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  • (bq) part 2 book "labor economics" has contents: the wage structure, labor mobility, labor market discrimination, labor unions, incentive pay, unemployment.

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  • The formal establishment of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) at the end of 2015 will ceremonially mark a milestone in the process of economic integration in Southeast Asia. AEC will open new chapter in ASEAN countries when it promotes four main free flows: capital, goods, skilled labor and services.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "contemporary labor economics" has contents: mobility, migration, and efficiency; the economic impact of unions; the economic impact of unions bargaining; labor market discrimination; government and the labor market - legislation and regulation; the distribution of personal earnings,...and other contents.

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  • The article presents the study outcomes on the national workforce and the workforce in the tourism industry in particular. Specifically,the current situations,the existing challenges especially for the workforce in the tourism sector are featured.

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  • The data set we received from CIBC has 304,698 observations. Each observation represents a customer and is described by 407 variables, both categorical and numerical. The variable “index” gives the ID of the customer and the variable “target” describes whether the customer had responded to the previous campaign. There are a lot of missing values. Detailed descriptions on the meaning of each variable were not provided. All of the observations had received the direct promotion.

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  • Decentralization of governmental fiscal responsibility has been a component of much economic reform, providing contradictory evidence of the economic consequences. The case for fiscal decentralization rests on the assumption of heterogeneity of regional preferences or the benefits of competition. When communities have heterogeneous tastes, the government closest to the citizens can deliver a bundle of services that reflects community preferences.

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  • ABC receives nearly all its funding directly from the government via legislative appropriations, and is prohibited by law from airing commercial advertising on domestic television and radio services (although it does have the capacity to earn additional revenue via merchandising). Early in its history, ABC was funded by a license fee, though this was abolished in 1973 when the Labor government argued that the near-universality of television and radio meant that direct public funding was a more equitable method of providing revenue (Inglis 2006). In 2008, ABC received $728.

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  • World Development Indicators 2011, the 15th edition in its current format, aims to provide relevant, high-quality, internationally comparable statistics about development and the quality of people’s lives around the globe. This latest printed volume is one of a group of products; others include an online dataset, accessible at http://data.worldbank. org; the popular Little Data Book series; and DataFinder, a data query and charting application for mobile devices.

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  • As an extremely large number of network equipment are installed by telecom carriers to build a mobile communications network, there is a significant number of NEs that affect communication services because of faults. It is important to monitor network equipments 24 hours a day to ensure the stable provision of high-quality services. Operation And Maintenance (OAM) by the Operation System (OpS) is therefore essential in communication networks nowadays. Hitherto, mobile carriers had to resort to labor-intensive means to maintain the service quality whenever the network was expanded....

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  • Decentralization in command economies that lack mechanisms for horizontal exchange often proves disastrous (Kornai, 1992: 406). Regional governments devolve into autarkies, capital and labor are not mobile, and the decentralized response to central targets requires destabilizing fiscal bailouts. Qian and Roland (1996) argue that fiscal decentralization is one of several factors affecting the hardness of local government’s budget constraint.

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  • Concerns about the size and adequacy of the U.S. scientific, technical, engineering, and mathematics workforce have grown amid fears of a dwindling labor pool and concern that this may erode U.S. leadership in science and technology and could complicate mobilization of appropriate

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  • Vietnam, accounts for 6,34% population (in which 1,1 million are severe disabled, accounts for 21,5% total people with disabilities). Including 29.41% of mobility disability, 16.83% neurons, 13.84% visual, 9.32% auditory, 7.08% language, 6.52% intellectual, and 17% other types of disabilities. Male ratio was higher than female with disabilities caused by the consequences of war, labor accidents, traffic accidents, accidents and injuries. The main types of disability and its causes are presented in Tables 1 and 2:

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  • The role of the state is changing from an omnipresent, omniscient, all-powerful, and all-doing entity that tries to do everything for everyone. The state is trying to be more selective, become more of a facilitator, often an organizer, often a mobilizer and a helper. The state does what it can do effectively and leaves other parts of the civil society, including the private sector, the community or- ganizations, the individuals, and the firms, to do what they can do best.

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  • This paper is based on the analysis of comparative statics for the benchmark year 2001. Our next task is to investigate the time profiles based on the dynamic simulation of the period, say, 2001-2025 by allowing for capital mobility, labor migration, productivity growth, etc., as well as by incorporating the aspect of common currency unit to make implications of the East Asian Community more comprehensive and definite as the economic and monetary union.

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