct truth table, translating natural sentences, tautology and contradiction, logical equivalences, constructing new logical equivalences,...

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  • The discussions revolve around the economic, social and environmental dimensions of this subject. Of particular interest is water, perhaps one of the most critical resources for human survival. Herein we used exploratory research, with a qualitative nature, to develop a conceptual model that adopts a prescriptive approach to identify ways of assessing, integrating and complementing concepts related to the sustainable management of watersheds.

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  • Lecture Management the new competitive landscape (6e) - Chapter 1: Managing. After completing this section, you will understand knowledge about: the major challenges of managing in the new era; the drivers of competitive advantage for your company; the functions of management and how they are evolving in today’s business environment; the nature of management at different organizational levels; the skills you need to be an effective manager; what to strive for as you manage your career;...

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  • Lecture Human resource management: Green HRM. After completing this section, you will understand knowledge about: preservation of the natural environment; conservation of the natural environment; minimization of environmental pollution; generation of gardens and looking-like natural places; why some scholars see green HRM as a symbolic concept;...

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  • Lecture Organizational behaviour. After completing this section, you will understand knowledge about: definition and meaning, why study ob learning – nature of learning, how learning occurs, learning and OB. Foundations of individual behaviour: personality – meaning and definition, determinants of personality, personality traits, personality and ob. perception – meaning and definition, perceptual process, importance of perception in OB. Motivation – nature and importance, Herzberg’s two factor theory, Maslow’s need hierarchy theory, Alderfer’s erg theory, evaluations;...

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  • Lecture Renewable energy sources. After completing this section, you will understand knowledge about: energy scenario and renewable energy sources: global and Indian situation. Potential of nonconventional energy sources, economics. Solar Radiation: Solar thermal process, heat transfer devices, solar radiation measurement, estimation of average solar radiation. Solar energy storage: stratified storage, well mixed storage, comparison. Hot water system, Practical consideration, solar ponds, Non-convective solar pond, extraction of thermal energy and application of solar ponds.

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