Lipids and detergents

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  • Biology is chemistry on an impressive scale. It is a product of evolution, the outcome of countless random experiments, resulting in the exquisite complexity of the biological world of which we are a part. Setting aside any philosophical considerations, living organisms - including ourselves - are simply nothing more than wet, floppy bags of chemistry: complicated mixtures of molecules interacting in a multitude of ways. All this takes place mainly in ...

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  • We havemade a comprehensive and quantitative analysis of the lipid composition of caveolae from primary rat fat cells and compared the composition of plasma membrane inside and outside caveolae. We isolated caveolae from purified plasmamembranesusingultrasonication incarbonatebuffer to disrupt the membrane, or extraction with nonionic detergent, followed by density gradient ultracentrifugation. The carbonate-isolated caveolae fraction was further immunopurified using caveolin antibodies.

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  • Leukocytes and other cells show an enhanced intensity of mobile lipid in their 1 H NMR spectra under a variety of conditions.Such conditions include stimulation, which has recently been shown to involve detergent-resistant, plasma membranedomains (DRMs)oftencalled lipidrafts.As there ismuchspeculationsurrounding theoriginof cellularNMR-visible lipid, we analysed subcellular fractions, including DRMs, by NMR spectroscopy.

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  • Using the broadest possible definition, a lipid (Greek lipos = fat ) may be defined as a compound of low or intermediate molecular weight (5000), a substantial proportion of which is made up of hydrocarbons. Included are diverse compounds such as fatty acids; soaps; detergents; steroids; mono-, di-, and triacylglycerols; and more complex compounds such as phospholipids, sphingolipids, glycolipids, and lipopolysaccharides.

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