Locality of formal grammars

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  • We apply a complexity theoretic notion of feasible learnability called "polynomial learnabillty" to the evaluation of grammatical formalisms for linguistic description. We show that a novel, nontriviai constraint on the degree of ~locMity" of grammars allows not only context free languages but also a rich d ~ s of mildy context sensitive languages to be polynomiaily learnable. We discuss possible implications, of this result t O the theory of naturai language acquisition.

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  • Taking examples from English and French idioms, this paper shows that not only constituent structures rules but also most syntactic rules (such as topicalization, wh-question, pronominalization ...) are subject to lexical constraints (on top of syntactic, and possibly semantic, ones). We show that such puzzling phenomena are naturally handled in a 'lexJcalized' formalism such as Tree Adjoining Grammar. The extended domain of locality of TAGs also allows one to 'lexicalize' syntactic rules while defining them at the level of constituent structures. ...

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  • This tutorial overviews basic ideas of TAG/ CCG/LFG/HPSG, and provides attendees with a comparison of these formalisms from a linguistic and computational point of view. We start from stating the motivation behind using these expressive grammar formalisms for NLP, contrasting them with shallow formalisms like contextfree grammars.

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  • Scrambling, both local and long-distance, has recently attracted considerable attention among linguists and computational linguists. In this paper, we will explore the adequacy of the Tree Adjoining Grammar (TAG) formalism for dealing with long-distance scrambling I in German. We will show that TAGs cannot capture the full range of constructions derived by scrambling. I[owever, Multi-Component TAGs (MC-TAG), an extension of TAGs introduced earlier [Joshi 1987a, Weir 1988] and utilized for linguistic purposes (e.g.

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