Light and photosynthesis

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  • The document Photosynthesis in Advances has contents: Light and photosynthesis; the guiding force of photons; energy conversion in purple bacteria photosynthesis; mechanisms of photoacclimation on photosynthesis level in cyanobacteria; photosynthesis in lichen, light reactions and protective mechanisms; light harvesting and photosynthesis by the canopy; high-CO2 response mechanisms in microalgae; special Topics in photosynthesis; a review polyamines and photosynthesis; transglutaminase is Involved in the remodeling of tobacco thylakoids; primary production in the ocean; the path of carbo...

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  • These research teams study for example the impact and mechanisms of greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric pollutant on climate, ozone depletion and carbon sinks (oceans and inland waters, forests and soil). They do research to understand the mechanisms and assess the impact of global change on the water cycle, water quality and availability, as well as soil functions and quality to provide the bases for management tools for sustainable water systems. Biodiversity and ecosystems are analysed to understand and minimise the negative impacts of human activities.

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  • When planning how to reduce the threat of global warming and how to adapt to it, a very important piece of information is how intense the change will be. That implies estimating the trends of future concentrations of greenhouse gasses, and the potential future changes in temperature, precipitation, storm events and other climatic variables. These predictions are important not only to estimate the magnitude of the changes, but also to determine the uncertainty surrounding them.

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  • We present measures of board structure for the restating and control samples in panel B of Table 5. The two groups of firms have similar board structures. The median board size for restating (control) firms is 7 (8) members. The median proportion of independent directors (PID) is about 71 percent in each sample. About 5 percent of the independent directors hold 5 percent or larger blocks of equity (PID5) in both groups. One striking difference between the two groups is in the incidence of an independent director with financial expertise (IDFE).

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  • Messaging systems based on queuing include products such as Microsoft’s MSMQ [28]and IBM’s MQSeries [29]. The queuing model with their store-and-forward mechanisms come into play where the sender of the message expects someone to handle the message while imposing asynchronous communication and guaranteed delivery constraints. A widely used standard in messaging is the Message Passing Interface Standard (MPI) [21]. MPI is designed for high performance on both massively parallel machines and workstation clusters.

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  • Overall, Cambodia’s rubber export competitiveness remains weaker than that of other countries in the region, except for the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. One of the problems is that despite the application of conventional technology for the management and maintenance of rubber trees and traditional rubber clones, per- hectare rubber yield remains lower than in other countries of the region.

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  • There are potential threats to the sustainability of handwash- ing with soap promotion in Peru, including the upcoming turnover of political and technical officials throughout the country (local officials will change in early 2011 and a new president will be elected later in the year). There is also an ongoing high turnover of teachers and, to a lesser extent, of health staff.

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  • He had called up a quarter of an hour before to say that he had unexpectedly to go to Cannes to meet Lord Seafair and was starting at once, but urgently wanted to see . her before he went. Lord Seafair was the Secretary of State for India and this sudden summons could only mean that Edgar was after all going to be offered the distinguished position upon which he had set his heart. Sir Edgar Swift, K.C.S.I., was in the Indian Civil Service, as her father had been, and he had had a distinguished career. He had been for...

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  • The developments in 2002 started with the Commission’s recommendation for an early warning when it became apparent that Germany and Portugal would deviate significantly from the envisaged consolidation paths and would be close to the 3% of GDP limit for the deficit. When the Commission launched its annual review of public finances in Member States, rumours spread out on 17 January that it was considering an early warning to Germany and Portugal.

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  • On a regional average, in countries that witnessed uprisings or popular movements - there are slight gender differences between men’s and women’s uses of social media during the “Arab spring” according to the survey respondents. While the top two uses of social media were for the purpose of raising awareness and spreading information about the events related to uprisings and revolutions, a slightly larger percentage of men than women used social media for these purposes.

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  • In order to support building engineering physicists in practice, we must develop new centres in universities and new funding mechanisms to support original and applied research into building energy performance. The dissemination of real world building performance information capable of being benchmarked, rather than marketing misinformation will not just inform future low carbon building designs, but also allow for the development of robust national policy.

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  • An important feature in many countries is the role of securitization in the lending and housing prices boom and burst. At the macroeconomic level, the dynamics of the relationship between lending, housing prices and securitization have been largely unexplored although a rising interest has recently emerged with the financial crisis. There is an empirical literature studying the interaction of lending and housing prices both at the international (Hofmann, 2001; Tsatsaronis and Zhu, 2004) and the individual country levels (Gerlach and Peng, 2005; Gimeno and Martínez-Carrascal, 2005).

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  • The Blacksmith Institute’s database contains almost 350 sites contaminated with mercury, putting close to 10 million people at risk from the identified sites. It is the second most prevalent pollutant in the database. The top sources of mercury pollution are artisanal gold processing, mining and ore processing, coal mining, processing and localized air pollution related to coal combustion at poorly controlled sites, and chemical manufacturing, notably for older chlor-alkali plants making chlorine. Artisanal mining of gold ores and processing using mercury is common worldwide.

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  • Extent of knowledge sharing: Related to the above problem is the question of how much knowledge is available to the system during its query optimization process. In particular, the first step in choosing a query evaluation strategy is likely to be identifying which nodes have materialized views that can speed query processing. A simple technique would be to use a centralized catalog of all available views and their locations, analogous to the central directory used by Napster. Yet this model introduces a single point of failure and a potential scalability bottleneck.

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  • Sexual and reproductive health (SRH) was given an international consensus def- inition at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in 1994. At its core is the promotion of healthy, voluntary and safe sexual and reproductive choices for individuals and couples, including decisions on family size and timing of marriage, that are fundamental to human well-being. Sexual- ity and reproduction are vital aspects of personal identity and key to creating fulfilling personal and social relationships within diverse cultural contexts.

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  • This is very convenient and the ready access to the Internet in all first-world countries, coupled with the cost savings from closing bank branches, is driving the deployment and adoption of these services. Purely online transactions, however, lead to increased risk. None of the normal safeguards of real-world transactions are present. Conversely, risk to the criminals is a lot lower (the attacker can be in a completely separate jurisdiction from all the other parties in the transaction) and the retailer sees nothing but a faceless, nameless connection providing card details.

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  • Have students think about where they are likely to see litter in the community. Have them think of ways they could educate other students about the problems associated with litter. Divide students into groups of three or four. Have the groups create an environmental awareness poster to be displayed inside the school. If possible, allow the students to decide where the poster should be hung, so that it is likely to be seen by the most students. Next, give each group a map of the school and the...

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  • Some observations need to be made regarding the FSA findings. The average price of homes in the U.K. from £ 137,273 in Q2 2002 to £179,170 in Q2 2012 reflects a nominal price development. If one corrects these prices on basis of U.K inflation levels over this period, than the conclusion is that over this decade nothing extraordinary has happened: house prices have just kept up with U.K. inflation levels and nothing more than that. Of course the period of 2002-2007 showed rapid value changes, but the correction has taken place over the period 2007-2012. A study based on...

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  • Much social science research on child development has focused on the role played by social class and socioeconomic factors like childhood poverty and family income, low parent education, and the more limited opportunities and negative influences faced by minority children. And indeed, the survey data show that the developmental problems listed above are more common among children from low-income families, families where parents have less than a high school education, and Black and Hispanic families.

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  • Health care providers are well placed to detect, treat, and prevent environmentally-related diseases and health conditions. Few mechanisms and structures are in place to enhance the recognition of environmental influences on human health, serve as repositories and sources of information for those concerned about children’s health and the environment, and promote action towards healthier and safer environments for children of today and adults of the future.

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