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  • In many of our discussions with industry leaders, we have emphasised the need to install solar panels on the facades of new housing complexes and offices; we reiterated this more recently in last year’s Christmas letter to our members. We are now happy to announce that there has been a large step forward in this regard. The city of Zurich voted 167 to 0 in favour of renovating building envelopes in an energy-smart manner, rather than simply adhering to outdated building codes. And now an apartment building in Leimbach, on the outskirts of Zurich, is being renovated with a solar...

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  • This book is a large step forward in facilitating that combined knowledge. While introducing UNIX developers to the tools available under Mac OS X at a favorite price point (i.e., free), it also shows Macintosh developers how to adapt to this new environment and make the most of the new tools now available to them. While the transition from UNIX to Mac OS X may seem daunting, this book is a gentle guide, highlighting the development issues found along the way and smoothing the sometimes serpentine path of coding we all travel.

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  • In the past several years, South Africa has taken a number of steps, such as budget-deficit reduction and adoption of a more flexible exchange rate regime, that have helped reduce its vulnerability to adverse external shocks. In addition, the SARB has made considerable strides in reducing the net open forward position (NOFP), which has represented a major source of external vulnerability, has been lowered significantly. The NOFP, however, remains relatively large.

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