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  • The rate of application of technological advances to plants and crops in the United States will play a major role in maintaining a sustainable leadership position in agriculture, forestry, and manufacturing. The long-term well-being of the nation clearly depends on near-term support of the research necessary for developing a renewable resource base. The justification for such an intense focus and the priorities for immediate research are contained in this roadmap for plant/crop-based renewable resources....

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  • Similar factors influenced a large majority of schools’ decision to participate in the Direct Loan Program, whereas the factors that led schools to leave the program varied. Four factors—(1) streamlined loan delivery, (2) greater control over loan processes, (3) timely delivery of money to students, and (4) ease of tracking loans over time—were extremely or very important in influencing 70 percent of Direct Loan schools’ decision to participate in the program.

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  • In drawing sessions, I try to direct the students' thoughts to the gesture rather than to the physical presence of the models and their sartorial trappings. It seems the less the model wears, the more the thinking is directed to anatomy, while the more the model wears, the more the thinking goes into drawing the costume. It’s a deadlock that you can only break by shifting mental gears from the “secondary” (details) to the “primary” (motive or driving force behind the pose). Remember, the drawing you are doing in class should be thought of as a refining process for your...

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  • Writing in the 19th century about 16th century Scotland, Carlyle sums up the argument of the present essay about Africa today. We submit that peaceful power sharing, albeit with the ever present threat of the use of force, is preferable to persistent war and wrestling over the dubious spoils of corruption and plunder. Squabbling about loot grows no fruit. If Africa is to survive, as Scotland eventually did after John Knox and others had educated its people, it must reform its methods of power sharing. Proper parliaments are the key to that.

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  • Yes, but the eye of the beholder is notoriously subjective, hopelessly narrow in its capacities for vision. One has only to consult smell or taste, for example, to realize that much more is going on than the eye can see. Science, by extending so greatly human capacities for perception, and by integrating these into theory, teaches us what is objectively there. We realize what is going on in the dark, underground, or over time. Without science, there is no sense of deep time, nor of geological or evolutionary history, and little appreciation of ecology.

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  • If you enjoyed the electronic edition of Pirate Cinema and you want to donate something to say thanks, go to ‹› and find a teacher or librarian you want to support. Then go to Amazon,, or your favorite electronic bookseller and order a copy to the classroom, then email a copy of the receipt (feel free to delete your address and other personal info first!) to ‹› so that Olga can mark that copy as sent.

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  • The third model is constructed by CIBC, following their usual data mining procedure for a direct marketing campaign. The modeller at CIBC trained the model, and then passed on to us the validation result. The supervised learning algorithm of their choice is linear logistic regression. A considerable amount of time is spent on data preparation, including variable selection, variable transformation, and variable imputation. The first step in their modelling procedure is to significantly reduce the number of input variables by performing exploratory analysis on the data.

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  • Through much of the 1980s and into the 1990s, deficits were a dominant topic in Washington economic policy discussions. By 1990, annual deficit forecasts exceeding $300 billion—“as far as the eye can see”—were com- mon, so that year President Bush agreed to abandon his “no new taxes” pledge and meet with Democratic leaders of Congress to fashion deficit- reduction legislation. The tortuous negotiations led to the 1990 tax bill, which phased out exemptions and itemized deductions on high-income taxpayers and raised the highest marginal tax rate from 28 percent to 31 percent.

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  • During this period of monetary uncertainty, well-secured railroad bonds promising to pay principal and interest in gold sold at a premium relative to similar currency bonds. Through 1893, this premium behaved exactly as would be expected, growing during the early 1890s as the Treasury’s gold reserve gradually shrank under pressure of its silver purchases, reaching a peak during 1893 amidst a panic, and then falling quickly to zero after President Cleveland obtained a repeal of the silver purchase legislation.

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  • The Indian authorities, in contrast, have used this instrument for balance of payments support, to raise financing during times when they had difficulty in accessing international capital markets. The members of Israeli and Indian diaspora have found such bonds attractive because of the opportunities such bonds provide for effective risk management. Furthermore, diaspora communities may have a “home bias” toward their country of origin and be willing to purchase diaspora bonds.

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  • Certifying organisations inspect operators annually to ensure they comply with the National Standard. They are also authorised to issue organic produce certificates on behalf of the Australian Government. An AQIS-approved organic certifying organisation must undergo an annual audit of its documented system. AQIS also audits the inspection system of certifying organisations at various organic farms, processors, wholesalers and exporters.

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  • SRH policy finds itself at the nexus of a series of transitions in Tajikistan: from centralized Soviet economy to liberal democracy; from acute humanitarian assistance to longer-term development aid; and from hospital-based, government-controlled health services to a more comprehensive and pluralistic health sector. Poorly covered in national planning documents, support for SRH remains largely donor driven, with a failure to gain government recognition apart from issues related to maternal mortality.

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  • the large, well-organised and informed Somalia diaspora repatriate significant remittances and, to a very considerable extent, Somalis (especially urban communities) subsist on these remittances. remittances have been used to invest in a flourishing private sector in Somalia, including private health care services. However, these investments are not aggregated nor under control of central authorities, are not distributed according to need and so are not strategically focussed, efficient or egalitarian. the status of educational attainment in the country is very low.

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  • To bring more attention to gendered aspects of women’s working conditions and health, the Department of Gender, Women and Health (GWH) organized, together with the Occupational and Environmental Health Programme (OEH) within the Department of Public Health and Environment (PHE), a WHO Symposium, entitled “Gender and Work- related Health Issues: Moving the Agenda Forward” at the Women, Work and Health Conference, held June 2-5, 2002, in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  • Demographic and epidemiological transitions and changes in lifestyle are leading to the emergence of cancer and other chronic diseases as public health problems in India. Cancer pattern in India reveals the predominance of tobacco related cancers, which are amenable to primary prevention. Cancer Registries in different parts of the country reveal that majority of cancer cases present in an advanced stage and makes treatment options prolonged and expensive.

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  • The Child and Adolescent Mental Health Atlas project, like the other ATLAS projects, is a systematic attempt to collect information from countries on existing services and resources. This project is led by the World Health Organization, Geneva, in collaboration with the WHO Regional Offi ces and partner organizat- ions.

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  • In Table 3, we summarize the findings of this section. In each row of the table, we list the source and coverage of the data, the information available — either the market values or the price-earnings ratios — and our estimate of the total market value of all U.S. companies relative to GNP. As we noted earlier, the estimate we believe to be the most reliable is Sloan’s (1936), which implies a total market value of 1.54 times GNP.

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  • Usually you want to compare the performance of different issues and the broad market in terms of % change from open. This way you won’t get caught in the trap of thinking that stocks that have gapped up are stronger than they actually are. In a nutshell, look for issues that are outperforming the broad market by a good margin for longs and ones that are lagging the market for shorts. If the S&P is up 0.75% from the open and a stock you are interested in daytrading long has opened flat and is now up 0.25%...

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  • since acquiring a premier office tower in Dalian, China, we implemented an energy savings program that reduced consumption by 24 percent. Just over a year after acquisition, the property was named national best Managed building in 2010 by the Chinese Ministry of Construction. We also achieved the voluntary iso 9000 & 14001: 2004 certifications for overall property management and environmentally responsible practices.

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