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  • Straw is a beneficial enrichment material for pigs, shown to improve welfare through reducing tail biting. Straw has previously been identified as one of the means of how to raise pigs without tail docking, through improving natural exploratory behaviour. Straw has however been linked to poor pen hygiene, making farmers reluctant to use straw and has largely not been implemented in commercial farming worldwide.

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  • The purpose of this research is to propose a solution that minimizes fuel consumption and the average travel distance, and at the same time, maximizes the utilization of forklift usage in the biggest glass manufacturer in Indonesia. The methods are by using Class-Based Storage, Dedicated Storage, and simulation.

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  • In order to gain maximum throughput, minimum tardiness from the minimum investment of funds for the material handling activities, it is important to determine the optimum numbers of MHRs required for efficient production of jobs in the FMS.

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  • Exact prediction of the cooling and heating load, proper sizing of the heat ventilation airconditioning (HVAC) system and optimal control of the HVAC systems are important to minimize energy consumption. Calculation of thermal load of building is very essential to find exact air-conditioning equipment and air handling unit, to achieve comfort operation and good air distribution in the air-conditioned zone. This project Cooling load estimation for a Reading Hall of CAET, JAU presents by using TETD method. The Reading Hall considered in this study is situated in Junagadh (70.45°E, 21.

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  • The “Electronic Patient Record (EPR) Laboratory” is a computer based self-learning system developed for students to acquire practical skills and knowledge required to deal with EPRs. The system is designed to supplement conventional lectures on health information systems given as part of our undergraduate curriculum. Using the Laboratory, the students may learn not only operations of EPR systems but also the subjects connected with patient information handling, including privacy, security and health information ethics. The EPR Laboratory is composed of an eLearing system and an EPR system.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "pharmaceutical packaging technology" has contents: films, foils and laminations (combination materials); metal containers, closures and closure systems, sterile products and the role of rubber components; blister, strip and sachet packaging; the packaging line; warehousing, handling and distribution; printing and decoration,...and other contents.

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  • Improve operator-handling, regenerate alarms corresponding to the unit at start-up, clean up, call the according process images, order-system, graphical-recipe, maximum number of windows, parameterization, reduce the number of alarms,... As the main contents of the document "Check list for Commissioning with Braumat Web". Invite you to refer to the lecture content more learning materials and research.

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  • The annual system shipments of fuel cells for transport applications continue to fl uctuate due to the timing of demonstration projects which contribute large numbers in one year and then little in the following years. We saw a 38% dip in annual system shipments for 2011 versus 2010, with decreases in all sub-categories except scooters. However overall unit shipments are expected to almost double in 2012 compared to 2011 and be 19% more than in 2010, led by sales of fuel cell materials handling vehicles (MHV).

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  • Commercial poultry production is predominantly a vertically integrated system in North Carolina. Production companies (integrators) contract with growers to produce birds or eggs. In general, the integrator supplies birds and feed, and often supplies supplemental materials such as medications, pesticides, etc. The integrator is also responsible for hatchery management, transport, slaughter, and marketing. The grower builds and maintains the houses, installs and maintains equipment, handles daily flock management, and disposes of dead birds and waste....

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  • Here’s an example A group of language schools was unhappy with its system for issuing end-of-course certificates. These tended simply to record the level of the class attended and didn’t give information about real-life communicative competence or individual progress or achievement. They had a vision of a coherent system of clearly described levels, of interesting communicative kinds of assessment recorded in a certificate which would show – in language accessible to everybody – the learners’ language competence.

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  • An operation that wishes to become certified can apply for certification to any of the 98 certifying agents located anywhere in the world. Organic operations must maintain an organic system plan (OSP) that has been agreed to by the certifying agent. This plan must include descriptions of how the operation will meet NOP regulations, including descriptions of monitoring practices, materials to be used in organic production or handling, and procedures to prevent the commingling or contamination of products in a split operation.

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  • Not only the aesthetically distasteful plastic litter, but also less conspicuous small plastic pellets and granules are a threat to marine biota. The latter are found in large quantities on beaches (Gregory, 1978, 1989; Shi- ber, 1979, 1982, 1987; Redford et al., 1997), and are the raw material for the manufacture of plastic products that end up in the marine environment through acci- dental spillage during transport and handling, not as litter or waste as other forms of plastics (Gregory, 1978; Shiber, 1979; Redford et al., 1997).

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  • The toxicity or carcinogenicity of each reagent used in this method has not been precisely defined; however, each chemical compound should be treated as a potential health hazard. From this viewpoint, exposure to these chemicals must be reduced to the lowest possible level by whatever means available. The laboratory is responsible for maintaining a current awareness file of OSHA regulations regarding the safe handling of the chemicals specified in this method.

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  • Although processes for the production of LVOC are extremely diverse and complex, they are typically composed of a combination of simpler activities and equipment that are based on similar scientific and engineering principles. Chapter 2 describes how unit processes, unit operations, site infrastructure, energy control and management systems are combined and modified to create a production sequence for the desired LVOC product.

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  • Focusing on furniture layout, Bukowski and S´ equin [1995] intro- duce “object association” constraints that are designed to facili- tate direct manipulation of furniture arrangements. For example, the user can constrain a bookshelf to slide along walls without penetration or separation. Xu et al. [2002] present a constraint- based furniture layout system that incorporates pairwise relation- ships which enforce stability, non-penetration, and alignment. Ger- mer and Schwarz [2009] describe an agent-based procedure for fur- niture layout.

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  • The committee was tasked to determine the best instrumentation and procedures for measuring BFD (see Box S-1). To do this, it reviewed technical specifications, viewed demonstrations of the operation and use of current and prospective systems, and evaluated factors such as human handling variability, process transparency, and software variability judgment. The committee found that given the current clay variation, a measurement precision (standard deviation) of 0.5 mm is sufficient; instruments featuring greater precision add little practical value to the testing process.

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  • "Seeing" machines and "intelligent" robots have been the focus of research conducted by the Institute of Measurement Science since 1977. Our goal is to gain a basic understanding of vision, autonomy and intelligence of technical systems, and to construct seeing intelligent robots. These should be able to operate robustly and at an acceptable speed in the real world, to survive in a dynamically changing natural environment, and to perform autonomously a wide variety of tasks. In this paper we report...

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  • Tham khảo sách 'logistics engineering handbook 2006', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The advancements of the research on Mobile Robots with high degree of autonomy is possible, on one hand, due to its broad perspective of applications and, on other hand, due to the development and reduction of costs on computer, electronic and mechanic systems. Together with the research in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science, this scenario currently enables the proposition of ambitious and complex robotic projects.

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  • A large number of robots have been developed, and researchers continue to design new robots with greater capabilities to perform more challenging and comprehensive tasks. Between the 60s and end of 80s, most robot applications were related to industries and manufacturing, such as assembly, welding, painting, material handling, packaging, etc.

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