Management paradigm

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  • Tham khảo sách 'environment & pollution management: npc training program', khoa học tự nhiên, công nghệ môi trường phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • .Page i Valuation Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies .Page ii WILEY FINANCE Advanced Fixed-Income Valuation Tools, Narasimham Jegadeesh and Bruce Tuckman Beyond Value at Risk, Kevin Dowd Buying and Selling Volatility, Kevin B. Connolly Chaos and Order in the Capital Markets: New View of Cycles, Prices, and Market Volatility, Second Edition, Edgar E. Peters Corporate Financial Distress and Bankruptcy, Second Edition, Edward I.

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  • The rapidly increasing global population has dramatically increased the demands for natural resources and has caused significant changes in quantity and quality of natural resources.To achieve sustainable resource management, it is essential to obtain insight- ful guidance from emerging disciplines such as landscape ecology.This text addresses the links between landscape ecology and natural resource management.These links are discussed in the context of various landscape types,a diverse set of resources,and a wide range ofmanagement issues.

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  • All organizations, whether for profit, not for profit, or government, face issues of information technology management. While the concerns involved may differ from organization to organization, the principles of good information technology management remain the same. Using a compilation of articles on various topics relating to technology management, Handbook of Technology Management in Public Administration addresses the management, implementation, and integration of technology across a wide variety of disciplines.

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  • Velocity management has brought a new way of doing business to U.S. Army logistics, with a renewed focus on the Army customer and a powerful approach for process improvement that cuts across three critical performance dimensions: time, quality, and cost. The goal is to reduce the need for massive logistics resources

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  • Neither randomized clinical trials nor meta- analysis are available and evidence is based on a number of retrospective studies with multivariate for mortality risk factors or data from national cancer registries (Gilliland et al., 1997; Hundahl et al., 1998). Unfortunately, very remarkable differences in patient’s selection, staging systems, and clinical management affect the available studies. In particular, radioiodine treatment is not routinely carried out in a standard manner and outcome results of different studies are thus not comparable (Sciuto et al., 2009).

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  • This environment could change if the downward shift of yield curve continues. Anecdotal evidence suggests that institutional investors are becoming more sensitive to changes in financial market conditions and therefore are increasingly interested in higher-return generating assets and more sophisticated styles in fund management. Indeed, the fall in the short term interest rate since last August appears to have been gradually affecting investors’ behavior. Clients’ requests for daily liquidity have decreased at the margin. ...

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  • The Federal Reserve is a key participant in the money market. The Federal Reserve controls the supply of reserves available to banks and other depository institutions primarily through the purchase and sale of Treasury bills, either outright in the bill market or on a temporary basis in the market for repurchase agreements. By controlling the supply of reserves, the Federal Reserve is able to influence the federal funds rate. Movements in this rate, in turn, can have pervasive effects on other money market rates.

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  • Management Control the approaches, methodologies and frameworks applied by an agency to plan and control the implementation of change initiatives for which it is responsible, in this context new policy proposals. Program (or Programme) a temporary flexible structure created to coordinate, direct and oversee the implementation of a set of related projects and activities in order to deliver outcomes and benefits related to strategic policy objectives.

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  • Given the benefits that a database system provides for structuring data and preserving its durability and integrity, one might expect to find scientists and engineers making ex- tensive use of database systems to manage their data. Un- fortunately, domains such as biology, chemistry, mechanical engineering (and a variety of others) typically use databases in only the most rudimentary of ways, running few or no queries and storing only raw observations as they are cap- tured from sensors or other field instruments.

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  • If a company files a disclosure document late—or not at all—or we find that a document contains a significant deficiency, we will place the company on our default list. Depending on the nature of the default, we may issue a “management cease trade order” or an “issuer cease trade order”. In a management cease trade order, the company’s senior management and insiders must stop trading in the company’s securities until the default is corrected.

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  • The third meeting of the Internet Governance Forum officially opened today in Hyderabad, India, focussing on the overall issue of "Internet for all". Participants from government, the private sector, civil society and the Internet community are gathering for the next four days to share information, experiences and best practices and to explore how the Internet can be used to its full potential for the benefit of all while combating its use for harmful purposes.

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  • Another conclusion that can be drawn from the analysis is that the lack of proper risk management seems to be what has failed in recent years, rather than any particular business model. A natural next step in the analysis is to conclude that banking reforms aiming at avoiding new banking crises should focus on measures that will improve risk management in banks, rather than ring-fencing trading and market making activities.

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  • The first InternationalWorkshop on New Generation of Wearable Systems for eHealth took place in Lucca, Italy, 11–14 December 2003. It is a significant milestone in the dissemination and promotion of this new multidisciplinary area which is expected to play an important role in the evolving health care and health delivery sector, in Europe and world-wide.

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  • Part 1 book “Managing change” has contents: From trial and error to the science of management, developments in organisation theory, in search of new paradigms, critical perspectives on organisation theory, approaches to strategy, applying strategy,… and other contents.

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  • Asian Brand Strategy offers insights, knowledge and perspectives on Asian brands and branding as a strategic tool and provides a comprehensive framework for understanding Asian branding strategies and Asian brands, including success stories and challenges for future growth and strengths. The book includes theoretical frameworks and models and up-to-date case studies on Asian brands, and it a must-read for Asian and Western business leaders as well as anyone interested in the most exciting region of the world.

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  • Optical Switching Networks describes all the major switching paradigms developed for modern optical networks, discussing their operation, advantages, disadvantages, and implementation. Following a review of the evolution of optical wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) networks, an overview of the future of optical networks is set out.

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  • Cloud Computing: Implementation, Management, and Security provides an understanding of what cloud computing really means, explores how disruptive it may become in the future, and examines its advantages and disadvantages. It gives business executives the knowledge necessary to make informed, educated decisions regarding cloud initiatives. The authors first discuss the evolution of computing from a historical perspective, focusing primarily on advances that led to the development of cloud computing.

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  • The book includes theoretical frameworks and models and up-to-date case studies on Asian brands, and it a must-read for Asian and Western business leaders as well as anyone interested in the most exciting region of the world. The book presents the Asian Brand Leadership model illustrating the paradigm shift Asian brands need to undertake to unleash their potential.

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  • This subject focuses on management accounting for cost and control purposes in an organisational context. Emphasises the use of quantitative techniques and computer software including spreadsheets and presentation graphics.

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