Law of unpredictability

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  • Billions of dollars have been wasted on marketing programs that couldn’t possibly work, no matter how clever or brilliant. Or how big the budgets. Many managers assume that a well-designed, well-executed, well-financed marketing program will work. It’s not necessarily so. And you don’t have to look further than IBM, General Motors, and Sears,Roebuck to find examples

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  • Related to “Tax Complexity” is the eighth-ranked small-business problem, “Frequent Changes in Federal Tax Laws and Rules.” This problem moved up seven positions, a significant jump from 15th in 2008. In the last four years, real and anticipated changes to the tax code took center stage through a number of tax changes imbedded in the new Patient Protection Affordability Care Act and the looming sunset of the Bush tax cuts and payroll tax holiday which are set to expire at the end of 2012.

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  • Humankind’s fascination with Mars predates recorded history. The bright planet with the reddish tint is unique among the other celestial objects. Tycho Brahe’s observations of its unpredictable motion were deciphered by Johannes Kepler in the early 17th century as he developed his laws of planetary motion. Galileo trained his telescope on Mars and saw it as a disk in 1610. Later in the 1600s, Christiaan Huygens and Gian Cassini drew the first maps of the Martian surface.

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  • The sexual division of labour is sometimes thought to obey “natural” laws, so that women do jobs that are more appropriate for their bodies and social roles. If so, the division of labour would be good for women’s health. But, if that were true, women would not be found in health care jobs that require them to lift heavy weights (patients) and to work at night. They would not be found in microelectronics plants that expose them to known reproductive hazards (Huel et al.

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