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Managing difficult people

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  • A conversation can be closed verbally or nonverbally. While people can learn to speak a language, they need to experience to behave appropriately. Furthermore, behaving well in the mother tongue is difficult but much more challenging in a foreign language. For this reason, the present study is to compare and contrast the ways English and Vietnamese staff and managers utilize nonverbal strategies to terminate their conversations at offices.

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  • Finding suitable disposal sites is one of the most difficult aspects of solid waste management. Non-scientific and ineffective disposal methods have a harmful impact on the environment, lowering people’s quality of life. An integrated Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System approach was applied to determine suitable solid waste dump site locations in Ido local government area, Oyo state, Nigeria.

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  • Recurrent or persistent neck pain effects a vast number of people globally, leading to reduced quality of life and high societal costs. Clinically, it is a difficult condition to manage, and treatment effect sizes are often moderate at best

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  • Considering that Hanoi University is a foreign language university comprising a lot of foreign students studying, as well as a lot of foreign students and working teachers studying abroad. But through surveys, people usually only book tickets through agents and social networking sites. This is extremely inconvenient and difficult. Furthermore, this topic helps us to better understand how a website is built and operated. Especially the flight booking system with database and management complexity. For that reason, our team decided to choose the topic of Airline Reservation System.

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  • Mid Western Development Region (MWDR), a part of Nepali Himalayas, the globally significant and biologically diverse ecosystems, is remarkably rich in medicinal and aromatic plants, and other non-timber forest products (NTFPs). Government recorded data shows that about 700 species of herbal shrubs and NTFPs are found in the region and they are very important natural resources for human beings and for environmental balance. However, these vital and life supporting plants are in threats from deforestation, degradation, overuse and misuse.

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  • Art therapy is used for healing or treatment of some health problems. For such healing, arts like painting, sculpture, music, drama, dance and poetry are used. Art is related to creativity whereas therapy is related to cure, treatment and healing. Art therapy includes creation, appreciation and healing. Art therapy may help individuals manage and cope with mental health problems, physical pain, difficult emotions, feelings and experiences. It allows people to be free from anxiety and use their imagination for something positive.

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  • Business Process Management (BPM) has evolved as an integrated management discipline that aims to enable organizations to continuously innovate and improve their operations. BPM experts are exposed to communication processes involving people from various backgrounds (e.g., various business areas, fields of expertise, and cultures). Research in applied linguistics has shown that it is difficult to plan for constellations of such communication processes; thus, agile communication skills are vital for successful business communication.

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  • Accountancy and auditing are complex and technical processes. Ethics, in contrast, might be considered relatively simple. The difficult part of ethics, it may be argued, is not knowing what we ought to do, but getting ourselves, and others, to do the right thing. Truthfulness, honesty, care, loyalty, integrity: we know what they require, but we do not know if and how these requirements can be met.

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  • Welcome to the American Management Association’s Self-Study course on Asserting Yourself at Work. Assertiveness is a form of behavior and communica- tion that individuals can use to stand up for their needs and interests, their rights and values. It helps them to stand up to difficult people and stand out from others in positive ways. Equally important, assertiveness puts them in a position to exercise influence over their subordinates, peers, and bosses. This course will give you the skills you need to be more assertive.

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  • The most important element in implementation of the program is not the initial training event or the amount of the content, but rather, the ongoing management and coaching of the participants and those people that the participants are expected to supervise. Further, we must work with your managers to ensure that they learn how to have those difficult, but necessary, conversations with their subordinates who are dragging their feet, engaging in subterfuge or just not performing to expectation.

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  • Destinations are some of the most difficult entities to manage and market, due to the complexity of the relationships of local stakeholders (Sautter and Leisen,1999). Managing and marketing destinations is also challenging because of the variety of stakeholders involved in the development and production of tourism products. The destination experience is essentially comprised of regions, resources and amalgams of tourism facilities and services, which often do not belong to individuals.

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  • It is not generally appreciated that early examples of critical path networks were developed before 1950, although their value was not widely appreciated at the time. Without the existence of computers, they were inflexible to change, tedious to translate into working schedules and thus impracticable and difficult to use. Gantt’s bar charts were generally preferred, often set up on proprietary charts that allowed rescheduling using movable magnetic or plug-in strips or cards.

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  • The next task is to assign times for completion of each discrete task. This is where judgment enters in and where the person who has run a similar project has an advantage. Some tasks seem easy but are quite difficult to complete and vice versa. Only an experienced fundraiser and dinner planner would know how easy it might be to get the right 200 people to show up and how willing local businesses would be to donate items for a silent auction. Only an experienced person would know who is not talking to whom and...

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  • The person who is running the dinner assigns point ratings on the basis of difficulty of getting the task done. Finding the right people and getting them to pay to show for the dinner is the most difficult and time consuming task for the fundraiser – even more than finding items for the silent auction, a band and a speaker. This means in the listing of steps, the planner will concentrate time and resources on finding the right people. He will put his best and most expensive person on that project and less expensive and less...

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  • Larger businesses in the United States have been actively pursuing information security with significant resources including technology, people, and budgets for some years now. As a result, they have become a much more difficult target for hackers and cyber criminals. What we are seeing is that the hackers and cyber criminals are now focusing more of their unwanted attention on less secure small businesses. Therefore, it is important that each small business appropriately secure their information, systems, and networks.

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  • Finally, more efficiency-driven project selection could possibly deliver the greatest gains. An independent bank with a professional staff could rank project proposals by expected economic and social returns, and allot funds accordingly. They would not have to be constrained by outmoded formulas or arbitrary allocation processes, and could instead ensure that each dollar lent out achieves the greatest possible impact for the greatest number of people.

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  • If the organisation lives up to the values expressed in its mission statement, acts in accordance with the principles derived from it and meets the standards it generates the organisation will be securing its morale and strengthening its reputation. If, on the other hand, it fails to live up to these values, it leaves itself open to charges of hypocrisy, weakness and/or ignorance from inside and outside the organisation: morale will be low and reputation shaky

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  • For a typical family that moves from group to individual coverage with identical benefits, annual premiums will rise by more than $2,000.43 The biggest losers in the individual market are those who are less healthy or coping with a chronic illness. Two-thirds of respondents in a recent survey said they found it difficult or impossible to find affordable coverage in the individual market.

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  • To start the preface of the last edition, we wrote, “The selling profession is at a critical time. For that past two years, Manpower, the placement agency, has reported that sales is the most difficult job to fill. Never in our 20 years of teaching sales have we seen the demand for professional salespeople to be so great, which presents you with a great opportunity. You have an opportunity to participate in a period of rapid change for the sales profession as you prepare young people for a career.” Then the economic tsunami hit, and things changed rapidly.

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  • Preface I am writing this short book for anyone who is thinking about starting their own business. To encourage and at least partially prepare them for the battle that lies ahead. Starting a company can be a lonely road ... most people don't understand why anyone would do something so difficult and risky. However, the truth is, business founders are the only people who will drive the global economy forwards and upwards. Politicians, regulators, etc. usually just get in the way and worry most about keeping their jobs. Entrepreneurs innovate, generate wealth and create employment ...

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