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Material economic and economic policy

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  • Previous research on employee well-being for those who have experienced social and economic disadvantage and those with previous or existing mental health conditions has focused mainly on programmatic interventions. The purpose of this research was to examine how organisational structures and processes (such as policies and culture) influence well-being of employees from these types of backgrounds.

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  • The article shows two main measures by which the Vietnamese took over and unified the banking system: First of all, it made careful calculations based on the legal basis to build the legality for the takeover and inheritance of the entire banking system of the former Saigon’s regime as well as its assets inside and outside Vietnam. Second, even while the country was still at war, it had prepared material and human conditions for the process of bank takeover and unification.

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  • The article focuses on clarifying the achievements and limitations in the implementation of ethnic policy in the Lao People's Democratic Republic. At the same time, exploit research results to serve the work of compiling documents and training according to Resolution 16/2018-ND/CP at the Vietnam Academy for Ethnic Minorities today.

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  • The author devotes the article to the problem of inspecting the role and possibilities of digital sociology in the process of forming information arrays and their subsequent evaluation.

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  • The term “push” and “pull” have been used to explain a wide variety of production inventory systems. The distinction refers to a specific attribute, which can be identified by observing the mechanisms for controlling material flow on the shop floor and a specific policy for the management of inventories and production schedules. This paper gives an attempt to compare these systems under their optimal settings under a constraint resource.

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  • In the present scenario of globalization, liberalization and privatization of agricultural sector, the sustainable development and empowerment of farm women is considered as a key factor for development of any country. According to the 2011 census of India, women constitute half of the total population. Participation of women in economic activities is now emerging as a universal phenomenon. Advancement of information and communication technologies created many opportunities for the development of talents of women in entrepreneurship activities.

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  • Our review of the research finds that the ECE industry benefits the California economy by promoting and facilitating parents’ ability to participate in the paid workforce. Research has found that high-quality and reliable child care increases worker productivity and improves businesses’ bottom line. Access to ECE reduces absenteeism and decreases turnover. ECE is especially important to the careers and earnings of mothers. Parents’ ability to pursue education is also tied to the availability of ECE. ...

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  • It is a known fact that generally speaking industrial companies are not well- equipped in the credit risk measurement area can also be because their potential losses are easier mitigated due to the fact that their credit risks are relatively low. “Trade receivables are generally high-quality assets because companies are very reluctant to jeopardize their relationships with the partners” 2 . In addition, trade receivables of industrial companies are relatively short-term in nature and thus the collection procedure is relatively easier. ...

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  • The diversification of economic activity and labour market development have both been identified as possible strategies to reduce the vulnerability of the poor and enable the ascent out of poverty. Whether such policies are necessarily empow-ering for women has been much debated but less well documented. In this book we adopt a comparative case study approach using original survey material for three African countries and a state in India to investigate these links

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  • . Programs and Activities APO's programs cover the industry, service and agriculture sectors, with special focus on socio-economic development, small industry development, human resources management, productivity measurement and analysis, quality management, production and technology management, information technology, development of NPOs, green productivity, integrated local community development, agribusiness, agricultural development and policies, resources and technology, and agricultural marketing and institutions.

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  • A genuine EMU needs a comprehensive approach to tackle the vicious circle of excessive private sector indebtedness, unsustainable sovereign debt and banking sector weakness. The EU lacks a global framework which fills in the gaps in a fully integrated financial services policy, with a single supervisory mechanism for banks and a single rule book to govern all financial institutions. It also needs to complete and implement the more effective mechanisms put forward to prevent and correct unsustainable fiscal policies and economic imbalances.

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  • Agricultural biotechnologies apply modern knowledge in molecular and cell biology to produce new varieties and similar genetic materials. The use of genetically modified (GM) crop varieties has grown dramatically since they were introduced in 1995, and large portions of the land allocated to corn, soybeans, and cotton are grown with these varieties. The evidence from the United States, Canada, China, India, Brazil, and Argentina suggests that these applications of biotechnology in agriculture increase yield, reduce the use of pesticides, and save production costs. ...

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  • Russia’s challenge to the EU runs deeper than energy dependency or blockages in the UN. Russia is emerging as an ideological alternative to the EU that offers a different approach to sovereignty, power and world order. Whereas the EU stands for an idea of order based on consensus, interdependence and the rule of law, Russian foreign policy is motivated by a quest for power, independence and control. The EU’s main concern is to ensure that its neighbourhood is peaceful and well-governed.

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  • Empirical studies which explicitly examine the link between popula- tion and pollution in a systematic quantitative manner are very few in number. Cramer (1998, 2002) and Cramer and Cheney (2000) examine the impact of population levels on air pollution in California and conclude that population is closely associated with some sources of emissions but not with others. Cramer’s and Cramer and Cheney’s focus on a single state in a developed country is interesting, but it also means that the global impli- cations of their work are uncertain.

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  • The Internet is an extraordinary platform for innovation, economic growth, and social communication. Using the Internet, entrepreneurs reach global markets, political groups organize, and major companies manage their supply chains and deliver services to their customers. Simply stated, the Internet is becoming the central nervous system of our information economy and society. Over the last 15 years, personal computers, mobile phones, and other devices have transformed how we access and use information.

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  • This report is Part I of the larger project on Internet intermediaries. It develops a common definition and understanding of what Internet intermediaries are, of their economic function and economic models, of recent market developments, and discusses the economic and social uses that these actors satisfy. The overall goal of the horizontal report of the Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy (ICCP) is to obtain a comprehensive view of Internet intermediaries, their economic and social function, development and prospects, benefits and costs, and responsibilities.

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  • This Report illustrates the vigorous efforts being undertaken by many developing countries to catch up with their more developed partners in the dissemination and use of ICT. However, it also shows that the gaps are still far too wide and the catching-up far too uneven for the promise of a truly global information society, with its attendant benefits for sustainable social and economic development, to materialize without the sustained engagement of national Governments, the business sector and civil society, and the tangible solidarity of the international community...

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  • THE outward guise assumed by the questions with which banking and currency policy is concerned changes from month to month and from year to year. Amid this flux, the theoretical apparatus which enables us to deal with these questions remains unaltered. In fact, the value of economics lies in its enabling us to recognize the true significance ofproblems, divested of their accidental trimmings.

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  • Are you curious about how we should deal with issues like climate change, international terrorism, decision-making in democracies, migration, an ageing population, social and health insurance? Do you wonder whether the market can always regulate itself, or whether policy is sometimes required to step in? Don't you dare to ask questions that don’t have straightforward answers? The Public Economics track offers you the possibility to do just that

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  • Real estate professionals attending Ernst & Young’s conference were almost equally split in their views of the Eurozone’s future. Asked whether the Eurozone would survive in its current form for the next 12 months, 48% thought it would not. Michael Portillo, keynote speaker at this year’s conference, said politicians and policy advisors will be highly focused on the Eurozone’s problems during 2012. “There’s an enormous amount of political capital invested in the Euro, so huge amounts will be expended in trying to save it.

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