Linguistic diversity

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  • The programme provides active support to French departments, language centres and French-language degree programmes, instructor-researchers and student researchers, to develop teaching and research about French and in French, about its partner languages and, lastly, about intercultural communication in development. Its action is based on the work of seven networks of researchers, a didactics collective and vehicles for information and think-tank sharing.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Space in language and cognition" has contents: The intellectual background - Two millennia of Western ideas about spatial thinking, frames of reference, linguistic diversity, diversity in mind - Methods and results from a cross-linguistic sample.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Space in language and cognition" has contents: Beyond language - frames of reference in wayfinding and pointing; language and thought, frames of reference, linguistic diversity,...and other contents.

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  • To date, few attempts have been made to develop and validate methods for automatic evaluation of linguistic quality in text summarization. We present the first systematic assessment of several diverse classes of metrics designed to capture various aspects of well-written text. We train and test linguistic quality models on consecutive years of NIST evaluation data in order to show the generality of results. For grammaticality, the best results come from a set of syntactic features.

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  • Two distinct notions of closure, and relatedly, of unity, might be invoked in aesthetic contexts. The weak notion of closure is that of boundedness: an entity with clear limits separating it from other entities is, in this sense, closed. This sense of closure comes to mind when Dewey mentions, of mere experience, that its elements ‘are neither definitely included nor decisively excluded’ (p. 40).

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  • Presentation of vocabulary is another problematic issue in a book aimed at users from diverse linguistic backgrounds. There can be no two-way glossary at the back of Colloquial English, and instead I must depend on the student's having access to a good learner's dictionary of English

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  • As can be seen in Table 1, the pre-service teachers had diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. 2 Selection of the pre-service teachers, while not designed to be representative, provided a broad student teacher perspective on issues related to teaching ESL writing. The participants represented a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences. Seven were native English speakers. Five were second language speakers of English, with Korean, French and Portuguese as their first language backgrounds.

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  • A fusion of linguistic, religious and ethnic groups with rich, diverse roots and intersecting histories make up South Africa. However, the literature on most of the smaller groups tends to be thin and uneven and often tends to relegate them to the margins of the country’s major narratives. This innovative study introduces readers to a fascinating world of linguistic, religious and cultural politics in the South African port city of Durban from around 1950, the world of the Arabic Study Circle.

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  • Comprehensive sexuality education is effective in improving key youth reproductive health (YRH) behaviors. In a wide range of settings in both developed and developing nations, comprehensive school- based sexuality education has influenced important behaviors such as delaying sexual initiation, reducing the number of sexual partners, and increasing use of condoms among youth who are sexually active. This finding bodes well for Nigeria, a country with considerable linguistic and cultural diversity.

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  • As an area of great linguistic and cultural diversity, Asian language resources have received much less attention than their western counterparts. Creating a common standard for Asian language resources that is compatible with an international standard has at least three strong advantages: to increase the competitive edge of Asian countries, to bring Asian countries to closer to their western counterparts, and to bring more cohesion among Asian countries. To achieve this goal, we have launched a two year project to create a common standard for Asian language resources. ...

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  • One reason for the wide variety of views on many subjects in computational linguistics (such as parsing) is the diversity of objectives which lead people to do research in this area. Some researchers are motivated primarily by potential applications - the development of natural language interfaces for computer systems. Others are primarily concerned with the psychological processes which underlie human language, and view the computer as a tool for modeling and thus improving our understanding of these processes. ...

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