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  • For recently years the research of adaptation of computer education has been an important topic. Although Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems (AEHS) are different disciplines with IMS Learning Design (IMS LD), they have the same goal is to create the best possible environment for a learner to perform his/her learning activities in. How IMS LD addresses many requirements for computer based adaptation and personalized e-Learning is one of the main concerns for researcher in this field.

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  • Learning Object Repositories (LORs) are a core element of the Opening up Education movement around the word. Despite, the wide efforts and investments in this topic, still most of the existing LORs are designed mainly as digital libraries that facilitate discovery and provide open access to educational resources in the form of Learning Objects (LOs). In that way, LORs include limited functionalities of Knowledge Management Systems (KMSs) for organizing and sharing educational communities’ explicit and tacit knowledge around the use of these educational resources.

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  • A qualitative study using the cross-case analysis method investigated the experiences of faculty members as they transitioned from one Learning Management System (LMS) to another. The study has several implications for administrators, researchers, instructional designers, trainers, and educators on how to implement a new instructional technology and to facilitate transitioning efforts.

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  • The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects of instructional strategy (instructor-led vs. learner-led) and grade level (third grade vs. fifth grade) on elementary learners’ music composition performance and attitude with the use of a computer-based music composition software. An experimental learning activity was implemented using 5E learning cycle as a pedagogical framework to facilitate learning. A quasi-experimental design was employed with elementary learners participated in the experiment.

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  • Improving teaching and learning methodologies is not just a wish but rather strife for most educational institutions globally. To attain this, the Adelaide Tambo School of Nursing Science implemented a Technology-enhanced Problem-Based Learning methodology in the programme B Tech Occupational Nursing, in 2006. This is a two-year post-basic nursing program. The students are geographically dispersed and the curriculum design is the typically student-centred outcomes-based education.

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