LED Light Emission

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  • Historic gas street lamps in cities like Berlin, Prague and Warsaw can now be upgraded to energy-saving LED technology, thanks to a solid-state retrofit designed by Berlin-based Braun Schaltgeräte & Service with assistance from LED solutions provider Future Lighting Solutions.

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  • Đèn chỉ thị 7 đoạn: Đèn chỉ thị 7 đoạn gồm 7 diode phát quang (LED: Light Emission Diode) hay 7 chỉ thị tinh thể lỏng (LCD: Liquid Crystal Display). Mỗi bit được thể hiện bằng một đoạn sáng a, hoặc b, hoặc c... đến g. Có hai loại chỉ thị 7 đoạn: - Anot chung - Catot chung

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  • In this paper, we present a review of enhancement and wavelength shift of abnormal upconversion green light emission from erbium ions doped in silica with narrow linewidth in the metallic-coated microsphere cavity. Although the phenomenon of the 537 nm- green light emission is not yet understood, its enhancement of several orders of magnitude seems to be due to the excitation of plasmons. The metallic-coated microsphere cavity has led to the lowest threshold so far observed in microsphere cavity lasers from 0.2 mW to 60 nW.

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  • White light emitting diodes (WLEDs) were made by coating organic and inorganic hybrid composites on blue LED chips. Y3Al5O12:Ce (YAG:Ce) nano powder prepared by lowtemperature Sol-Gel method exhibited a broadband green emission spectrum with the peak at 521 nm.

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  • Optical Transmitters The role of the optical transmitter is to convert an electrical input signal into the corresponding optical signal and then launch it into the optical fiber serving as a communication channel. The major component of optical transmitters is an optical source. Fiber-optic communication systems often use semiconductor optical sources such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and semiconductor lasers because of several inherent advantages offered by them.

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