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  • The MICROMASTER 410 inverter is suitable for a variety of variable-speed drive applications. It is especially suitable for use with pumps and fans, as a drive in various sectors, e.g. food, textile and packaging industries as well as for conveyor systems, factory gate and garage door drives and as a universal drive for moving billboards.

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  • Catalogs of the Business Unit “Standard Drives” MICROMASTER 410/420/430/440 Inverters Order No.: German: E86060-K5151-A121-A3 English: E86060-K5151-A121-A3-7600 COMBIMASTER 411/MICROMASTER 411 (in preparation) Order No.: German: E86060-K5151-A131-A1 English: E86060-K5151-A131-A1-7600 MICROMASTER, MICROMASTER Vector MIDIMASTER Vector.

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  • The following Warnings, Cautions and Notes are provided for your safety and as a means of preventing damage to the product or components in the machines connected. This section lists Warnings, Cautions and Notes, which apply generally when handling MICROMASTER 440 Inverters, classified as General, Transport & Storage, Commissioning, Operation, Repair and Dismantling & Disposal. Specific Warnings, Cautions and Notes that apply to particular activities are listed at the beginning of the relevant chapters and are repeated or supplemented at critical points throughout these sections.

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  • Improved manufacturing productivity, over the last 50 years, has occurred in the area of machining through developments in the machining process, in machine tool technology and in manufacturing management. The subject of this book is the machining process itself, but placed in the wider context of manufacturing productivity. It is mainly concerned with how mechanical and materials engineering science can be applied to understand the process better and to support future improvements.

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  • Improved manufacturing productivity, over the last 50 years, has occurred in the area of machining through developments in the machining process, in machine tool technology and in manufacturing management. The subject of this book is the machining process itself, but placed in the wider context of manufacturing productivity. It is mainly concerned with how mechanical and materials engineering science can be applied to understand the process better and to support future improvements.

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  • This book brings together some of the latest research in robot applications, control, modeling, sensors and algorithms. Consisting of three main sections, the first section of the book has a focus on robotic surgery, rehabilitation, self-assembly, while the second section offers an insight into the area of control with discussions on exoskeleton control and robot learning among others. The third section is on vision and ultrasonic sensors which is followed by a series of chapters which include a focus on the programming of intelligent service robots and systems adaptations....

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  • THIS BOOK WAS WRITTEN TO PROVIDE a wide coverage of complex solutions to common needs and desires from SharePoint 2010 implementations along with great reference material for digging in and learning the new platform; an excellent guide and handbook for people in the field. There are plenty of books to ramp up and learn how to do things with SharePoint; however, this book focuses on the main areas of customization and provides more intricate details as well as specific full-scale solutions that people need to implement.

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  • This paper describes recent progress and the author's perspectives of speech recognition technology. Applications of speech recognition technology can be classified into two main areas, dictation and human-computer dialogue systems. In the dictation domain, the automatic broadcast news transcription is now actively investigated, especially under the DARPA project.

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  • This textbook offers a succinct and self-contained introduction into general relativity and its main areas of application: compact objects, gravitational waves and cosmology. It has evolved from lecture courses I have taught at the University of Utrecht since 1990. The book is intended for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students in physics and astrophysics. The past decades have seen spectacular new developments in our knowledge of cosmology, the physics of compact objects and in high precision gravity experiments.

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  • Industrial robots are currently employed in a large number of applications and are available with a wide range of configurations, drive systems, physical sizes and payloads. However, the numbers in service throughout the world are much less than predicted over twenty years ago (Engelberger 1980). This is despite major technological advances in related areas of computing and electronics, and the availability of fast, reliable and low-cost microprocessors and memory. This situation is mainly a result of historical and economic circumstances, rather than technical considerations.

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  • Until recently the applications of modern algebra were mainly confined to other branches of mathematics. However, the importance of modern algebra and dis- crete structures to many areas of science and technology is now growing rapidly. It is being used extensively in computing science, physics, chemistry, and data communication as well as in new areas of mathematics such as combinatorics. We believe that the fundamentals of these applications can now be taught at the junior level.

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  • Digital Television Applications Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Science in Technology to be presented with due permission of Department of Computer Science and Engineering for public examination and debate in E-Hall, the Main Building of Helsinki University of Technology, Espoo, Finland, on the 15th of November, 2002, at 10 am o’clock. Studying development of interactive services for digital television is a leading edge area of work as there is minimal research or precedent to guide their design.

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  • Chapter 1 targets the following objectives in the Standards and Terminology section of the Networking Essentials exam: Compare a client/server network with a peer-topeer network. . This objective makes sure you are familiar with the two main network classification models. Define common networking terms for LANs and WANs. . The purpose of this objective is to make sure people working in the networking field understand the difference between a local area network (LAN) and a wide area network (WAN). These terms are the main topics of discussion throughout this chapter.

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  • Technology development, mainly for telecommunications and computer systems, was a key factor for the interactivity and, thus, for the expansion of e-learning. This book is divided into two parts, presenting some proposals to deal with e-learning challenges, opening up a way of learning about and discussing new methodologies to increase the interaction level of classes and implementing technical tools for helping students to make better use of e-learning resources.

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  • With the advent of multimedia, digital signal processing (DSP) of sound has emerged from the shadow of bandwidth-limited speech processing. Today, the main applications of audio DSP are high quality audio coding and the digital generation and manipulation of music signals. They share common research topics including perceptual measurement techniques and analysis/synthesis methods. Smaller but nonetheless very important topics are hearing aids using signal processing technology and hardware architectures for digital signal processing of audio.

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  • In the area of applications, the Internet is currently the main driving force, particularly by enabling “cross enterprise” applications. Historically, applications were intra-enterprise and could be specified and optimized entirely within one administrative domain. However, most enterprises are interested in interacting with their suppliers and customers to share information and provide better customer support. Such applications...

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  • Locating property outside the floodplain is a prime way to reduce flood risk. If this is not practical, siting new buildings in areas of lowest risk is the next choice. Local planning authorities must now consult the Environment Agency on planning applications where the proposed development is at risk from flooding or is likely to increase the risk of flooding elsewhere. The latest figures for 2007-2008 show that the Environment Agency’s advice is, in the main, accepted.

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  • One of the main advantages of this technique is that it can produce the scaffold with main structural feature suitable for growth of the cell and subsequent tissue organization (Li & Tuan, 2009; Liang et al., 2007; Leong et al., 2008). It can produce the ultra fine fibers with special orientation, high aspect ratio, high surface area, and having control over pore geometry.

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  • Lecture Mathematics 53 - Lecture 4.2 present the particular antiderivatives and introduction to the area of a plane region. The main contents of this chapter include all of the following: Particular antiderivatives, application to rectilinear motion, introduction to the area of a plane region.

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  • Chapter 10 - Local area networks part 2: Wireless and Virtual LANs. After reading this chapter, the reader should be able to: Understand the different transmission techniques used in wireless LANs, understand the main characteristics of IEEE 802.11 wireless LANs, understand the applications of IEEE 802.11, understand the characteristics of 802.15 LANs and the Bluetooth technology that implements this standard.

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