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  • Phototrophic green bacteria, phototrophic purple bacteria, and heliobacteria are three groups of bacteria that use anoxygenic photosynthesis. Anoxygenic phototrophs have photosynthetic pigments called bacteriochlorophylls. Bacteriochlorophyll a and b have maxima wavelength absorption at 775 nm and 790 nm, respectively in ether. Unlike oxygenic phototrophs, anoxygenic photosynthesis only functions using a single photosystem. This restricts them to cyclic electron flow only, and they are therefore unable to produce O2 from the oxidization of H2O.

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  • The absence of coordinated systems for data collection and record-keeping and the maintenance of databases for the livestock sector, including a mechanism for feedback and exchange among the stakeholders for development of livestock-related policies have been identified as a major constraint for many countries in SAP. Such data recording, even on a limited scale, is critical for genetic improvement of livestock.

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  • Because the scope of modern medical knowledge is vast, medical school graduates undergo additional training before entering clinical practice. Those choosing to become specialists take at least three years of residency training. The American Board of Medical Specialties establishes criteria for its member organizations, such as the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG). In turn, ABOG sets high standards for training and performance for those physicians who wish to work in this specialty....

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  • The success of the implementation of a New Policy Proposal will be judged in terms of the benefits delivered – i.e. the measurable improvements resulting from outcomes which are perceived as an advantage by stakeholders. From the moment the first elements of change are introduced into the operations of a department or agency and on-the-ground in the public arena, expectations will be met or not met.

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  • The RRL Pakchong was first established in 1958, and has since served as the National FMD Laboratory in Thailand. Upon the recommendation of the OIE Sub-Commission for FMD Control in South East Asia to develop the Laboratory into the SEAFMD Regional Reference Laboratory, the DLD refurbished laboratory capacity by constructing a BSL-3 Containment Laboratory. The BSL-3 has been designated as the SEAFMD RRL and has received samples from South East Asian countries.

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  • Many developing countries are currently in the process of restructuring their economies towards a more market-oriented production. This process had been initiated inter alia by efforts under the auspices of the World Trade Organization (WTO) to progressively liberalize international markets. More than 100 developing countries are now Members of the WTO. Since its establishment in early 1995, it became evident that progressively subjecting national production to market forces can have both positive and negative effects on Members’ economies, societies and environment.

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  • Amongst the arguments raised against cloning has been concern that reproductive cloning would lessen the respect for individuals because of the feeling that they could easily be replaced. 23 Every form of reproductive technology raises some question of human values, dignity, worth and juridical rights, some linked to the notion that the person should not be used as a mere mechanical instrument, and that every human individual is a non-repeatable being.

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  • Nevertheless, it also seems likely that substantial demand for voluntary GHG emission reductions can exist even where there are regulatory requirements. “Carbon neutrality” has become a goal for many companies seeking to attract customers by providing environmentally friendly products and services. Likewise, growing awareness about climate change has sparked an interest among many individuals to do their part to help solve the problem.

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  • They were, one and all, from the broadest and best to the narrowest and least frequented, very dark. The oil and cotton lamps, though regularly trimmed twice or thrice in the long winter nights, burnt feebly at the best; and at a late hour, when they were unassisted by the lamps and candles in the shops, cast but a narrow track of doubtful light upon the footway, leaving the projecting doors and house-fronts in the deepest gloom. Many of the courts and lanes were left in total darkness; those of the meaner sort, where one glimmering light twinkled for a...

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  • This paper measures the role of quality-adjusted years of schooling in accounting for cross-country output per worker differences. While data on years of schooling are readily available, data on education quality are not. I use the returns to schooling of foreign-educated immigrants in the United States to infer the education quality of their birth country. Immigrants from developed countries earn higher returns than do immigrants from developing countries; I provide evidence that this pattern is likely explained by education quality differences and not selection.

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  • Not all qualified organizations are listed in Publication 78. For example, churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques are not required to apply to the IRS for recognition of exemption in order to be qualified organizations and are frequently not listed. If you have questions, call Customer Account Services at the above number. If you want to learn more about a charity before donating your vehicle, use the resources listed under Assistance Through the Charity, Through State Officials, and Through the IRS at the end of this publication. ...

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  • Studies have found a few exceptions: changes to estate, inheritance and gift taxes have a small effect on the number of tax returns filed in that state, although some of that decline may be due to households filing from a state where they have a second home. A study of New Jersey’s half-millionaire’s tax suggested that households with incomes over $500,000 were no more likely to leave New Jersey after the higher rate was adopted. The only groups with an identifiable response were rich households with heads age 65 and older and ‘super-rich’ households (in the top 0.1 percent), who.

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  • Current ‘envelope’ authorisations will be re-examined to ensure that they are still appropriate and represent BAT. In practice the plant may be over-designed for many of the reactions so that it accommodates the full range of operational conditions. The extra cost of this being offset against the commercial advantage the operator may secure through increased flexibility. If plant usage evolves into a single product then it must be optimised to ensure that it uses BAT to produce that product. Multi-product permits should not be seen as an option for less than adequate operation.

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  • Likewise, there are some significant variances in contractors’ expectations for growth in various market segments this year. For example, contractors in the Southwest and Northwest are more optimistic about the outlook for highway construction this year, with 32 percent of contractors expecting the market to increase in the Southwest, versus 31 percent expecting a decrease while 31 percent of contractors in the Northeast expect an increase and 30 percent a decrease, for a net positive of 1 percent for each region.

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  • Almost all businesses start small. The U.S. Census Bureau’s Statistics of U.S. Businesses (SUSB) shows that over the last 20 years, about 95 percent of new employer firms started with fewer than 20 employees. Along with start-ups come closures. Firms with fewer than 20 employees also account for 95 percent of closures. This illustrates that business turnover is the domain of small businesses. Establishment turnover follows similar patterns.

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  • This report presents evidence of the growing use of laptop computers. Because of their inherent portability, accounting for laptops is difficult, especially during an after-hours survey, but our conservative estimate is that laptops comprise at least 10% of the non-server computers in our sample. We also estimate that laptops outnumbered desktop computers at two sites: one medium and one large office. To the extent that relatively energy-efficient laptops are replacing desktop computers, significant electrical energy is saved. However, more work is...

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  • Moreover, strategies that account for predictable active management skills tilt more heavily toward mutual funds that overweight technology and energy stocks during recessions, and financial and metals stocks during expansions, indicating that business cycle variables are key to timing these industries. Remarkably, predictable skill strategies also choose individual mutual funds within the outperforming industries that, in turn, substantially outperform their industry benchmarks, even though these industry benchmarks do not account for any trading costs or fees.

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  • Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life (WHO definition). In particular, life skills are psychosocial competencies and interpersonal skills that help people make informed decisions, solve problems, think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, build healthy relationships, empathise with others, and cope with managing their lives in a healthy and productive manner.

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  • Mortality from breast cancer is falling in all age groups; in 1999, case- fatality rates were about one-fifth lower than in the mid-1980s. The reasons for this are not certain, but earlier diagnosis through screening and improvements in treatment, particularly greater use of adjuvant therapies, undoubtedly contribute. 3 Five-year survival rates are highest among people aged 50-59 at diagnosis; both younger and older patients have a lower survival rate (Figure 2).

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  • In coordination with the MNCH component of the GHI strategy, prevention of NTDs will also include the promotion of WASH practices in households, the provision of safe water and construction of sanitation facilities. Since lymphatic filariasis (LF) can be prevented through the use of bednets, efforts in this arena can be more tightly integrated with PMI to emphasize bednet distribution in areas with LF, even if malaria is not highly prevalent.

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