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  • After months of searching for a new job, you finally have a job offer! Your work is done, right? Not quite. How many f’s do you see in the paragraph below? Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of many years. Three? Try again. Take your time to review the paragraph more closely to see what you missed Do you now see all six f’s? Things aren’t always what they appear to be initially. This holds true for job offers....

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  • According to the focus group study in South Africa mentioned earlier, much of the abuse – and particularly domestic violence – occurred as a result of social disorder, exacerbated by crime, alcohol and drugs. Similar conclusions came from an exercise conducted by seven male community leaders of the Tamaho squatter camp in Katlehong, South Africa (15).

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  • Worldwide, by far the most common reason for not having a formal account— cited by 65 percent of adults without an account—is lack of enough money to use one. This speaks to the fact that having a formal account is not costless in most parts of the world and may be viewed as unnecessary by a person whose income stream is small or irregular. Other common reasons reported for not having an account are that banks or accounts are too expensive (cited by 25 percent of adults without a formal account) and that banks are too far away (cited by 20...

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  • I knew I had to look for new ways to guide my children's education. As a mother as well as an accountant, I have been concerned by the lack of financial education our children receive in school. Many of today's youth have credit cards before they leave high school, yet they have never had a course in money or how to invest it, let alone understand how compound interest works on credit cards. Simply put, without financial literacy and the knowledge of how money works, they are not prepared to face the world that awaits them, a world in which spending is emphasized over savings....

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  • A second problem often observed in developing countries in the credit-investment process is that loans are allocated according to political considerations or ties between bank managers and the corporate sector. This practice is problematic for two reasons: First, even if the central bank can create liquidity and the financial sector as a whole is thus not be constrained by a lack of base money, banks in developing countries are often weakly capitalized. Legal minimum capital-adequacy ratios hence limit the overall amount of loans provided by the financial sector.

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  • The competing reactions reveal diverging views around the possibilities and limits of microfinance, a polarization captured colorfully by Connie Bruck (2006) in The New Yorker. Yet there are also areas of shared vision. Most important, all agree that the demand for reliable financial services is huge. We estimate that roughly 40 to 80 percent of the populations in most developing economies lack access to formal sector banking services (Beck, Demirguc-Kunt and Martinez Peria, 2007; World Bank, 2007).

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  • Millions of people feel uncertain about their lives because of high debt, underearning, lack of financial confidence and more. The Path to Happiness and Wealth gives a new approach to dealing with money troubles that will set people free.

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  • Chapter 1 A National Savings Dilemma. Retirement. Most people who are in it seem to enjoy it and those who are not think about it often. If you ask a working person what separates him or her from retirement, the first thing that comes to mind is money—or rather the lack of it.

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  • make up one`s mind - decide something I haven`t made up my mind about whether or not I will accept the new job. make up (something) - make something by putting things or parts together We made up the new machine by using parts from old machines. A car is made up of many different parts. make up (something/a story/an excuse) - invent a story, think and say something that is not true She made up the story about how she got lost in the mountains. make up (something/money/time) - do or supply something that is lacking, regain/repay something I had to make up the time that...

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  • The Financial Services Authority (FSA) leads the National Strategy for Financial Capability in partnership with Government, the financial services industry and the third sector. The strategy aims to improve the financial capability of the UK population. The results of the FSA’s major financial capability survey1 showed that in 2005, many UK consumers lacked the confidence and capability to make effective decisions about their money.

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  • Based on a SEBI-NCAER survey which found 80 per cent of equity investor households to be first generation investors and majority of equity-owning households having an inadequate diversification of portfolio – only about 5 per cent invested in more than 5 companies, the National Stock Exchange (NSE) concluded that the households lacked “experience of stock market operations”.

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